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Wild Birds

Quail can catch infections from wild birds and to prevent this you can add a natural antibiotic to their water. It is called Citrocidal and is made from grapefruit seeds. Available from health food shops it is very effective at clearing up any respiratory difficulties such as sneezing, coughing or rasping breathing.

Often if the quails poo is runny and yellow this is a sign of just such an infection and should be treated as described, the symptoms should clear up in a week. You can continue eating the eggs, because Citrocidal is 100% natural.

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Berri, 6 September 2014

so helpful!!MY quails had babies!!!!!

Sarah, 12 May 2014

Just a note on apple cider vinegar, it is great stuff, but never use it in a metal water container, it has to be plastic.

John, 8 June 2013

Very clear and helpful. Definitely useful.

Van, 20 March 2013

I feel very reassured that keeping Quails would be possible for us now and will be investigating a local supplier.

Ivor, 14 September 2012

So glad i've read this, had quail now for three wks, and every time its rained, i've run out into the garden, and put them back in their den,, they can get in themselves, but seem reluctant to do so.