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What's Wrong With My Hamster?

If you think your pet is ailing, take a look at our Hamster Illnesses page to see if the symptoms fit any of the ailments described. Many problems are treatable at home, such as flea or mite infestation, but there are also lots of hamster illnesses that need the attentions of a vet.

You should consult a vet whenever the problem is one you either can't solve at home or can't diagnose with confidence. Your hamster relies on you to keep it healthy, safe, and free from pain, so the occasional vet bill is all part of the deal when keeping a pet.

treatments for hamsters
Poorly hamster? Check out our Hamster Illnesses section as a first port of call.

If none of the conditions you read about seem to match your hamster's symptoms, or if there are some obviously serious issues such as bleeding or difficulty breathing, it’s not going to be a problem you can fix yourself. Take the pet to a vet.

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Jamie, 21 May 2020

hello, I have a dwarf hamster. He is just under 1 years old. Today I noticed something wrong. His eyes are closed, his back is arched and he is breathing heavy. He is walking around the cage but very little and slowly. He wont eat or drink either. His coat is a little rough on his head. Any ideas on what it could be?

Emma, 6 January 2020

My 2 year old Syrian hamster has developed a lump below her tail, it seems to be always wet and pink, she's started to look really tired ever since and walk gaily and slow.

Helen, 2 September 2019

My nine month old Syrian hamster has been scratching at her back legs. They are sore and red. Fur is starting to come off her back legs. She’s cleaned weekly. I’ve not changed any bedding etc. She’s eating and drinking. Wondering what the problem could be. Many thanks. Helen

Stacey, 30 August 2019

Hi our hamster is 2 his name is skittles very friendly Russian dwarf hamster. He loves his food we have noticed a large red sore looking lump on his belly. He isn’t walking well either. We clean his out regularly fresh water and food etc plenty of variety he is eating just not as much. Any ideas??

Madison, 16 November 2018

My hamster is 2 years old now and...she looks weak it says that her breed dies at 2 what should i do?

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