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Eglu Run Handles

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Moving your Eglu is now even easier with these specially designed Eglu Run Handles. The handles fit neatly onto the run of your chicken coop or hutch to allow you to maneuver your pet's home precisely and with both hands.

Simply screw the handles into place on your Eglu run using the fixings pack provided.

The Eglu Run Handles are especially effective when used in conjunction with the compatible wheel set for your Eglu.

The Eglu Run Handles can be fitted to the run of the Eglu Cube, Eglu Go and Eglu Classic chicken coops. They are also compatible with the Eglu Go Hutch and Hutch Runs.

Product dimensions: 57.8cm x 20.7cm x 14.5cm

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Eglu Run Handles

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Eglu Go Up
Steve, East Riding of Yorkshire,
This has been an amazing experience for us all made possible by this very well designed product. If you are reading this with doubts then just buy it! It really is as easy as people say just because of how easy it is to clean etc. It has been an almost life changing experience! Go on just buy one!
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 2-4 ISA, Ross & Crevecoe pets
Helps move run
Handles works great enabling the run to move easily
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 6-8 pets
Ryan, Washington,
Handles make it very very easy to move entire unit. Without them a bit awkward.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 6-8 Rhode Island Reds an pets
Wonderful for me and for the hens
An Omleteer,
Whilst the instructions suggestion that this should be put together by two people is not wrong, I was able to assemble it myself, despite my arthritic hands - it just took me a bit longer. The YouTube video was amazingly helpful and - I slowed it down, paused it, repeated it as necessary. Now it is a safe, dry and comfortable bedroom for four rescued battery hens. Thank you.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 2-4 Ex-Commercial hens pets
Easy moving
Connie, Pennsylvania,
Wish I'd bought these when I bought my eglu cube & run, makes moving the tractor super easy !
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 2-4 Buff Orpington, ISA pets
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