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Great Chicken Coop - Jennifer,

Sleek, clean, and functional coop. We love the look of it, and our chickens are happy too. Easy to clean. Easy to move. Secure. Some of the assembly instructions could use more details; it took more time to put together than it could have if instructions has been clearer. We were also missing a few small pieces of hardware (which were easily aquired for a few dollars at the hardware store, but still- a bit of a hassle for something that should've been included). But overall, we're very pleased with our purchase!

Good if you live in the - Jonathan,

The overall construction is pretty good but we ended up having to reinforce the coops to keep out the plethora of chicken nabbing predators that we have in the Eastern United States. We lost several chickens to Raccoons who managed to grab them through the bars and pull them from underneath. Coyotes have also attempted to get in and have bitten the bars. I reinforced the coops with hardware cloth and we plan to electro-braid the perimeter to keep out larger predators since we do have Bears living nearby. The coops are more snug than I had participated and 10 per coop seems unrealistic with about 5 being more doable. The ease of cleaning and bright attractive construction appeals to our developmentally disabled clients and their parents who are learning to care for the chickens. If you could design them to be a bit larger and sturdier they would be ideal.

Love it! - Lori,

Absolutely love mine! Worth every penny.

A Mostly Excellent Experience - Jlgauntt,

The boxes were very banged up in shipment. Two had opened at one corner resulting in scuff marks on one of the main pieces of the coop and probable loss of one of the braces of the extension run. I admit I do find the choice of shipping carrier odd; there are better shippers that don't damage the boxes as badly as mine (and apparently others) have been. The scuff mark was in a not particularly noticeable area and I was able to buff most of it away so I'm not wasting any sleep over that. A replacement for the missing brace was promptly mailed by Omlet when I contacted them, so no big deal there either. (Still am glad that I decided to put the coop together at least a week before I really needed it for the chicks I am growing out). I found the assembly instructions clear and I'm quite happy with the product so far. It really is a good design - although I suspect I may need to make a few mods when colder weather arrives. As others have recommended, when you order, you should probably also order a bag of extra pen clips; I did want to use some of those extras when I put it together. I also felt the pen was more sturdy when I added 4 more tie wraps to the frame for the extension pen than the instructions indicated (any h/w store will carry black ones of those so it looks like it matches). I have also ordered extras of the Grub and Glug accessories since I like to have the ability to replace them with another set while I take them away to clean and dry. (They're staying much much cleaner than the waterer and feeder I had been using so I have good things to say about the design for these as well). If the company is reading this, I have a product suggestion. The girls like to sit up on the wheels and ladder (for which I have taken someone else's suggestion on and put pipe insulation on so that it isn't slippery when wet). That is making me think I would like to put a perch in the run for them to have another area with some height for them. It would be best if this perch were directly connected to the coop and/or the run so that it is easy to tractor around. I'll figure something out but if a good accessory for that were available, I'd forego the bother and just buy it. Thx for listening.

Excellent - Christina,

The cube was very easy to set up. It is also extremely easy to clean the trays when they are lined with newspaper. My chickens took to it immediately with no interruption in their laying schedule, and seem to really like it! We really appreciate the ease of use and cleaning. We live in an extremely cold climate, and will wheel it into an enclosed building for the winter. For those in more temperate areas, there is no reason why you couldn't use it year-round. Very nice antipredator features too.

I find no fault - Bonnie,

I have owned the Eglu Cube and the Classic for four yrs now. I love everything about it. Omlet has thought of everything. So easy to clean. Looks CUTE in the backyard. No upkeep. It has not faded. I have never had to replace any part. I am looking into the Beehaus now....

Stunning! - Crissycat,

Yes - this coop is everything Omlet says. It's very portable and easy to clean. Plenty big. We have 7 full size girls in it. They have a fenced in area during the day and we close them in the Eglu cube and and it's extension run at night. They went into their enclosure on their own just like they said, after a few days. The waterer stays nice and clean, and the food server too. The girls are as happy as larks. Their eggs are nice and clean in the egg laying area. We've never seen such a well thought out, easy to use for people and hens alike, coop. Well worth the price. Well done! Thanks so much!

The best coop ever! - Carrie,

We purchased this coop about 9 months ago and it's terrific. Works well, cleans easily and will never "rot" like wood. Highly recommended! While initially more expensive than a coop built from scrap materials, the Eglu will last far longer, look better and be easier to clean. Safer for the chickens, too! The low run requires a fair amount of bending over when you want to replace wood chips there, so we're planning to build a longer, taller, enclosed and covered run which will be drier in rainy Seattle.

Love it! - Nina,

My 6 ladies have been in their Eglu cube with the extended run for about 6 months now, since they were 3 months old. They love it, I love it, and it's held up perfectly. We have moved the whole shebang around the yard about 5 or 6 times, always successfully. It's easy to keep really clean - with the one caveat that you have to bend down pretty far to get into the pen in order to rake out the end under the coop. If I had tons of money, I'd put the coop part into a human-height run, to make it easier to clear. But the coop itself just washes out with a hose, as do the perches. All in all, I'm delighted. It's well worth the cost to me to be able to get it so clean. I can't imagine that you could get a wood coop anywhere near as clean.

Easy! - Lisa,

In 30 minutes this morning, I dumped the papers in the poo trays, took a hose to the whole coop, moved the coop to a new spot, replaced the papers, and gave the girls food and fresh water. It could not get any easier. Other people talk about deep litter, mite powders, stinky litter, vermin... I'm not industrious enough to manage a system that nasty. This is easy easy easy, and healthier for my hens. Love my eglu!

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