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Excellent from start to finish in every respect. - Nigel,

As a chicken novice the web site is a superb education. The product arrived on time and is both attractive and practical. A thoroughly pleasant and efficient experience from start to finish. Many thanks

Love it! - Angie,

Really pleased with my cube - was finding my old coop difficult to clean but with the cube it's so easy My Pekin bantam took a few days of being 'persuaded' out each morning but soon got used to it

- Ana, NJ,

Absolutely love this new Eagle cube. I have 6 hens. I can easily clean and move it around the garden! The service was very good, everything arrived quick. I wish I’d bought it as my first coop! I would definitely recommend!

Love my new eglu cube mk2 - Dawn,

Absolutely love this new hen house, wish I’d bought it years ago! I have 6 hens who have taken to it straight away, they even got the hang of the ladder on the first go. The nest box is great and I now get clean eggs and everything is easy to access and having wheels I can easily move it around the garden! It’s great knowing they are safe locked in the run if I’m out, otherwise my girls have access to the garden. The service was very good, everything arrived quick and customer services were helpful. I would definitely recommend!

Brilliant product - Joanne,

Fabulous service, from ordering, packaging and delivery of a high quality product. My hens are very happy in their new home

Cube - Jayne,

This is our second omlet and the cube is a much better product all round. Our ladies are very happy. And no more soiled eggs thanks to a desperate compartment that can be closed off when laying is over for the day.

Fab, good bye to red mite, I love how easy to keep clean it is - Sue,

Very happy with my Eglu Cube. I thought there was a mistake when I managed to have a next day delivery slot. My son and I put it together with out any problems other than the sun going down, I hadn't read the bit that said how long to allow! I've thought about having an Eglu for two years but this summers red mite infestation was too much. I hate using chemicals/insecticides around my hens so I took the plunge and I'm really pleased. The hens took to it straight away. The wheels make it movable and they are currently scarifying my lawn. My only small criticism is it would be nice if it had some sort of handles to lift and steady the run end when moving it. I was wary about the ultra modern design in my country garden but it looks great so all in all I'm very pleased.

Strong, easy to clean and portable! - Linda,

I appreciate a well thought out product. I was going for an easy to clean, safe, insulated and easy to move coop. Safety and sanitation were high on my list. Thanks for thinking outside the box Omlet.

You get what you pay for! - Paul,

We have tried several wooden hen house designs driven by price and general discomfort at using plastic products. Challenges with cleaning and combatting red mites pushed us to opt for the Eglu Cube. I was extremely impressed with everything from the: excellent sales advice; packaging; build quality; instruction clarity; through to overall robustness. So far so very good and I can see why it costs so much - you get what you pay for (and they're a similar price to high quality wooden hen houses)!

Brilliant! - Julia,

Eggxcellent product! My girls are very happy. 3 large Brahmas and a Belleblue fit with loads of space (in fact there's room for a couple more!). Had to adapt the ladder as Mabel (a Brahma) could not manage the ladder - thinks she's a special one! Very easy to keep clean and love being able to shut the nesting area off as one of my girls is broody and it allows me to keep her out.

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