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Hamster Colors

Hamsters come in different sizes, colors and hair textures. The Syrian hamster has been bred in captivity for longer than the other available species, and therre s therefore a wider variety of these hamsters to choose from.

  • Syrian hamsters have been bred in a variety of color types, with the commonest varieties being Beige, Black, Blonde, Brown, Chocolate, Cream, Dove, Golden, Grey, Lilac, Mink, Sable, Tan, and White.

hamster colors
Syrian Hamster breeders have developed many different color varieties

  • The Winter White is available in Normal (Grey), Pearl, and Sapphire varieties.

winter whites
Winter Whites come in three basic color varieties

  • The Chinese Hamster is only found in Normal (Wild Type) and Dominant Spot types.

  • The Campbell comes in the following color types: Argente, Black, White, Beige, Fawn, Normal, and Opal.

dwarf hamster colors
Syrians have the most color variation, but other species have different varieties too

  • So far, Roborovskis are only available in their wild coloration of light brown.

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Teri, 13 May 2021

I apologize that this is coming a bit after you asked, however just in case you have not received an answer yet, maybe this will help. I am a CVT for exotic animals and YES, we will do surgery on any animal. As long as your pet, large or small, are in good health otherwise, we would never deny it needed treatment. Some owners may opt out of a surgery depending on the age and risk and expense, but that's on them. We just did surgery on a dwarf hamster last week that had a broken leg. We inserted the tiniest little pins you have ever seen. This Hammy was 2 years old and in good health. Therefore, there were absolutely no complications. The only possible difference in surgery on a dwarf animal is depending on the weight, we may use a gas anesthesia rather the a general. Hope this helps.

Taylor, 17 January 2019

My friend said that because hamsters don’t live for very long so you don’t need insurance because if anything happens to them the vets won’t do surgery’s in them because they won’t live for long anyway, I just want to know if this is true or if I will have to pay something if anything happens to them