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Omlet Chicken Perch Trees - Standard Perch

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These perches attach to the vertical pole of your PoleTree or Free Standing Chicken Perch using strong brackets, and can be positioned at any height and orientation to suit your flock. Start with a few lower down on the pole, and move them higher once your chickens have got more confident, or put a few perches at different heights, creating a spiral staircase for your hens to climb up.

The strong eucalyptus wood is naturally weather resistant, and suitable for everything from bantams to large chicken breeds. The perch has a rounded off end with a drilled hole from which you hang a Pendant Peck Toy or Caddi Treat Holder to further accessorize your system.

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Perch Tree Gals
Ajax loving her new Chicken perch!
Long way down!
Chicken Perching Tree is amazing. Easy to assemble, great stable attachments to ground provided. Treat dish is moveable and secure which provides entertainment for the flock. Weathervane moves around and can be played with by the chickens. This perch
Fully loaded Poletree
Perches in walk in run
Our chickens love their Omlet enclosure

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Omlet Chicken Perch Trees - Standard Perch

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Great addition to our Omlet Walk-in Run
Kari, New York,
We wanted to utilize the vertical space of our Omlet Walk In Run before winter, so we ordered the Chicken Pole tree. What a great way to maximize the safe and secure space of the run! We don’t let our girls free range during very overcast days (because they can’t see hawks), and they don’t like to roam in the rain or snow. This tree gives them more space to perch and play, and the added treat dish and treat dispensing toys help prevent boredom. We LOVE this, and our chickens do too (we have full size and bantams).
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch Trees - Standard Perch
The reviewer has 8-10 Black Sumatra, Sebri pets
Good and sturdy
Mart, Wisconsin,
The girls love going from perch to perch
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch Trees - Standard Perch
The reviewer has 8-10 pets
Great design -hens love it
This was very easy to assemble and attach to the pole tree. My chickens got the hang of it really quickly especially after they discovered the treat dish!
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch Trees - Standard Perch
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