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SMART AUTOmatic chicken coop door

Wi-Fi enabled, compatible with all chicken coops 

We designed our Smart Autodoor with open & close notifications for peace of mind and full control from your phone for ultimate convenience.

  • Automatically opens & closes your coop
  • Compatible with all wooden coops
  • Ultra reliable in all weathers
  • Sophisticated safety sensor
  • Mains or battery powered

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I've tried all the others and this is the only one that works!

Kara, Nebraska


It’s very good in cold weather!

Joseph, georgia


I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fit!

Amy, King's Lynn


No more worrying about opening or shutting the coop!

jenna, ohio


Don’t DIY - Buy!



Our rigorously tested, ingenious design gives you 24/7 coop control from your phone, so you can check on the status of the chicken coop door and open and close it from anywhere.

It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can check on your chickens even without your phone to hand.

Just download the Omlet app for Android or Apple.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
Works with Google Home Works with Alexa

Already automated?

Upgrade your existing Omlet Autodoor to make it smart by simply swapping the control panel.  Click here for more info.


dream schedule

Chickens thrive when they start their day at dawn and are in bed by dusk. Our Smart Autodoor lets you set their schedule, without disrupting yours. 

  • Choose from light responsive settings or set by the clock

  • Easy to program with the Omlet app

  • Sensors ignore other lights and torches

Make any coop smart

Not upgraded to an Eglu Cube or an Eglu Pro yet? Our Wi-Fi enabled Smart Autodoor is compatible with all chicken coops and comes with an easy attachment kit.

  • Install directly to the Eglu Cube or Eglu Pro chicken coops

  • Easily screws onto wooden coops 

  • Attach to the Walk In Run or any type of chicken wire

  • Can be fitted to open to the left or right

Super power

Close up of the Omlet smart automatic chicken coop door control panel
Choose from mains or battery power.

The control panel can be attached to your chicken run or chicken coop, and connects to mains power with the 6ft cable provided. Alternatively, 4x AA batteries will power the Smart Autodoor for up to 3 months.

Doors Closing

Chicken climbing into an Eglu pro chicken coop with a smart Autodoor with coop light
The safety sensors will stop the doors from closing if there's something in the way.

Sophisticated sensors protect hens that dawdle in the doorway. Once the path is clear, you’ll get a notification on your phone that the door is closed.

Shine a light

Chickens in a coop with a coop light
Add a coop light to encourage your girls to bed at night.

We designed our Coop Light to lead lingerers in to roost. Powered by and synced to your Smart Autodoor, it comes on 5 minutes before the door is scheduled to close. Once everyone is tucked up and the door’s safely shut, the light turns gently off.

Reliable takes time

Our Smart Autodoor’s reliability is a result of our rigorous approach to product design: invent, test, refine, repeat. 200 prototypes and 3 years of the Omlet Perfection Process mean it can take anything in Mother Nature’s armory. 

  • Tested to work to as low as -4°F and up to 150°F

  • Waterproof casing to IPX6 standards

  • Shatterproof ABS construction

  • Stands up to severe storms


Close up of the smart Autodoor control panel being programmed manually
Program our Smart Autodoor with or without the app.

Our Smart Autodoor can be programmed and controlled using the control panel on your coop, without the app. It’s every bit as effective and reliable, however you use it.

peace of mind in the box                                                              

Smart Autodoor box with contents shown
Everything you need to keep smart in the box.

Our step by step instructions and how to build video will guide you through assembling and installing your Smart Autodoor. Download the app and you’re a smart step closer to your flock, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Received your Smart Autodoor? Visit our Smart Knowledgebase for help on installation, using the Omlet app and troubleshooting.

You can choose between the light setting, i.e. choosing at which level of daylight the coop should open and close, time setting, i.e. setting specific times when you know your flock has returned to the coop or are ready to go out for the day. There is also a manual mode where the door opens and closes only when you press the button.

On the app you can also override your current settings by pressing “Open” or “Close”.

For safety and peace of mind, there is also a built-in failsafe system for opening the door completely by hand. You can find out how to do this by checking the instruction manual.

You can change which setting you’re using whenever you want, but it’s not possible to use different settings at the same time.

Chickens are flock animals and creatures of habit, and in most cases they will go back to the coop within half an hour of each other at around the same time every evening. Observe your hens for a few days and make a note of when they tend to go to bed, and set the door accordingly.

If you have connected your Autodoor to the Wi-Fi, we recommend using the mains power supply you received with your door. This way your door will constantly be checking in and you will be able to use the door and the app as intended.

You can run your door on batteries, but to save power the door will only check in with the Wi-Fi every ten minutes. In between those moments you will not be able to immediately open or close the door. You can click the button to open or close, but the action won’t be performed until the next check in.

If you connect your Autodoor to a solar panel or any other type of power source, we will not be able to offer any warranty (expressed or implied), support or advice.

The Omlet App is available in the Google Play store for Android users, and the App Store for iOS users.

Simply open the relevant app store, and search for "Omlet", or use the following links:

Google Play

iOS App Store

The Autodoor cannot be fitted to any other Eglus than the Eglu Cube Mk1 and Mk2, and the Eglu Pro. You can however, using an attachment kit, attach it to any Omlet run.

There are two main reasons to add a coop light. Firstly, having a light in the coop will encourage the chickens to return to roost when it gets dark. This is especially good if you have one or two hens that tend to stay out longer than the rest.

Secondly, it’s useful to have a light in the coop if you want to check on your hens when it's dark, maybe as you come home from work or just before you go to bed. The hens won’t be bothered by you turning on the light for a minute and peeking into the coop.

The coop light uses a LED light at 1.5 watt. That is the equivalent of a 15 watt light bulb.

We would suggest changing the batteries when the control panel or the app is showing the level as 5% or lower. It’s good to check the batteries regularly to make sure they are in good condition.

You must use the Autodoor as specified in the instruction manual by using either our power adapter or 4 AA batteries. We cannot offer any warranty (expressed or implied), support or advice if you connect any other forms of power supply to your Autodoor. There is a high risk that you may damage your Autodoor, and the product may not work as intended.

No, the motor in the door is designed to open the door horizontally.

Yes, there is a manual mode where the door opens and closes only when you press the button on the app or straight on the control panel. For safety and peace of mind, there is also a built-in failsafe system for opening the door completely by hand. Check the instruction manual to find out how to do this.

The Autodoor is designed to be used by adult chickens, and it’s wise to only use manual mode if you have chicks in the flock.

The control panel comes with a mounting bracket that can be drilled into wood or secured to mesh. If you want to place your control panel straight on the Eglu Pro or Cube, you will need to add an additional bracket that hooks onto the coop.

Smart autodoor included control panel bracket

Included mounting bracket fixes to any mesh or DIY coop.

Smart autodoor eglu house control panel mounting bracket

Optional mounting bracket for the Eglu Cube or Pro house.

The Autodoor fits straight on the Eglu Pro Chicken Coop, the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop, and on the absolute majority of wooden chicken coops or barns. If you have an older Eglu Cube (before 2016), you can fit the Autodoor by using an attachment kit. You can also fit it to mesh or chicken wire on a run.
We don’t provide any solution for extending the cable, but we do sell a replacement cable that could be used for that purpose. If you want to extend the cable we suggest you speak to an electrician to make sure it’s done safely and correctly.

You do not have to use mains power if using the smart features of the new Omlet Smart Autodoor control panel. We do however recommend it where possible, as it will improve the functionality of the product. Using mains power will enable the control panel to maintain a constant Wi-Fi connection, meaning when you send a command to the door, it will be performed almost immediately. On battery you will have to wait up to 10 minutes for the next time your control panel wakes up and checks in with our servers.

When running on battery with the recommended power settings, we estimate you should expect 2+ months of battery life with normal usage before you need to replace the batteries.

This depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi, but it’s advisable to keep the door within at least 65 ft of a Wi-Fi source.

We recommend connecting to the wireless network you wish to use with your phone, and standing where you wish to place your control panel. If your phone indicates a good Wi-Fi signal, it should be sufficient to use with the Omlet Smart Autodoor. If your phone only shows one bar of Wi-Fi, or none at all, then you could find the signal is too weak for the control panel to work effectively. You may wish to move the coop or access point to improve coverage, or purchase a range extender.

No, you can control the door and change the settings just using the control panel. If you’re running your door on mains, you can just set it up as normal and program the door on the control panel. However, if you want to use batteries, the firmware will initially need to be updated. To do this, you must:

  • Download the app and connect the control panel to your Wi-Fi
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes for the firmware to update
  • Do a factory reset (check the instruction manual for information on how to do this)
  • Exit discovery mode on the control panel

Once that is done you can set up the door and control panel on the coop and program the settings you want. Please contact our Customer Experience team if you have any issues.

All the settings are saved in the control panel, so the door will function just as you want it to. Once the connection is restored, you will be able to continue using the app.

Yes, you can share access to a door with family and friends, so they can see the status of the door and get notifications. You decide if you want to give full access or just allow the person to check the status of the door.

The cable you will receive with your door is 5'10".


speak to an autodoor ambassador near you

Woman holding a chicken in front of her chicken run with automatic coop door

Still undecided? Speak to someone who knows the Autodoor.

Omlet Ambassadors are customers turned product experts.

They can answer all your questions about the Autodoor and share their experience using it with their hens.

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AUTODOOR Size & Specs


ABS, Zinc Gearing, Steel fixings

Power Input:

Mains power or 4 x AA Batteries (not supplied)

Product Dimensions:

Door Frame: 19.25in x 16.5in x 2.25in  Control Panel: 5.5in x 5.2in x 1.6in  Control Panel Cable length: 6ft 6in  Mains Power Cable length: 5ft 10in

Packaging Dimensions:

22.04in x 18.50in x 2.87in

NOTE: Please avoid cleaning your Autodoor with industrial chemicals. We recommend cleaning only with soap and water or a pet safe disinfectant and treating red mite with powder only.

Verified reviews

Smart Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Susan's Omlet door
I like the Omlet door. My husband and I had it installed in one day. The app is helpful if you check whether the door is open or closed.
Review for: Placeholder Blank Name
The reviewer has 10+ pets
Automatic coop door! Wow!
I’ve kept chickens for twenty years and I d always been there to see to my flock, or arranged for some one to lock them up at night for me, if necessary. I’d seen many automatic pop hole doors but some had very poor reviews, so I kept getting put off. However, reading the reviews on the Omlet auto door & then seeing the sale, I finally decided to buy one! Well! What can I say!! I should have done it years ago!! This piece of kit is absolutely brilliant & my girls have taken to it straight away! It’s a safe design & has a simple way to over ride the closing time of my girls are all in early, I can operate the door with a manual press of a button and they are in safe for the night! If I’m not there, I know they will be locked safely to bed! This gives amazing peace of mind! A brilliant addition to my coop ! Thank you Omlet for your ingenuity
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Gray
The reviewer has 4-6 Swedish Flower hens pets
Great Quality Door!
Door was super easy to install and opens and closes great. It senses the sunlight and opens and closes once it gets to the right sun level
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Gray
The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets
Best Door Yet
Janelle-Wisconsin, Wisconsin,
I had a Run Chicken Run door and had issues with the batteries dying. This door was really easy to install and works great. I love the app too.
Review for: Smart Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Gray
The reviewer has 6-8 pets
Great Product
This is the third Omlet automatic door opener I have ordered. They are a great product!
Review for: Smart Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green
The reviewer has 10+ Plymouth Barred Rock pets
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