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Love it - Emily,

Really love this chicken coop. Perfect for first time chicken mums and dads - so easy to clean and great for a small garden. My two rescue chickens cuddle up inside at night and seem very happy in it.

Eglu Go Up - Edwina,

Absolutely great product. I now have 3! So easy to construct, great for cleaning and hens love them. Very Practical and highly recommend.

brilliant - Joan,

Our girls love their new home (4) plenty of room . Easy to put together and easy to clean wish we had bought one before .

Perfect for my two small chickens - Stephanie, California,

Several features that I love: - It's plastic so it's easy to clean and it doesn't rot. - Chickens which are known to make a mess with their food actually can't with omlet design! - Food and water bowls are large enough that i don't have to refill very often (esp if you have small birds and let them free range from time to time) - Lots of shade for the birds so they don't overheat in the summer - I loved the egg boxes that omlet gave us. I felt that was the perfect size to gift our neighbors who may occasionally hear some noise from our girls when they get excited :) Overall, great purchase. I wish there were a physical store near me in California so I could visit.

Love my eglu - Lisa,

I bought the eglu after my wooden hutch we kept getting red mite, was treating the hutch almost every week plus dusting the girls. Now so much better with the eglu as the tray is easy to slide out and clean so no red mites can attach themselves and fingers crossed we have no red mite so far.

great extension - Theresa,

We built our coop with te extension fist because we wanted to give our new chickies the room to move freely. I think it gives them as much inside room whilst still giving the full protection from the outside predators. Where we live, a hawk (and has) come to swoop in even while we are outside in the yard.

Good start - Chris,

My Eglu took 2 of us about 3 hours to put up. Would have been quicker if we were doing it again the next day. Much of it could be done by one person. The coop and run are on level concrete, with bedding to scratch in. Collected 3 POL Warrens yesterday. Not sure about the feeder. Started with it low down, they ate lots. Then read the instructions! To be placed at hen's head height, which is higher when they stand up straight so not clear. Have placed it higher and they don't seem to be aware of the feed, am monitoring.

Love my eglu coop - Frank,

Awesome coop. Spacious enough for 4 hens and a rooster. Cool food bowls. Very sturdy Love it

Eglu Go Up - Anne, Merseyside,

Great coop. Chickens are very happy and super easy to maintain. I under estimated the time it would take to put together so would advise giving yourself plenty of time and minimum of 2 but better with 3 people.

I won this coop - Christine,

I won this coop from coop dreams. It's a beautiful coop with great design. Many of My girls love laying their eggs inside the coop. I love the egg cartons it comes with. Thank you again coop dreams and thank you omlet for this great product.

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