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Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

by Omlet

Add extra corners and strength to your Omlet Chicken Fencing with these strong double spiked poles. Use with your existing poles or as replacements for lost or damaged poles.

Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles have two spikes, making them easy to tread into the ground and providing extra stability.

Pack contains 5 poles for use with all versions of Omlet's Chicken Fencing.

(25 reviews)

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 2.000 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 9 cm

Length: 61 cm

Product SKU: 25095

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Latest Product Reviews For Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

Love it! 🐔 - Salem,

Got the largest one to add so my chickens cooks explore more annd expanded it into our wooded area easy setting up and I love the gate feature!!! I wish I could post more photos but it will only upload 1.. Great product!!!

The reviewer has 8-10 Variety pets

Great Addition for My Chickens - Suz,

I only have an acre, and my neighbors would not love my free ranging chickens visiting, so after searching for solutions, I went for the Omlet fence. Great purchase. Putting it together the first time was a bit time consuming, but moving it around is a piece of cake. I love that I can rotate pasture easily and by myself. I don't have ground predators to worry about, so haven't had an issue in that respect. I only have aerial predators, but if a hawk throws a shadow, my ladies run into their covered run. So far, so good!

The reviewer has 6-8 varied chicken breed pets

It's good - Kath, Somerset,

I bought my fencing back in the spring/summer and have rotated it along with my girls housing. Along with the rotation I have had to change where I have placed the poles. This has lead to parts of the fencing becoming baggy, is that because of the poles being moved? who knows. I did buy an extra box of poles for that exact reason but still the baggies. I do love the fencing and it has been a nice sized area for my little girls to roam around free (although not at the moment)

The reviewer has 2-4 Bantams pets

Omlet Says: Hi Kath, Thank you for sharing your experience with your fencing. We are glad to hear that you love this product. Feel free to send us some pictures of the areas that you described as becoming baggy, so that we can have a further look at this with you. Yours, Your Omlet Customer Services team

Useful fencing - Bryony,

I have two lots of this fencing which I use separately or connect together to make a larger area. I find it easy to move, the gate is very useful and the chickens rarely fly over. However the wild rabbits have wrecked it this summer and chewed through it in many places. I have managed to chop the bottom few squares off and shorten the poles so it is still plenty useable but ultimately I’m going to have to use electric fencing to keep the chickens contained. I think it’s a great product but maybe not for more rural settings.

The reviewer has 8-10 Bantams pets

Ready to use and effective - Riku,

I needed a quick, cost effective and temporary fencing solution to stop my dog from eating windfall apples, which were making him sick. One kit was plenty to encircle a mature apple tree and keep apples contained. This fence is very cost effective for the length and quality, and could be put together in 45 minutes. The gateway is simple but effective, but I wouldn't want to be fiddling with it multiple times a day. Tent pegs ensure access isn't possible under the fence. Once apple season is over, I'm reassured I can just pop this out of the lawn, roll it up and use again next year. Only room for improvement is perhaps they could double the number of tent pegs, as there weren't quite enough to secure the bottom of the fence all the way round and do the guy ropes ... but I Haven't used the guy ropes as I don't want a trip hazard so that's no issue for me (the fence holds up fine, just needs to be pushed down in places every week or so).

The reviewer has 1 Dog pets

Customer Images - Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5