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Verified Reviews for Combi Cover for Eglu Cube 6ft

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Great Weather Protection - Donna;,

Protects against rain, wind, & snow. We only had one on each coop when we had the last snowstorm! We promptly ordered more so that both sides of coop are fully protected!

The reviewer has 6-8 Barred Rock pets

The best covers last years - Emma, North East Lincolnshire,

This was well needed as I have a stubborn silkie who insists on camping out every night! Along with the roof covers on my walk in run I have two sides pretty much covered now. Even more expensive tarps don’t match up to eglu covers or look as good, I’ve had some of mine for years now and they don’t loose transparency or fade, they scrub down well good to go.

The reviewer has 8-10 Ameraucanas brahmas pets

Omlet run covers. - Jenny,

Love these covers really tough and super flexible ,they will last for many years and they come with the bungies to secure. Half clear half shaded for sun protection.i think it's great value.thank you Omlet.Jenny Smith.

Good quality run cover - Michelle,

The cover is half and half clear and green waterproof material. Fits 2m run perfectly. If I had 1 criticism, it could do with another hook in the middle to secure it as it can flap in very windy weather - I use 2 bungee ropes instead.

I want this Combi Cover - Melissa, California,

I really want to order this for my Eglu Cube Mk1-2M. It is the perfect length to protect from weather and great materials for both sun and shade. I hope it is available soon so I can get one. Omlet Eglu's rule. Very happy.

Good quality, sturdy cover! - Katie,

Got the combi shade for the cube with 3m run and very happy with it! Keeps my girls dry and shaded during the hot and wet days we've had so far this summer! They are also in a wooded area so keeps their run area clean too from leaves etc (they have daily access to roam in the wood though too!). Happy girls!

- Anne,

This combi cover is perfect for protecting the girls from rain, sidewinds and come the summer it will provide shade as needed,

Needs proper securing in the middle - Caroline,

Images deceptive the middle bungee actually goes over the ends if you want the shade as shown. This means it's not secured at the side mid-points and therefore blew off on the first night. Need fiddly securing, but won't cope with significant winds. Shame- great heavy duty product, but fastening inadequate.

Omlet Says: Thanks for your feedback. We will look into adding additional bungee fixings in the middle.

Perfect combination cover. - Rhys,

We bought this as the chucks aren't the most intelligent of birds and would end up soaking wet in the rain. Not on;y does it provide good cover for the Cube's 2 metre run, but it also provides shade in the summer (what we had of it..) and shelter in the rain. On the odd occasion it becomes too hot and the clear part acts as a greenhouse, it can be folded back and fastened to just provide shade. Though, as mentioned in other reviews, it would greatly benefit from an extra fastening chords in the middle as it flaps a bit in the wind.

Good product - Amanda,

I have only given this four stars as I think it needs another eyelet for a bungee strap in the middle. I have had to put a large stap from one side over the top to the other as the middle flaps in the Cornish wind. Other than that it is a super quality product as I have plenty of weather here on the North Cornwall Coast and it does the job well.

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