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Planting Herb Seedlings

You can either pot up your own seedlings grown from seed, or ones bought from garden centres.

What you will need:
Small pots or a window box
Drainage stones
Your little leafed settlings
50% worm compost 50%garden soil

As soon as the seedlings develop a leaf, the most promising ones can be moved to a stronger compost mixture in pots or window boxes

1. Make sure your pots or window box have loads of drainage holes in the bottom, if they haven't then drill some more.
2. Put some stones in to cover up the holes and then put in the compost mix.
3. Carefully pick up each seedling (by a leaf, not the stem) and move it to its new home.
4. Leave at least 3 seedlings gap in between each of your seedlings, the more compost space you leave around the seedling, the larger it will grow.
5. Water lightly every other day.

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Angel, 14 October 2014

Earthworms are indeed very much sensitive to light and will wiggle and try to hide if you expose them to any form of light. Healthy worms will wiggle when exposed to light. When an environment is too dry for a worm it will suffer from dehydration. 85% of a worm's body is made up of water and it can lose 70% of that water without dying.