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Trisha, 10 August 2014

Hi - we have just purchased our very first two chooks - Gingernut Rangers - and are SO excited ! We LOVE your web site - it is fun and incredibly informative so we can't wait to pick up our two girls, Mollie and Meg - hopefully tomorrow ! We have a lovely house ready for them and can't wait to help them feel welcome - they will be two very special young ladies !!! Thanks Omlet - your site is BRILLIANT !

, 18 April 2014

Really helpful information. Really looking forward to trying my hand at keeping a pair. Just can't decide which type yet.

Alison, 24 March 2013

Very informative, interesting and entertaining! I now know more about ducks than I thought I needed to know! Great site, thank you!

Ali, 23 November 2012

Pretty much everything I wanted to know and more. I am considering getting a couple of ducks and will be re-visiting this website over again. Thank you.

Danielle, 14 September 2012

Thanks so much for the helpful information We just started with 2 call ducks and are enjoying htem very much!

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