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- Olivia,

Fantastic set up for newbie chicken keepers like myself! I opted for the delivery and set up service, purely for time saving peace of mind! It is easy to keep clean, and my chickens soon settled in, and laid us an egg, getting to us!

So easy to clean. - Claire,

This is the second home for our chicken & truthfully, we should have splurged on this the first time. Our chicken was so happy instantly after the move. We're happy too as much easier to clean & allow to roam while protecting from foxes etc.

Very easy to put together, and a great chicken house. - Joanna,

I had wanted to get an Eglu to replace our old wooden run for a while. When it arrived I was a bit apprehensive about putting it together, but I can honestly say it was a dream to assemble - really easy and possible for me to do on my own despite the interruptions of chickens, children and dog. The coop is really easy to use on a daily basis, and very easy to clean, and the feeding and water containers are much better than the traditional type we had been using as they don't tip or spill. Our two bantams are refusing to lay in it at the moment, but apart from that seem very happy with their new home, and I am delighted with it! It is a good size for a small garden. I am spoilt now and would not go back to the old wooden style coop and run.

chicken coop - Clare,

Me and my two chickens love there new home. Will be getting two new friends soon.

purple eglu chicken coop - Patricia,

When I won this it was like a dream come true. It is well made and so easy to clean. Its that good that when I got it my 3 girls actually slept together for the first time and still do to this day. My eldest chicken wouldn't let the 2 new girls sleep in her house so had to build a temporary one. So it just goes to show not only people love ❤ the coop, chickens do too

Excellent but a few improvements please. - Jess,

Once assembled the eglu go is fantastic! It looks good and is the coop is easy to clean. Our chickens love it and we love watching them enjoying their new home. However, it does need a few improvements in my opinion: 1. The run doesn't easily attach to the coop because of the curved roof, as a result we have slightly scratched the coop trying to put it together. 2. The door to the run is very small! This is mostly a problem when I go in at night to poo pick, I have to try and squeeze through the hole to get to the end of the run (and I'm very petite). I can see it being a real pain in about 6 months time when I have to clean out the whole of the run floor.

Fantastic - Alison,

The human's love it, the chicken's look like they love it! thanks for a great produce but a little too pricy.

Easy to maintain - David,

Our girls like the Eglu, and there is plenty of space in the Eglu and run for them to plock about. The Eglu is very easy to maintain - you can remove the tray easily for cleaning purposes. We also purchased the full length cover to keep the run free of rain. Construction takes a little while but is straightforward.

Fantastic once assembled. - Laura,

I found the instruction booklet a little confusing, so it took me quite a while to get started on the assembly of the house. However once I worked out which side panel was which and which way round it went... it was pretty straightforward to put together. Give me a piece of furniture to self assemble any day! The run was easy enough to do and the 3 pheasants I have in there are happy enough. It is a very useful addition to my chicken/pheasant paraphernalia. Easy enough to move and use and I like the way the tray can be removed for easy cleaning and how easy it is to open and shut the door...I will be using it for my youngsters in the future.

An excellent buy - Russ, Gloucestershire,

My purple Eglu Go arrived with two friendly omleteers in driving rain and winds. Despite the foul weather, the two gents set the go up for me and we quickly settled in three new pullets. I've kept chickens previously, and bred both layers and table birds. I can safely say that the Go is the best coop I've seen. It's lovely to look at, sturdy and secure, and best of all it is a doddle to clean. The hens love it and they had both laid eggs and tucked themselves in for the night after just one day. My only comment would be to say the colour in the photo on the website is not totally accurate- it's a lighter, slightly pinker tone than the photos suggest, but still looks fab. Highly recommended.

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