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Eglu and Omlet review - Vanessa,

Very impressed with this product and company. The Eglu Go design is clever and elegant. The Omlet website, newsletter and Facebook page are helpful, useful and entertaining. I am still on a very steep learning curve with regards to looking after Pekin Bantams but the Eglu has taken much of the stress out of the experience and the Omlet online support boosts my confidence. I am however, looking for more stories of the Australian experience with the Eglu and other Omlet products. I'm quite besotted with my pretty bantams and their attractive, practical coop!

Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2 m run - Petrina,

We brought this for my father's 84th birthday present! He thinks it's great. He has 3 Med/Lrg hens in it. Very easy to clean out, and open/close the doors. The whole thing is just great for him. He needed a hobby. We also brought the fencing, so's the hens can move about more. It's easy to move around the coop to them fresh grass. It is well worth the money. Made an elderly man very happy, he loves checking for eggs. So glad I found Omlet on the internet.

Fantastic product - Graham,

We are really pleased with our new chicken coop and the chickens also love it. They seem very happy with their new home. The Eglu was easy to put together although the run was more challenging as the instructions did not match all the parts I had - still have two square mesh pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere. Despite this, the run and Eglu are a fantastic addition to the garden and it's so easy to clean. Just wish we had invested in one years ago.

So easy to clean. - Claire,

This is the second home for our chicken & truthfully, we should have splurged on this the first time. Our chicken was so happy instantly after the move. We're happy too as much easier to clean & allow to roam while protecting from foxes etc.

Very easy to put together, and a great chicken house. - Joanna,

I had wanted to get an Eglu to replace our old wooden run for a while. When it arrived I was a bit apprehensive about putting it together, but I can honestly say it was a dream to assemble - really easy and possible for me to do on my own despite the interruptions of chickens, children and dog. The coop is really easy to use on a daily basis, and very easy to clean, and the feeding and water containers are much better than the traditional type we had been using as they don't tip or spill. Our two bantams are refusing to lay in it at the moment, but apart from that seem very happy with their new home, and I am delighted with it! It is a good size for a small garden. I am spoilt now and would not go back to the old wooden style coop and run.

chicken coop - Clare,

Me and my two chickens love there new home. Will be getting two new friends soon.

Outstanding design and quality - Paul,

I was never going to buy a wooden chicken coop because I can build myself and at least match if not exceed those that are available ready made. However, time was against me on this occasion. My partner's birthday was looming and I hadn't even made a start on the coop I'd promised her. So, I looked at the Omlet website for a solution. I'd seen the Eglu before, but always considered it a touch expensive (but then I am incredibly tight). How wrong can you be? I took a punt and I'm so glad I did. The Eglu Go is a first rate design that just oozes quality. My partner loves it and our three new hens love it too - they're so content. Every time I look at it, it gives me pleasure - just appreciating the design and quality, and knowing that I made the right purchase. It reminds me of the adage, sometimes attributed to swiss watch makers, but also Sir Henry Royce (of Rolls-Royce) i.e. 'quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten'. If you're undecided on whether to purchase an Eglu, don't be - buy one, you will not be disappointed.

Good product - Margaret,

We have two hens and this has plenty of room for them. Much easier to clean and must be warmer than the old wooden one which had started to rot and come apart from weather effects. Also we believe better protection for them from the badgers and foxes we have visiting - we lost one hen to a badger who ripped off the outside nest box to get at them

purple eglu chicken coop - Patricia,

When I won this it was like a dream come true. It is well made and so easy to clean. Its that good that when I got it my 3 girls actually slept together for the first time and still do to this day. My eldest chicken wouldn't let the 2 new girls sleep in her house so had to build a temporary one. So it just goes to show not only people love ❤ the coop, chickens do too

Excellent chicken coop. - Ying,

This sturdy chicken coop does what it says on the box. I did find the set up of the run was a little tricky - as I had to bend the metal in shape to fit the coop. Other than that it is very easy to use and the hens are very happy indeed.

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