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Absolutely delighted - Enid,

I love this coop! It arrived when expected and my husband and I put it together over three days. All the bits and pieces were there and the instructions were clear. It looks awesome and I can't wait to see my chickens in it soon.

Eglu go up - Alicia,

So far so good awaiting arrival of chickens. Parcel with coop arrived safe with all the bits. More difficult and time consuming to assemble than envisaged feel the run attached could be made simpler... too many bits. Looks good in the garden

A huge improvement over the standard Go - Hippo,

I had the Go for around 3 years before buying the necessary kit to upgrade to a Go Up. I'm very glad that I did. Part of me thinks only this should be sold. It is a whole lot easier. Be aware, your existing run will be useless with the Go Up, but there'll be a buyer on eBay. Ours went for around £50 believe it or not (a 3 year old 2m run). The Go Up makes life a lot easier and the chickens (4) took to it in hardly any time at all. From having never ascended or descended steps like these ever before, they became naturals in just a few days - first few days they were unsteady and jumping down instead of walking down. The Go Up is all about ease for you, though, the Human here. The Go Up on its own is not really that beneficial, it's the wheel set that makes the world of difference. Moving home is now so much easier. Improvements for the Go Up? I wish we could keep the front door half open, held in position by a pin or something, I do this with plastic pegs. I wish the stable door was much less flimsy than the door on the old run. I've currently clipped them together as that works better for me. The feet pedals for putting it onto its wheels - ingenious and silly design at the same time. Ingenious way of doing it but silly 'cos it is really often difficult to move them with your foot - could be made just a bit bigger, maybe, so that becomes easier for us. The only thing I would ever contemplate getting in place of this is the Cube. It deserves 5 stars, even though improvements could be made.

A lovely, well designed product - Janice,

Our hens are very happy in their new home and we are very pleased with the quality of design and manufacture. 833

Good robust cage, very easy to clean and move around. - Becky,

Really pleased with the eglu go up. So much easier to move around and keep clean compared to our wooden coup. It was quite easy but time consuming to put together (about an hour and a half). I think the cage could be more robust by having fewer panels and therefore less joins and having a tubular bar, like that of the frame for the coup, around the base to make it stronger particularly when moving it. We haven't been able to put the skirt on the bottom because it makes the coup too wide to get into bits of our garden but I expect putting this on would make it more robust. The join under the door is particularly flimsy, having said that I like the double door it makes access really easy. it would be good to have a door at the back of the coup too. I like the idea of hanging the food and water containers on the side of the cage but because of the shape and depth my bantams have trouble reaching into the food container but the water trough works ok for them. The other thing that would improve the cage is to have a thicker bar to span the cage to hang food from, I put a cane through from one side to the other to hang cabbages and other treats but it would be good to have something made for the purpose. On the whole I think it is worth the extra money because of the ease of cleaning but a few modifications could make it perfect.

Great product - , UK,

It looks good and does the job. There were fox paw prints on the back after just a week but the hens stayed safe. House is easy to clean and the wheels make it easy to move single handed even with an extension. The run is small, even with the extension, so 3 is the maximum unless you will be free ranging them every day. Thought they might struggle with the ladder but they worked it out straight away.

Much needed extra space - , UK,

Easy to fit and I can still move my run single handed. Totally fox proof so far (there are even paw prints on the back of the house). Basic run is far to small for my three, this is more of an essential than an extra.

Brilliant - Steel,

A quality product. very easy to keep clean.

Good not great - ,

I really love my new eglu go up and the run extension certainly provides more room for the girls but I have to agree with other reviews that the run now sags at the sides. I have had to use some small bunjee cords to help pull them outwards.

Wish we could give it five stars. - Sally,

Once assembled, the Eglu Go Up Coop, run and wheels is excellent. However! Faced with a plethora of pieces of green wire, coloured plastics and numerous collecting pieces, we found great difficulty, even with the three booklets of instructions, to get the Eglu assembled. Surely it would be possible to offer larger side pieces, rather than the smallish pieces, to colour code at times, and to simplify the instructions. I did ring for assistance, only to be told we were "outside the area"! A great help!! Now, we feel it was worth the struggle as the hens are very happy and it is comparativley easy to move.

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