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Sowing Herb Seeds

Growing herbs from seed is much easier than you may think and incredibly cheap too!

What you will need:
1 seed tray
herb seeds- try a selection of oregano, sage, marjoram, rosemary, mint, bay and thyme to start with
3/4 seed tray worth of garden soil
1/4 seed tray worth of worm compost

1. Mix your worm compost thoroughly with the garden soil.
2. Spread onto the seed tray until nearly full.
3. Press down and sprinkle with water.
4. Scatter the herb seeds evenly and thinly over the mixture and cover with a very thin layer of compost.
5. Water again.
6. Place them on a warm sunny windowsill and water them regularly.

You can quicken up the whole germination process by wrapping the tray loosely in a polythene bag.

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Daniel, 22 July 2018

Thank you so much...very educative site im an applied biology graduate and have learned alot from this site.