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Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft

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Omlet’s outdoor pet runs make room for roaming and exploring, with space for you to join the animals inside and get closer. And now, you can extend your connection even further by adding extra width to your run.

  • Heavy duty steel weld mesh
  • Anti-dig skirting
  • Support poles for structural integrity
  • Unique stable-style doors
  • Can now be customized to any dimension

At Omlet, we’re constantly inventing ways to make spending time with your pets even easier and more enjoyable. Our new Walk in Run width expansions not only give your pets the space they crave, but give you the room and peace of mind to truly love being a pet owner.

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Walk-in enclosure
Walk in run with Eglu
5 aylesbury ducklings checking out their temporary accommodation until our 2 welsh harlequins arrive!
Cool chicks
Safe and Sturdy!
My poultry house
My boys new home
Betty, nugget, belle & agnes
Recently purchased the latest roof cover for enclosure 4x3. absolutely brilliant and i was able to reuse of the previous covers to make enclosure flock down/weatherproof

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Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft

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Perfect addition to the Eglu Go Coop
The chickens love the amount of room they have, especially the height as they love to flap up to their perch. It makes it easier for people to go in to move things around or put down more woodchips. It is made well and provides reassurance that the chickens will be safe.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Safe happy hens! Easy to install
Charlotte, North Carolina,
We originally purchased a big box store coop and had to zip tie the entire thing wrapped with chicken wire hundreds of times over and over. I had cuts and blisters. I could kick myself for not getting the Omlet walkin run. I thought saving some $ was the way to go but after comparing the set up on both theres no way I'd get anything other than an Omlet walkin run. There's no lost space. I don't hit my head when I walk out from the middle of the run and the wire mesh is heavy duty!
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft
The reviewer has 4-6 Variety of Hens pets
Walk in run
Martin, Utah,
Does it’s job
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft
Chicken run 12ft-9ft
Sarah, Cheshire,
Very happy with our Omlet run, highly recommended these, easy to put together looks great with the wood chip down and the clear covers are great.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft
The reviewer has 4-6 pets
Best purchase for our chickens
Sattva, Colorado,
This was a spluge but very worth it! My husband and I were able to put this together with the Omlet YouTube video tips in 2 days or about 8 hours. The hardest part was the double clips for attaching the skirt, which took some dexterity that was tough in cold temps - the rest was easy peasy. Our chickens LOVE it and we love knowing that our pets have an added layer of protection from the elements and from predators.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - 12ft x 15ft
The reviewer has 4-6 Silkie chickens pets
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