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- Sally,

This is my second Eglu so that I can give four more ex-battery hens a happy retirement ! It's an excellent house for them - easy to assemble and clean and keeps them dry and warm.

Chickens safe and happy - Christa,

We got the Eglu "Go up" with the run about a year ago. The "predator resistant" feature was a particular attraction for me and has lived up to the advertising. The cage has been great and we haven't lost any to foxes, cats or chicken hawks since they started using the new run. The chooks are now conveniently located near the vegetable garden to take care of grubs as I find them. I also like the nice clean egg collecting tray.

So easy to keep clean - Allison,

Really easy to keep clean. I'm confident red mite won't be a problem again. Looks good in the garden. Perhaps nest tray is a bit shallow. Had a few eggs roll out onto bars and fall out and break.

Great! - Joanne,

looks good and easy to put together.

Smart, sturdy, coop. - Patrick,

We bought the coop with an additional 1 metre extension. On the whole assembly was easy except for the fact that we didn’t assemble the cage gates correctly but even this was our fault. If you do purchase the extension read all the instructions and build it as one. My only niggle is that the instructions are too comprehensive and we ended up with 4 sets of differing content. The best advice which we didn’t follow completely is to watch the video on YouTube. Overall it must be good as our chickens transferred from an enclosed A-frame wooden Ark/coop far more willingly than we expected.

Good product, easy to follow directions. - Tracie,

Wonderful product with easy to follow directions. The clips for the wire are tough to install but once installed they are secure and strong. We look forward to adding our flock to their new home.

Even happier chickens, - Judith,

Bought this as unfortunately can’t let my girls out to run freely unless I’m in the garden to supervise. Makes a big difference to the area they have to run around in and quite simple to put together

Happy Chickens - Judith,

Very happy. Much sturdier than I thought it would be and very easy to clean. Highly recommend

! metre extension - David,

Fab. The girls love it. Especially the new swing!


As first time chicken owners I wouldn't want to keep them any other way, the coop makes cleaning ridiculously easy by its easy access at the rear & ability to pull out the nest & dropping tray & quickly rinse with the hose. Also the ability to move all over the garden is a godsend as they do make quite a mess if kept in the run for any length of time. we will be purchasing the run extension for the odd days we cant let them out. the novelty of collecting those freshly laid eggs will never cease to amaze us. wonderful product thank you.

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