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Give your chickens a brilliant new way to play with Omlet’s sleek new Chicken Perch. It’s a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun accessory. The naturally weather resistant perch not only features an innovative bracket design - allowing it to be placed anywhere on any chicken run - but is also suitable for use by all breeds of chicken, making it the new must-have DIY chicken coop accessory!

Hentertainment of the Highest Order
Your birds love to perch and not just in their house at night. During the day you've probably noticed that they will happily hop onto a wheelbarrow handle, the back of a chair or even on the edge of flower pot. It’s an instinct that comes from the very earliest chickens that lived in forests and today's domestic hens still have a natural desire to perch from the highest available point.

Fits All Chicken Runs
Whether you have an Eglu Chicken Coop, a Walk in Run or a DIY chicken coop… the Omlet Chicken Perch will fit them all. This innovative perch for chickens has a special connector which clamps around any chicken wire or chicken mesh leaving a secure and very neat looking finish. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can add a perch to your chicken run that your hens will use every day.

Made from naturally weather resistant eucalyptus, the perch is a comfortable size for bantams as well as large breeds of chickens to grip. Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain.

Length (assembled): Approx. 3ft
Diameter: 33mm

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 1.249 kg

Height: 13 cm

Width: 15 cm

Length: 96 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

2 Stars:
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Solid wood perch - Liz,

East to fit , sturdy wood perch my chickens use it all the time

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Roosts both doouble and single - Virginia,

love them

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 The reviewer has 10+ chicken, Brahmas, Or pets

Omlet perch - Claudia,

The chickens absolutely love it and use it to roost outside at night in their walk in cage

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Hybrids pets

what a view - Rebecca,

We brought this perch for our chickens , they love to perch and get a great view. Well worth the money

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 warrens pets

My girls love their perch! - Stacie,

It was not too hard to install, easily adjusts to any angle, very sturdy, and my chickens love it!

Verified Purchase: May 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Plymouth Blue Rock, pets