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Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels

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Give your rabbits more space with Zippi Rabbit Platforms from Omlet. Designed to easily clip onto Zippi Runs, these strong platforms enrich your bunny’s run with new areas to explore. Hopping up and down the ramp will strengthen your pet’s muscles and by adding a Zippi Shelter and Caddi Treat Holder you can stimulate more of their senses in new and exciting ways. Adapt and expand your Zippi Rabbit Platform set up at any time to create new playgrounds for your rabbits to enjoy.

The Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels pack includes two floor panels, which can fit to a Zippi Run Double Height that is two panels wide, and a ramp for your rabbits to hop up. It also includes two support panels which are attached to the underside of the platform and the side of the run for additional stability.

Note: Allow two run panel lengths (96cm) for the rabbit to safely run down the ramp. Zippi Platforms should be fitted to a double height run for rabbits.

Find out more about Zippi Rabbit Platforms here.

Floor panel space: 3 ft. 2 in. x 1 ft. 7 in. cm
Ramp: 2 ft. 9 in. x 9 in.
Panel thickness: 1 in.

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A useful, easy-to-clean platform.
I raised the slope for the baby rabbit to climb. she loves it!
1 platform for each enclosure
Super durable platforms!
Feasting on grass on the mezzanine
Platform and ramp
Good ramp up
Fine shelves
Rabbit platforms in an outdoor rabbit run
Great additional run enrichment
Great attachment for the Zippi run, creating another level for bunnies to explore and shelter under
Great additional run enrichment

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Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels

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Zippi Runs are amazing!
I purchased two Zippy runs last year and was so very impressed with the quality and also the way they look too. I couldn't resist adding to them with two platforms and ramps. I'm impressed with the build quality and ease of fitting too. I do know Omlet items can be pricy but they are totally worth it and I'll defiantly been adding more items and possibly more runs too. Well done Omlet!!!
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 8-10 Multi breeds pets
All Hail my the Zippi Platform King!
Danielle, Wisconsin,
I could NOT be happier with this purchase. My sweet bun-buns are so happy with the added space this give them and the entertaining value of climbing to a second level and having a throne to sit on!
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 2-4 Lionhead pets
Rabbits love these
Rebecca, Dorset,
My rabbits love being up high and often go up to sit on the platform even when I haven’t put their forage up there.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 4-6 Netherland dwarf pets
Easily washable!
Amy, New York,
I added the platforms to my zippi run that I use for my juvenile chicks until they are old enough for the big girl pen. They love sunning themselves on the platform, and let's be honest they poop everywhere! I can easily spray off their droppings with a garden hose and keep these platforms clean. The ramp also has good spacing on the bars so that my chicks can easily climb them.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 2-4 Americauna Chicks pets
Bunny loves it!
The panels were easy to install and our bunny absolutely loves having a new vantage point to look out from.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 1 Heritage Silver Fox pets
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