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Is a wooden coop really the best option for your chickens?

Discover the surprising truth…

Wood versus plastic chicken coop

Keeping chickens is amazing in so many ways…

two chickens in a pen

Friendly, quirky, and comical, chickens are a great way for families to connect through nature and get amazing-tasting, organic eggs six days a week, all year round.

BUT there are several major pitfalls thousands of newbie chicken keepers unwittingly blunder into every day, all of which could be avoided with a little honest talk about wood.…

9 things no one will tell you about wooden chicken coops (until it’s too late)

The coop you choose for your chickens is your most important decision because it’s the one that offers the most pain if you get it wrong.

Here, according to our ex-wood coop-owning customers, is the truth they wish they’d known about wooden coops before they bought one.

Former wood coop owners tell their story:

1. Wood coops are tough to clean

“Cleaning my old wooden coop was hell on earth”

Nina, Ocala, FL

Buy a wooden chicken coop, and you quickly become its cleaning slave. That’s because all that quaint-looking wood acts like a porous sponge that soaks up your chicken’s poop. And once their poop gets into the wood, getting it out again is a never-ending job. Relax for just a few days, and the poop starts to smell, attract predators and insects, and, if left too long, lead to various illnesses in your chickens.

2. Wood coops are prone to predators

“Unsafe from predators”

Ashley, Athens, GA

Raccoons, bears, foxes, hawks, and cougars all like a chicken supper. Despite a well-built wooden coop, the slow process of rot and warping can create openings that persistent critters can exploit to wreak havoc on your hens.

3. Wood coops have a short lifespan

“rotted within 1 year, despite treating the wood”

Elise, Apex, NC

Moisture causes wood to swell, warp, and eventually rot. This natural decay process is accelerated by rain, snow, humidity and other normal American weather, making for a short lifespan and a leaky, drafty, predator-prone problem for your chickens.

4. Wood coops are costly to maintain

“needed lots of repairs”

Bianca, USA

Consider the time and money you’ll spend over the years applying rot and mold treatments, repairing and renovating, replacing damaged or rotted wood, and reinforcing weak areas. Ultimately, you may even have to rebuild the coop from scratch. Do you still believe that wood is an inexpensive alternative?

5. Wood coops are not weatherproof

“bad weather did the coops in and almost took out our birds”

Kim, Clarksville, TN

Once the structural integrity of wooden coops is compromised by exposure to regular rain, sunshine and humidity, your brood is more vulnerable to leaks, drafts and extreme weather events like storms and high winds.

6. Wood coops are often impossible to move

“I wanted to put my birds on fresh grass every day”

Bobbi Jo, Athens, GA

Wooden coops are heavy and hard or impossible to move to fresh patches of grass. That means your grass will soon be reduced to naked dirt, creating an eyesore in your garden and robbing your chickens of the natural joy of pecking up grubs and insects from fresh grass.

7. Wooden coops smell

“It was very hard to clean & it smelled!”

Anonymous Customer, Summerfield, NC

Chicken poop is particularly smelly because it contains such a ridiculously large amount of uric acid, which becomes very smelly as it breaks down. And because wood is absorbent, the smell becomes difficult to eliminate easily. Get a wooden coop, and you’ll soon find a large part of your life revolves around the containment of a persistent, noxious, chicken-health-damaging ammonia stink.

8. Wooden coops attract pests, mites, lice and vermin

“wood got gross and mice and insects liked to make a home in there”

Kim, Clarksville, TN

The difficulty of cleaning a wooden chicken coop can contribute to a range of pest infestations, including mice, lice, and insects. Wood’s retention of moisture and poop can create an ideal environment for pests to thrive. Mice can burrow into the wood and create nests, while lice and other insects can find shelter in the crevices and cracks. These pests can pose a risk to the health and well-being of the chickens, as well as your health and hygiene.

9. Wooden coops are too hot in summer and cold in winter

“didn't feel they were very safe or warm in winter”

Carrie, St Louis, MO

Wooden coops have poor insulation properties, which can negatively impact the well-being of chickens, especially in more extreme temperatures. During hot summers, a poorly insulated wooden coop can become too hot, leading to heat stress and discomfort for the chickens. In cold winters, a poorly insulated wooden coop can become too cold, increasing the risk of hypothermia and other health problems.

But that’s not all…

Wooden Coops and Chicken Poops

9 common chicken health problems made worse by wooden coops

Did you know chicken poop contains ten times the uric acid of other non-avian livestock?

Table showing Uric Acid concentration in livestock poop

If you opt for a wood coop, this can cause a particular problem because:

  1. Chickens poop (a lot) in their coop
  2. Wood soaks up the uric acid
  3. The uric acid breaks down into ammonia
  4. Ammonia buildup makes chickens sick

A hard-to-clean coop is a hidden culprit behind these 9 perfectly preventable chicken illnesses

Graphic showing common chicken ailments caused by uric acid

Anatomical diagram of a chickens respiratory tract..

Ammonia is a respiratory irritant and can cause damage to the respiratory tract, leading to respiratory problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and airsacculitis.

A chicken with swollen infected eye.

Ammonia can also cause irritation and damage to the eyes, leading to conjunctivitis and other eye problems in chickens.

Graphic showing decreased egg production in chickens.

Exposure to high levels of atmospheric ammonia can reduce feed intake, weight gain, and egg production in chickens, leading to reduced performance and profitability.

Chicken behaving aggressively to another member of the flock.

Ammonia can also cause behavioral changes in chickens, including increased aggression, reduced activity levels, and changes in social behavior.

Exposure to high levels of atmospheric ammonia can suppress the immune system in chickens.

Exposure to high levels of atmospheric ammonia can suppress the immune system in chickens, making them more susceptible to infectious diseases.

chicken with altered blood chemistry

High levels of atmospheric ammonia can cause changes in blood chemistry, including an increase in blood bicarbonate and a decrease in blood pH.

Chart showing correlation of increased mortality in chickens exposed to high levels of atmospheric ammonia.

High levels of atmospheric ammonia can increase the risk of mortality in chickens, particularly in young birds.

Meet the clever British chicken coop that’s taking America by storm

“This Genius New Gadget Will Make Owning & Taking Care of Chickens Easier Than Ever”

- Kay Snowden, Editor “She Knows”

man in a garden with his easy to move large chicken coop

You've read about the pitfalls of wooden coops - now, what about a coop that fulfills its promise?

Meet the Omlet Eglu, the revolutionary backyard coop taking the chicken world by storm.

With more than 53,000 sold in the US, a passionate owner community (complete with its own "Eglu ambassadors”) is flourishing in every state.

More than 567 passionate Eglu Cube owners have volunteered as 'Ambassadors' so others can learn about the benefits of the Eglu without needing to talk to a salesman.

Click on the map to find and connect with an Eglu ambassador in your state.

So why is the Eglu so popular?

Below hear straight from backyard keepers who switched from wood and never looked back.

Here's what they say about the Eglu…

Ridiculously easy to clean

“The ease of cleaning. I literally can't get over it. I can't even imagine having another coop.” - Shannan, Dallas, TX

The smooth surfaces of the Eglu Cube large chicken coop can be cleaned in just minutes, watch the video to see how!

These easy clean features make it easier than ever to keep your hens happy and healthy:

  • Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Can be hosed or pressure washed
  • Quick drying
  • Slide out droppings tray
  • Empty direct into your compost bin

Odor-free, healthy chickens

“Our coop stays clean and we don't have any issues with odor.” - Joyce, Birmingham, AL

Invest 10 minutes a day, and you’ll easily keep sickness and smell-causing ammonia at bay. The Eglu’s wipe-down plastic surfaces and convenient pull-out dropping tray make healthful upkeep and zero-smell chicken keeping easily attainable.

Resistant to USA predators

“I don't have any fear over my chickens being killed by predators.” - Peter, Woodbury, CT

The Eglu chicken coop has many built-in predator-proofing features, like its specially designed, heavy-duty, steel-weld mesh run (that’s so strong it can resist the weight of a bear), plus its unique anti-tunnel skirt that even the most persistent of predators will be deterred from trying to break or dig through.

No infestations

“I love that I don't get mite infestations since there's no wood.” - Yvette, Irvine, CA

No wood means no build-up of ammonia, no insect attraction, no nooks and crannies to burrow and hide in - and if by chance something does get in, one hose-down and it’s gone.

Ample space for your flock

“My chickens are happy, thriving, and safe” - Bonny, Louisville, KY

Unlike traditional wooden coops, which can be cramped and uncomfortable for your birds, the Eglu Cube provides ample room for your flock to roost, roam, scratch, and stretch their wings.

With a spacious run that attaches directly to the coop, your birds have plenty of room to move around and explore. Plus, with the option to expand your run or add additional roosting bars, you can easily customize your coop to meet the needs of your flock.

Year-round insulated comfort

“It keeps my girls cool in the summer and warm in the winter” - Catherine, Verified Eglu Owner

Great in All Weathers, Keeps Hens Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.

Unlike traditional wooden coops, the Eglu Cube is made from durable, weather-resistant materials that withstand even the toughest elements. Its unique twin-wall construction provides excellent insulation, keeping your flock warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while its sturdy design ensures it will stand up to years of use.

Leak-free, draft-free

“It's been great in many ways but especially the waterproof feature” - Amanda, Hillsboro, OR

Great in All Weathers, Keeps Hens Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.

The Eglu Cube is designed to keep your birds comfortable and protected, no matter the weather. With its waterproof, insulated walls and draft-free design, your birds will be cozy and warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer.

Garden-friendly portability

“The ability to move and replant clover and greens” - Anonymous Eglu Owner

Eglu Cube wheels make it easy to move!

With Eglu's unique portability feature, you can move your chickens to fresh patches of grass, keeping them happy and healthy while maintaining the beauty of your garden.

Easy, family-friendly access

“Egg collecting, automatic door, cleaning. All so EASY!!” - Ruth, Buxton, ME

The rear door panel easily lifts off to give your full access to the inside, where you’ll find everything you and your chickens need.

The Eggport on the side of the Eglu Cube gives you direct access to the nest box so that you, or your children, can run out in the morning and collect those still-warm eggs for breakfast!

Fast & easy to assemble

“Ease of use both putting together and moving it around for the girls. I also put almost the whole thing together without assistance and I appreciate that!” - April, Jamestown, TN

The Eglu Cube comes with everything you need to get your chickens moved in straight away. The step-by-step instruction manual and helpful how-to-build videos ensure building the coop is easy for one or two people.

Hassle-free chicken keeping for a fifth of the cost of wood

Chart showing wood versus plastic chicken coop longevity

10 Year Ownership Cost?

Approx $6,740

$100/m x 12 Months

An affordable 10-year investment in you, your family, and your chickens

“It's exceeded my expectations. Easy to clean, it's held up for over a decade and has kept the birds safe.” - Kristin, Anaheim, CA

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
180 Day Money Back Guarantee
10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty

We stand behind our promise…

180-day money back guarantee

We’re on a mission to make chicken keeping effortless so every family can experience the joys of a backyard flock, wherever they live and whatever their lifestyle. That’s why you must be delighted with every aspect of your Eglu Cube and completely satisfied it lives up to our promise, or we insist you return it for a full, prompt refund - anytime up to 180 days. We’ll even come and pick it up free of charge.

10-year warranty

Omlet’s Eglu Cube is carefully designed for longevity and engineered from industrial-grade plastic. We stand behind it with a 10-year ‘no worries’ warranty, making it a certified decade-long investment.

Eglu Cube chicken coop with 9ft run and wheels

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