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Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White

by Omlet

Designed like a piece of contemporary furniture, the fantastic new Fido Studio from Omlet is more than just an indoor dog crate. It's the perfect compliment to your home and fulfils your dog's natural instinct to have a den that they can call their own.

The Fido Studio also brilliantly solves the issue of where to store all of your dog's accessories. The closet is a versatile and incredibly practical solution for storing your dog’s coat, treats, favourite toy and lead all in one handy place!

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Latest Product Reviews For Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White

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Great Crate - Laura,

My old man is very happy with his "house." He finds the bed very comfortable. The crate was easy to put together and I loved the extra spare parts. With all the pieces it could have been a disaster, but I feel like Omlet knew what they were doing. I would recommend ordering the storage cabinet as well. They go together perfectly.

The reviewer has 1 Chihuahua mix pets

???????? - An Omleteer,

This is the brand new den for our 1 year old (25lb) corgi. We were looking for a crate that looked like a piece of furniture while being functional. The smaller size is the perfect size for her; she has enough room to stand, move around and even eat in it. The wardrobe addition is great for hiding her food bowl, leashes, bones and toys when company comes over. Great quality.

The reviewer has 1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi pets

Tray is a perfect fit, lightweight, good quality - Emily,

I'm glad I bought the Fido Studio 36 tray instead of trying to find a similar sized generic one at the pet store. The Fido Studio version is, of course, a perfect fit, and it turns out that's more important than I thought because if the size was a bit too small it would slide around and bang on the sides whenever the pup stands up and shifts position. It's a lot more lightweight than other crate trays I've had in the past, but I'm VERY happy with the low price and I'm sure the lightweight factor accounts for that. I stuck some rubber feet "bumpon" bumpers to the bottom so it wouldn't make noise when the dog moves. And I also think it would be better if they shipped it in a rectangular box instead of the envelope style cardboard slip it came in, because it was smooshed in transit and had bent parts. But they popped back into place and just left a little white bend line, no big deal. Purely cosmetic. But a box with sides would probably help avoid that if the mail people stack stuff on top of it. All said, it's still 5 stars. The whole Fido Studio 36 system is fantastic.

The reviewer has 1 Mix pets

Great easy to set up crate - medium - Fiona,

We bought this for our staffy puppy, set up in minutes and puppy is happy in there, easy to open doors, nice tray easy to remove if needed, check out the photo!

The reviewer has 1 Staffy pets

The perfect crate! - Yasmin,

My dog absolutely loves going into his Fido crate! There's plenty of room in the compartments to store all his stuff and it fits right in with the rest of the furniture too!

The reviewer has 1 Terrier cross pets

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