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Fab and Funky! - Clair,

We are first time chicken keepers and wanted a coop that was easy to maintain and to access so that my little boy could help to look after our ladies. We chose an Eglu Go in purple - it looks bright and cheery in the garden, can be blasted off in a jiffy with the jet wash and doesn't require the maintenance of keeping red mite at bay like a traditional wooden house would. We bought the 2 metre run to attach to it, which is plenty of room for the ladies for a couple of hours until they go free ranging for the day. It is well made, sturdy and most importantly, fox proof. A brilliant product, I think I just might need another one for some more hens.... :)

- Becky,

The Eglu Go is the perfect size for my 3 ex battery hens. It is easy to clean and put together. The cover is perfect for shade and protection from the rain.

This is excellent - Clare, Derbyshire,

Our Eglu Go is now 2 years old and looks as good as new. It was a Go Hutch for guinea pigs (with 2-metre run) until recently when we converted it to a Go Coop (with 3-metre run) using the integrated roosting bars and nesting box - and both our hens and us love it! It's very quick and easy to clean. And no red mite; what's not to like?! :-)

Excellent coop - Jenny,

This is a really excellent chicken coop. A bit fiddly to put together, but now my chickens are really happy in it! It is very easy to clean and has proved resistant to our quite persistent foxes. Highly recommended!

Great coop for our 2 hens - Clare,

Our Eglu Go is now 2 years old and still looks brand new. We used to have guinea pigs in it but recently converted it for chickens with the simple, yet highly effective, integrated nesting box and roosting bar set (just £20). We've added an extra 1-metre extension and have the whole thing on hardwood chippings. The hens took to it from Day One and seem very happy. Its easy to clean. We sprinkle the Bokashi Bran (available from Omlet) on their layers pellets and on the droppings tray, which almost completely eliminates the odour and firms up droppings for easy removal into the compost bins. Happy hens, happy me! My only (constructive) criticism is that I wish Omlet would produce a 'connection kit' (following the slope of the ladder) to allow me to convert this 'Go' to a 'Go UP', using my existing run. The only thing stopping me is the sheer cost of replacing all that perfectly good ground-level run to the taller UP runs. Come on Omlet; please make conversion simpler and cheaper, than I'd do it - and many other customers I reckon.

- Olivia,

Fantastic set up for newbie chicken keepers like myself! I opted for the delivery and set up service, purely for time saving peace of mind! It is easy to keep clean, and my chickens soon settled in, and laid us an egg, getting to us!

great coop - Helen,

great coop, could do with being slightly bigger for the amount of chickens they say will fit. i would say up to three chickens or four bantams.

Amazing coop! - Anna,

It really is a great coop although I only received three run clips and it is jarder to clean than first assumed, it is also hard to assemble but it is such a great coop and my girls just love it. Very satisfied!

Easy to clean, easy to move, and a great colour - Jan,

This hen house is excellent. It is worth the money - well made and easy to construct. It looks good in the garden. The hens took a little while to get used to it - but they never like change, do they? It is a little cosy for 3 large hens but they manage okay with it. And they are all laying in it most of the time. We particularly liked how easy it is to shift around as we used the girls for ground clearance.

- Liz,

I have a disabled rescue hen who cannot manage ramps or raised living quarters independently. The Eglu has proved perfect, and allowed her to be a proper chicken and has no doubt extended her life. She has two colleagues from the same rescue to keep her company. I have two other flocks who have also crowded in to take a look at the 5 star accommodation. I wish I could afford eglus for them all. So easy to clean. And no red mite!

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