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My poultry house
Fantastic space, well sheltered with the covers too
Spoilt girls
My boys new home
Autumn atmosphere, it's nice and cozy in our aviary
So pleased with our walk-in run!
The Habitat
Betty, nugget, belle & agnes
Recently purchased the latest roof cover for enclosure 4x3. absolutely brilliant and i was able to reuse of the previous covers to make enclosure flock down/weatherproof
Cluckingham palace
Eglu Cube, walk-in run and perch
Outdoor enclosure
Omlet chicken run and coop
Our cottage would not be the same without our wonderful chicken paradise!
The run of our 4 silkies
Walk-in catwalk 3x2x2
Hamilton and hens
Fabulous Omlet run
Chicken run
Making an ideal nursery with easy access
Still a work in progress
Our chickens
Chickens pecking outside of their walk in run.
A beautiful set
Best purchase we ever made!
Happy Hens
Pool rod ingenious ...
We like how the coop fits inside for more protection from mr fox
New enclosure with extension
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