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Looking for a chicken coop for 6 chickens, with room to grow? Omlet’s large chicken coop is the perfect size and solution for your medium-sized flock. 

Make space for your growing flock

With a spacious interior featuring separate areas for roosting and laying, our chicken coop for 6 chickens is roomy enough to accommodate a growing flock. Plus, with our superior safety features and ingenious insulating methods, our chicken coops ensure your hens will be comfortable all year round.  

3 reasons to buy a chicken coop for 6 chickens from Omlet

Our chicken coops for 6 chickens is the only coop you’ll need to buy. 

  • Room for 6 chickens, with space to house up to 10 hens 

  • Ability to close nesting box off from the roosting area for less bedding waste 

  • Simple to clean – just dump the droppings tray and pressure wash as needed 

Customize to fit your needs

Customize your chicken keeping experience with accessories to maximize your flock’s space and fun. Our chicken coops for 6 chickens can be expanded, made into mobile chicken coops, or have smart-features added on. 

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

Our plastic chicken coops make keeping a flock of 6 chickens easy and enjoyable. Have peace of mind knowing that your hens are housed in predator-resistant chicken coops that are designed to last a lifetime.