The Omlet Guide to Keeping Quail

What's not to love about quail? Small and perfectly formed, they are prolific egg layers and easy to keep. This great guide is full of advice, tips and essential information covering everything you need to know about quail. You will find information on feeding, health checks, seasonal care as well as fantastic facts about quail. For example did you know that the egyptians were such admirers that they gave the quail it's own heiroglyphic? Click on the image on the left to find out much more.

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Karen, 28 August 2016

I am a novice and am thinking of keeping quail. what sort of enclosure do you recommend?

Rane, 14 August 2016

What do you suggest I get for quail? I did not know if some of the runs squares are smaller than others.

Aydi, 17 July 2016

There is an excellent book for new quail keepers called Urban Quail Keeping, by Karen J Puddephatt. I wish I'd had it when I first started it out. It would have saved me from a good few problems. This may be helpful for others starting out with quail.

Katrina, 14 July 2016

I hope to be moving house in 6 months and am hoping to buy some ex battery birds (any poultry) maybe a mixture if that's possible I would like to rehome another dog as well why should they miss out on lots of love Kind Regards Katrina Crow

Jack, 21 April 2016

I am hatching three dozen due next weekend,I need advice on the sort of pen or run to keep them in I think that this site can give me all the advice I will need, please advise, Jack

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