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Fabulous - Margaret, 12 June 2015

Love it! It was ( I thought) expensive. But, crikey, has made my life so much easier. Money totally well spent. My Annie is so much safer from Mr Big Bad Fox (although knowing how persistent they are I never get complacent) and SO much easier to keep her house clean!! Amazing how many people I speak to now have got an Eglu too! We have the Eglu Go and would highly recommend. Delivery always prompt too.

Eglu go - Richard, 10 June 2015

Easy to use and clean. Great delivery and installation.

Eglu go - Richard, 10 June 2015

Easy to use and clean. Great delivery and installation.

solid, safe - Lewis, 25 May 2015

It works, it is solid and moves as one piece to keep the grass fresh. lying straight on the grass I move it about once a week and the grass grows back in spring and summer. I'll be setting up a winter solution on wood chips. I'm told chickens prefer going up to roost but they seems perfectly happy with this ground level product. It is well made, easy to clean and I feel confident to leave the coop door open because the anti-fox run is so solid - this means I am not tied daily to looking after the hens and can go away for the weekend after making sure they have adequate supplies. I lay newspaper on the bottom tray and change it every three days with three hens. Put this in the compost bin with cardboard your junk mail and, grass clippings to make hot and quick compost. I hose down the top tray once a week. At most, all of this is 30 minutes maintenance a week to keep the hens healthy and happy and to keep me in eggs. I bought a cheap tarp and bungee set to give extra bad weather protection and shade depending on forecast. All a bit pricey in the short term but will last an age and will keep the hens safe without constant attention.

Girls love it! - Morag, 12 April 2015

Looks smart, easy to clean and the girls are very happy to head off to bed in the evening. I feel confident they are safe, sound and comfortable.

A very good product perhaps needing the odd tweak - Julia, 16 September 2014

Basically very pleased with this. Daily use very straight forward, easy to clean apart from the front door step which cannot be reached unless you dismantle the house and run or crawl inside! Building the house and run was challenging and it didn't always go together easily some brute force required and in one place some string! Am considering extending the run by a metre to allow my two more room and need to check if it's possible to reposition the door into the run as this could help with cleaning. Also need to check out the larger clear plastic cover for the approaching winter and wondering if it will be strong enough to survive the Orkney wind!

Excellant product lasts really well - Liza, 19 August 2014

I have had my Eglu Go for 3.5 years and am really impressed with the quality. Mine has been out all year round in all weathers and this month we moved it. I was amazed at the lack of degeneration of the run (no rust whatsoever) and the Eglu hut itself shows no real signs of wear! I anticipated the little plastic clips snapping when i took the run apart but amazingly NONE of them broke so was able to put back together again with no problems. I look forward to my hens enjoying their Eglu hut & run for many more years!

Excellent - Jessica, 15 August 2014

I bought this eglu go as a birthday gift for my mum and it is brilliant! The design is awesome like the pull out tray etc = top marks!!

Happy chickens! - Mark, 5 August 2014

We had a bit of a persistant problem with red spider mite in a wodden coop so just bought Eglu Go without run. Very easy to assemble, looks like it will be easy to clean as well. ordered coop on Sunday evening ask when to expect delivery Monday told should be Wednesday arrived 12.00 Tuesday. Can only say what a fantastic delivery service (well done parcel force). Assembeled in half an hour, good build quality and good assembly instructions (I can only assume that those that have struggled have not used the instructions and probably didn't have the correct tools to hand?). The chickens took to new Eglu Go like ducks to water they couldn't be happier! just a small sugguestion could something like a lazy susan be added to your range fro rotating coop in confiend spaces to make maintainance easier, going to DIY something for my self soon but would have purchased had such an accessory been available?

Expensive but good - Jenny, 3 July 2014

Eglu Go is as expected. I have it with the run extension so total length is 3m for 2 pekins and 2 wyandotte bantams. Plenty of space, looks good and easy to keep clean. The run would be much easier to access and clean if there was some sort of hatch through the roof.

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