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Just Great - Joyce,

We like our coop very much and the wheels are a big help. We had a fox attack but the run kept our girls safe. We collected our 3rd. egg this morning.

- Trevor,

A really well thought out product, made to a high specification.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop Wheel Set - Carolyn,

The wheel set was easy to assemble & fix to the Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop. They make the whole Coop & run so easy to manoeuvre & move around, with just one person. Well worth purchasing!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Go up wheels - Diana,

The wheels are a fantastic addition to the go up enabling it to be moved round my lawn easy. It is much easier to moved than i expected, i also purchased the handles but its so easy to move i havent fitted them. Even with a 3m run and wind sheilder fitted, its great.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Easy Move - Laura,

Love the wheel set. Easy to move my Coop even with the extension on it!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

Well worth the expense - Sarah,

I initially thought £50 for a pair of wheels was too expensive when purchasing my Eglu Go Up. I have 4 teenage boys to help me move the coop so I thought I would save the money. However the skirt on the run makes the coop quite tricky to move, and it's all rather heavy even with all 4 boys helping, so after a few months I purchased the wheels. BEST DECISION EVER! Moving the coop is a doddle now, and I love being able to give my girls a fresh patch of grass every few weeks without having to round up any helpers - the wheels really do make moving the coop easy for one person to manage alone. Well worth the cost!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2018

Nice Improvements - David,

I purchased an Eglu "classic" 6 years ago and have been very happy with it. I purchased the Go Up Coop with the wheel set for the portability feature. It is very easy to move around. I also like that corners for the skirts on the chicken run are more sturdy. It is also much easier to collect eggs and clean the coop.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2015

coop wheel set - Zoe,

very handy to move the coop around the garden. I keep the chickens in the coop and move it about once a week.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

Summary of what? - Christine,

We are thrilled with the Eglu, it's practical, easy to use and clean. We have just purchased 25m of Omlet fencing, as we would have been unhappy not to have given them more space, and we have a large garden with insecure boundaries and a lot of hiding places, so it was tricky to let them roam freely. We are very pleased indeed with the combination, and the hens love it!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2017

Fab product, eggcellent design - should've bought one years ago! - Catherine,

I always felt the Omlet products were overpriced and probably only for urban chicken keepers who needed an easy solution for their small garden flock however - I was wrong! I should have bought one years ago! I bought an Eglu Up Go recently in desperation as my small flock were being repeatedly infested with red mite in the traditional wooden coop that we had for several years. The Eglu is perfect for our needs (mine and my chooks). I didn't need a run as we have a section of the back garden fenced off for their exclusive use (doesn't stop them repeatedly trying to break into the bit with flowers and rampage through the bedding plants!) I have 5 girls and wondered if the Eglu would be big enough but it absolutely does the job - the girls love it and started laying there regularly and politely take it in turns to lay their daily egg in the one egg compartment - that's after having a choice of 4 nesting boxes previously. They are still a but wary of the ladder but getting used to it. What I love is that it is SO easy to clean - it takes me no more than 5 or 10 minutes and I can even hose it down if I want to. It is sturdy, vermin proof and I can move it to different positions in the run whenever I want to so in the winter I can move it neArer the house to avoid tramping through mud to let them out in the morning. The girls look healthier than they have for months are laying well and I took great delight in burning the old mite ridden coop. Even my hard to please husband was impressed by the design - it really is perfect. The slatted floor means that chicken poop just falls through to the tray underneath than can be emptied daily if necessary with minimal effort. My only criticism is that unless you buy a run with the eglu, there is no where to fix the feeders and they just topple over. Will have to make a feeder stand on the fence unless anyone has any ideas? Also a great new accessory would be a solar door opener for when we are away if any of your amazing eglu designers have any ideas? Thrilled with the purchase - worth every penny.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

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