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- Tracey,

Fantastic addition to our yard. Very easy to clean, the girls love it!

Good instructions to follow while assembling. Very helpful staff.. very quick delivery,strong and sturdy and looks great in the garden ... - Jeanette,

Purchased my new Eglu cube a few weeks ago..all ready and waiting for the arrival of my hens (delays due to bird flu virus) It has stood in the garden with every weather condition thrown at it from ice ,wind,freezing rain and sun and it still looks bright and is completely dry inside.. I have always had wooden houses and this was something of a considered purchase but I am thrilled with the whole design ,and I know my girls will love it when they come in March..

Extremely Happy - Brian,

Extremely happy with the Eglu Cube with 3M run and wheels - it is sturdy and very easy to clean and looks good.

Brilliant would of given it 5 stars if it was a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for and it's fantastic. - Reed,

Fab Product - Steve, Cheshire,

Although the eglu was a considered purchase, We are over the moon with it! It arrived on time and all the parts were there! It was fairly easy to put together following the video guide on the Omlet website, it took about 4 hours with two of us. It looks great in the garden and the girls love it! Glad we bought one!

Happy hens - Lisa,

Love our Eglu Cube, so easy to clean and so nice to know the chickens are safe and warm

I was the lucky winner of this Eglu Cube Mk2 c/w 2m run and wheels. - Bruce,

The Eglu Cube Mk2 c/w run and wheels was delivered very quickly in five boxes. It was reasonably easy to assemble using the clearly printed instruction leaflets. A good overall design and holds the four Welsumner pullets adequately. The fitted wheels makes the complete hutch and run easy to move onto fresh grass. Very pleased with this chicken unit.

Great product - Wendy,

I was so impressed that you had everything in stock when I enquired and that it arrived just a few days later. The consignment was easy to track and everything went well. Building it all was not the few hours quoted as I was singlehanded but it was simple enough to put together. The wire cage seemed the fiddliest with the clips. I am so pleased I spent the money and brought the Girls down from their cliff and nearer to the house for the winter. I can now keep them in so much more easily with the Defra order. Many thanks.

Fantastic chicken coop! - Renae,

The cube is a fantastic chicken coop. Our chickens love their new home and worked out how to use the ladder to their sleeping/laying area almost immediately. It is super easy to clean and fits in really well in the garden. The quality of the product is excellent and I love how it comes with a matching mini run cover and feeding dishes. Definitely the best chicken coop I've owned.

Excellent - Amanda,

Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Easy to move around. The hens took to it straight away.

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