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No spillage - Fiona,

Hooks easily on to the grid of the walk in cage. Our young bluebells have an awful habit of kicking over any container in the run, leading to a lot of spillage. This has solved the problem completely, plus the feed remains dry. They didn't take any time at all to get used to it. Another well designed Omlet product!
Review for: Eglu Cube Feeder - Purple

The reviewer has 2-4 Bluebells pets

Keeps feed dry - Fiona,

Excellent product, hooks easily on to the walk in cage. Overhanging lip keeps the feed dry. Chooks took about 15 seconds to work out what it was for....!
Review for: Eglu Cube Feeder - Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Bluebells pets

I love this feeder for my hens, but… - Linda, Ohio,

My rooster can’t get his giant head in so I’m getting him the waterer to use for food. Love the waterers for the water for the whole flock and have several, except for winter. Wish Omelet would come up with an electric model of the same style.
Review for: Eglu Cube Feeder - Green

The reviewer has 8-10 Chickens pets

Great for free ranging hens! - Deborah, Georgia,

I purchased this for my adult hens, so they could still have access to their feed outside of the run. I think they prefer their food and water on the stand over it being in the run, honestly. Easy to use and move around as needed.
Review for: Feeder Drinker Stand - Eglu Classic & Eglu Cube

The reviewer has 2-4 Black Australorps pets

Great for distinguishing the chicks feed from the adults - Deborah, Georgia,

I love this color, but it really helps to differentiate the different feeds that I am currently feeding my flock. I have two adult Black Australorps and four 9-week-old chicks, so different feeds are necessary. This feeder is solid, keeps the feed dry (despite summer thunderstorms with high winds), and is perfect for accessing feed.
Review for: Eglu Cube Feeder - Purple

The reviewer has 4-6 Cream Legbars and Bu pets

Extra waterer is critical! - Kelley, New York,

I think it's critical to have at least 2 waterers for chickens, especially come winter time you can rotate out frozen water. The 3 steps to chicken care is always having fresh water, food and a clean coop.
Review for: Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

The reviewer has 4-6 Easter egger and gol pets

Good for Ducks - Martin, Utah,

I have chickens and ducks and find these are a great way to give my ducks food and fresh water without the ability of them climbing in, easy to clean and change the water since ducks do make it very messy. You do need to make sure if using it for food, it’s kept out of the rain, I tried the feeders but it was tight as ducks grew bigger so switched to these. All of the ducks are able to dunk their heads and clear out nostrils, but I do wish these were slightly deeper, or can we convince Omlet to maybe even develop specific feeders and water troughs specifically for ducks.
Review for: Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Great for hens, not Roosters - Stephanie,

My girls eat out of it fine, but the roosters combs are too big and he can’t put his head in to eat. Unfortunately, the blue jays and other wild birds are inclined to jump in and scarf what they want. It keeps the food dry. I bought another type of feeder which seems favored so I rotate the food out of this feeder every few days to keep food fresh.
Review for: Feeder for Eglu Go - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 4-6 Rhode Island Reds an pets

Additional water feeder - Sarah,

I bought this as I kept finding the single water feeder empty every time I visited the chickens last summer, so thought an extra one would be useful... can't have the girls going thirsty!!
Review for: Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

The reviewer has 4-6 Assorted breeds pets

Absolutely Perfect! - Avemomma,

We received a feeder with our initial coop purchase. I purchased more feeders, as they are PERFECT for also putting out separate free choice feeders for eggshell and grit. These feeders also work VERY well with our ducks (who are in with our chickens) NOT getting the feed all wet. These feeders are PERFECT!!
Review for: Eglu Cube Feeder - Green

The reviewer has 10+ Variety of chickens pets

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