Extreme Temperature Liner for Eglu Go

By Omlet

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The Eglu Go is really well insulated but following demand we decided it was time to offer your chickens the ultimate protection from extreme weather. These insulating liners for the Eglu Go have been designed to keep your chickens as warm as possible during the deep freeze.

If it’s good enough for Astronauts it’s (just) good enough for your chickens. Omlet’s insulated covers are lined with Flectalon. Originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm during missions, Flectalon has been made available for a select few earth missions. Flectalon combines trapped air thermal insulation with mirror surfaces that reflect infra red heat back into the eglu making it simply the most efficient insulator known to man. It is also used in emergency blankets to treat hypothermia, deep sea diving suits and to prevent frost damage to the very valuable sculptures at the National Trust.

The extreme temperature liner for the Eglu Go comes in three sections which fit between the grey body and the coloured panels of the main house. It is quick and easy to fit and can be used throughout the Winter, if you wish.

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           Easy to fit

- Helen, 15 February 2014

Very easy to fit - only took a few minutes. Not sure why the other reviewers mention holes for the screws as it doesn't cover these holes. Hens seem happy each morning, but we haven't had any below freezing nights yet.

           Alternative uses for Extreme Temperature Liner

- Sue, 06 January 2014

I had a light bulb moment before Christmas when looking for insulating material to use on an A-frame rabbit hutch that housed an over-wintering autumn juvenile hedgehog. The dimensions of the 3 liner panels are just the right size to cover the outside of the nesting area. This ensures that the young hog is warm and snug inside her nest of dry leaves and meadow hay and still comes out briefly to feed at night. I have also used another set of liners to line an outdoor cat shelter that is used by a feral cat. Don't worry about the chickens - they have got their own Extreme temperature jacket on their Eglucube.

           Quality product

- Stuart, 05 January 2014

Very easy to fit - just two screws to remove & the blankets were fitted in two minutes. Chucks are all ready for winter now

           Insulating liners

- Nicola, 31 December 2013

Very easy to install. Hopefully the girls are enjoying the warmth on chilly nights.

           Does what it is supposed to but.....

- Cathy, 10 September 2013

I have a temperature liner for the Cube which I got two winters ago, so I know what a difference this makes on those cold nights, in that respect it does what it is supposed to - but - right in the middle of the panel is a screw that secures the inside with the outside panel and there isn't an eyelet or hole in the middle of the liner, so you have to cut a small slit/hole. As the liner is full of small filements of stuffing it is a bit messy......

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