Purple Eglu Go with 2m Run
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           Excellent but a few improvements please.

- Jess, 30 June 2014

Once assembled the eglu go is fantastic! It looks good and is the coop is easy to clean. Our chickens love it and we love watching them enjoying their new home. However, it does need a few improvements in my opinion: 1. The run doesn't easily attach to the coop because of the curved roof, as a result we have slightly scratched the coop trying to put it together. 2. The door to the run is very small! This is mostly a problem when I go in at night to poo pick, I have to try and squeeze through the hole to get to the end of the run (and I'm very petite). I can see it being a real pain in about 6 months time when I have to clean out the whole of the run floor.


- Alison, 23 June 2014

The human's love it, the chicken's look like they love it! thanks for a great produce but a little too pricy.

           Easy to maintain

- David, 05 April 2014

Our girls like the Eglu, and there is plenty of space in the Eglu and run for them to plock about. The Eglu is very easy to maintain - you can remove the tray easily for cleaning purposes. We also purchased the full length cover to keep the run free of rain. Construction takes a little while but is straightforward.

           Fantastic once assembled.

- Laura, 25 February 2014

I found the instruction booklet a little confusing, so it took me quite a while to get started on the assembly of the house. However once I worked out which side panel was which and which way round it went... it was pretty straightforward to put together. Give me a piece of furniture to self assemble any day! The run was easy enough to do and the 3 pheasants I have in there are happy enough. It is a very useful addition to my chicken/pheasant paraphernalia. Easy enough to move and use and I like the way the tray can be removed for easy cleaning and how easy it is to open and shut the door...I will be using it for my youngsters in the future.

           An excellent buy

- Russ, 15 February 2014

My purple Eglu Go arrived with two friendly omleteers in driving rain and winds. Despite the foul weather, the two gents set the go up for me and we quickly settled in three new pullets. I've kept chickens previously, and bred both layers and table birds. I can safely say that the Go is the best coop I've seen. It's lovely to look at, sturdy and secure, and best of all it is a doddle to clean. The hens love it and they had both laid eggs and tucked themselves in for the night after just one day. My only comment would be to say the colour in the photo on the website is not totally accurate- it's a lighter, slightly pinker tone than the photos suggest, but still looks fab. Highly recommended.


- Victoria, 18 August 2013

I thought for ages about whether the eglu would be worth the cost compared to traditional coops but decided to go for it in the end.I'm really glad I did.It is incredibly easy to clean and I like the fact that I can just move it around to protect my lawn.It is very well designed and worth the extra expensive.I love it and my hens seem pretty happy with it too.

           Eglu go red

- Sara, 17 August 2013

Took a while to put together on my own and would have been better with two people but finally managed it. have found that I can only put the door on the front when using the rain cover as it comes down so low, but now that our two new ladies have finally settled in with our older lady I can finally send you photos to show how happy both they and I are with their new home. They really like the sunshade and I'm ever so glad I bought rain cover as they have certainly needed it despite it being summer!!!

           Perfect for Busy Lives

- Libby, 09 July 2013

We have 6 kids and 2 full time jobs. We really want to become more self sufficient because of the size of our family so we were very interested in chicken keeping but very concerned about how much spare time we had. We decided to invest in the Eglu because the ease of care inherent in its' design really appealed to us as a family. We cannot say enough good things about how healthy our chickens are in it, how simple it makes it to care for them and how wonderful it is to see everyone in our family - down to the littlest- be able to contribute to the care and keeping of our chickens. We are about to order our 2nd Eglu!

           I love it, the chickens love it, fox hates it!

- Nikki, 16 June 2013

Hello. I have quite a few Eglu's (different colours) which I use to house chickens that are for sale. Every single time I put POL hens into the Eglu, they always lay earlier than the ones (the same age) in the wooden coops. Sometimes the Eglu gang can lay as much as 2 weeks earlier! I also have fewer problems with hen pecking, and illness. The coops are easy to clean thoroughly, although the do look messier than the wooden coops, and it is harder to poo pick, it only takes 10 minutes to give them a really good clean, the girls don't even notice I'm doing it, as I just shut the door, and leave them secure in the run part. We have had a few fox visits in the last couple of weeks, and everyone in the wooden coops has been lost (thankfully it was not as many as we usually have) but although we saw paw prints on and around the Eglus, and a couple of marks on the bars, the only damage that was done to the Eglus was that one hook had been torn off the elastic holding the cover on. Poor foxy probably thought he'd hit gold when it came of, only to discover the bars underneath! So although they are more expensive than the wooden ones, it is all we will be using from now on! Keep up the good work Omlet! :-)

           Its a Des Res

- Caroline, 17 September 2012

So pleased with my Eglu Go. I have kept chickens for years and have had all types of houses and runs, some home made, some purchased. Now I only keep a couple of girls in the garden and this product is superb. Easy to put together, pleased with the material, the design and how easy to clean it is. Also it is easy to move around the garden. I have added the run extension, which was fine, but now also have the netting to give the girls a bit more range. Altogether a brilliant set up. Two very happy hens and one happy owner.

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