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Good - Alice,

A must have! But not as strong as I was hoping for! Would be better if there was a hoop with it for strength. Also not as easy to move as I was hoping for. Worried it might bend!

Fabulous! - Alice,

Absolutely brilliant!!! Love it and so do the hens!!

coop wheel set - Zoe,

very handy to move the coop around the garden. I keep the chickens in the coop and move it about once a week.

eglu go up - Zoe,

it's terrific, love the raised coop. Easy clean up.

Summary of what? - Christine,

We are thrilled with the Eglu, it's practical, easy to use and clean. We have just purchased 25m of Omlet fencing, as we would have been unhappy not to have given them more space, and we have a large garden with insecure boundaries and a lot of hiding places, so it was tricky to let them roam freely. We are very pleased indeed with the combination, and the hens love it!

Eglu Go Up - Reynolds,

We love it! Brilliant design, easy to maintain, looks great - have already recommended it to several friends.

Outstanding! - Jane,

the 2M Run for my Eglu Go Up is just what my chooks needed... it is more than big enough for 2-4 chickens to scrat about safely in; just brilliant.

Just marvelous! - Jane,

the quality and build of the Eglu Go Up with frame and ladder is Eggseptional!! well worth the expense - I am thoroughly delighted. :)

Comfy and safe home for hens - Claire,

Fiddly to put up, but worth it, providing secure home for hens, safe from badgers and foxes. Not so easy to move with the wheels though.

Brilliant idea. Makes cleaning so much easier. - Nicola,

The Eglu up frame and ladder is incredibly helpful. Saves time and energy on cleaning what is already an easy coop to keep clean. My little pekin bantams are quite happy to hop up into their house.

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