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Omlet Co-Founder Hanns and Jess from Meyer Hatchery, Ohio, talk backyard chicken keeping and the arrival of the Eglu Pro, the latest and greatest evolution of our classic Eglu design; the easy clean, predator proof coop that reimagined the chicken keeping game back in 2004.

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We invented the Eglu chicken coop for the hobby chicken keeper. With 20 years in design, we’ve never stopped innovating. Omlet Eglu coops are the easiest to clean, most predator resistant, and the best investment you can make for your chickens and yourself. 

The Eglu range


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A great addition for any climate.

Jeremy, FloridA


Let's move the chickens onto fresh grass!                                      

JESSICA, NEW HAMPSHIRE                                       


Simple and quick to clean!                                      

VickY, Welwyn Garden City                                      


Perfect for our ever growing flock.                                      

Jenna, Ohio                                      

Reviews from Chicken Keepers

Eglu pro ambassador jeremy

The Eglu Pro was the ideal choice to accommodate our growing flock. It has a spacious design (honestly, the Eglu Pro is HUGE), yet it is so easy to tractor around. Our favorite features are the new ladder design and the larger, easier to access nesting box. The Eglu Pro was easy to assemble, has a premium feel and is easy to maintain. And it is tough enough to stand up to predators and bad weather alike.

Jeremy, Florida                        Omlet Ambassador

Woman holding chicken in front of a Eglu Cube

The Eglu Cube chicken coop has revolutionized my chicken-keeping experience. Its durability, ease of cleaning, and the way it keeps my chickens safe is simply unbeatable. I can't imagine raising chickens without it!

Katherine, Texas                        @gulfcoastcluckers

Eglu pro ambassador polly

As an accidental chicken owner, the Omlet line of products has been such a great investment. They are easy to clean, maintain and allows me extra time to spend with my flock. My flock is clean, happy, and such a joy! The upgrades in the Omlet Pro allow me a little extra room for my chicken math!

Polly, Texas                                Omlet Ambassador

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