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purple eglu chicken coop - Patricia,

When I won this it was like a dream come true. It is well made and so easy to clean. Its that good that when I got it my 3 girls actually slept together for the first time and still do to this day. My eldest chicken wouldn't let the 2 new girls sleep in her house so had to build a temporary one. So it just goes to show not only people love ❤ the coop, chickens do too

Excellent chicken coop. - Ying,

This sturdy chicken coop does what it says on the box. I did find the set up of the run was a little tricky - as I had to bend the metal in shape to fit the coop. Other than that it is very easy to use and the hens are very happy indeed.

First class quality - Kevin,

Bought the eglu go coop and run a couple of months back. A very well designed and sturdy product. The coop was easy to assemble. The run was a bit tricky for us with the tight clips but fine once up. Very easy to clean just hose down the tray and roosting bars, and wipe the inside down with a damp cloth. Might seem a little expensive but there is nothing of comparable quality. With all the rain in August September the run got very muddy. We decided on large pea shingle inside a wooden frame and set the run and coop on top. Easy to keep clean, just rake & hose down when the hens are out for the day and cheaper and safer than bark or wood chippings in the long term

Love love love it!!! - Ruth,

I absolutely love my eglu go for my broody hens and their new chickens. It is the easiest coop I have ever owned to clean and makes it more hygienic with young chicks as I can just hose and also move around the lawn easily so they get fresh grass every day.

- Peter,

Canberra has just finished an extremely bitter Winter, down to minus 8 and quite a bit of snow but my "girls" have been very happy and productive through it all. Thoroughly recommend Eglu to anyone who cares about their productive friends. Peter Rudd Canberra

Eglu Go - Lauren,

We are thrilled with our Eglu Go in purple!!! A friend had one in England when we visited and we badly wanted to bring one home with us, but we didnt have the room! It was great to find a supplier here in Oz! With two little boys it is easy to keep clean and makes keeping chickens fun!!!! Thank you for bringing these wonderful coops to Australia!

Omlet Says: Fantastic!

A great chicken coop - Adam,

We've had our Egly Go for about three months now. I really like it! Initially it was a bit of a faff to put together but since then we've had no problems. It's a decent size for the chickens if they need to be locked in (though usually given the run of the garden), and the plastic is really easy to keep clean; being able to remove the bottom tray from the coop is great. Unfortunately we've found out the hard way that we do have foxes here, but when the gate on the run and the door to the coop are shut at night we've had no problems. Finally, the cost is good - unusual to have something available cheaper in Australia than the UK!

Eglu Go chicken coop - Claire,

This chicken coop has to be the easiest way to look after any animal! The chooks are safe and warm at night, and the whole thing is so easy to clean - just spray it out with a hose. There's no smell, it's compact and pretty, so I don't feel embarrassed having it in the back garden - not at all how I imagined keeping chickens would be!

Omlet Says: Perfect :)

Holes are to big for snakes to get in - John,

Instead of spending lots of money on this product and then having to put ugly chicken wire on it i would like it see have smaller holes so snakes cant get in other then this it is a great product

Fabulous - Margaret,

Love it! It was ( I thought) expensive. But, crikey, has made my life so much easier. Money totally well spent. My Annie is so much safer from Mr Big Bad Fox (although knowing how persistent they are I never get complacent) and SO much easier to keep her house clean!! Amazing how many people I speak to now have got an Eglu too! We have the Eglu Go and would highly recommend. Delivery always prompt too.

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