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6ft Run with Underfloor Wire for Eglu Go Hutch

by Omlet

The Eglu Go 6ft Run with Underfloor Wire is perfect for your rabbits to enjoy a hop around and some fresh air. The underfloor wire ensures you can relax knowing that even the most intrepid of bunnies won't tunnel out during the night!

The biggest benefit of having a run attached to your hutch is your pet's freedom to go in and out as it pleases, according to its own routine. As a result, your pet will be happy, relaxed and easier to handle.

Run only. Hutch not included.

Looking for an Eglu Go Hutch? Click here.

Please note that we are currently sending out two types of underfloor mesh, so depending on the size of the run you choose there is a possibility you might receive two different types of mesh. This will not affect the structure of the run or the way your pets use it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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Delighted with this sturdy product! - Liz,

Brought this to replace my wooden run after having a foxy visitor in our garden. We currently use it for our 3 guinea pigs. Was slightly irritating to put together (and we are quite handy) but once up it’s very sturdy and I can’t imagine anything similar being more fox proof. Attached securely to eglu and guinea pigs seem happy. Cover works well in the sun. Takes 2 people to move around garden. Extremely happy!

The reviewer has 2-4 Guinea pigs pets

underwhelming product - Brett,

Run is over-designed and more complicated to assemble than necessary... i don't expect the overabundance of plastic clips needed to hold the Run together will survive for long in our hot southwestern US climate. comparison, we have a large dog crate that came in a box about the same size as the Run... the dog crate is pre- assembled and easily folds open or closed for use or storage,.. there's no reason why this Run couldn't have been designed in a similar way... i suppose the Run is fine for a backyard lawn but it is in no way adequate for rolling throughout our two acre farm/pastures as a rabbit "tractor". ,,perhaps it wasn't designed for such use...i should've known better.

The reviewer has 2-4 mixed domestic rabbi pets

Omlet Says: Good morning Brett, Thank you very much for leaving us a review, this is very important to us to be able to improve our products and services. Our run clips are made to be durable and long lasting under any weather conditions. Our runs are a very different product compared to our Fido dog crates. Indeed, the runs have the ability to be extended and built in a very flexible way, to adapt to every need. This is the reason why we provide these clips, to leave our customers the maximum freedom to build their installation in the way they prefer. It is also made to be very easy to move around, especially thanks to the wheels at the bottom of the coop that you can add. You also have instruction manuals at your disposal and videos explaining the building steps one by one. Our Customer Service team is also at your disposal and would be very happy to assist you further by phone or email if you need extra assistance in the installation process. I hope this information will bring some clarity , don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any further information. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Service

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