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Great backyard coop - Naomi ,

Fantastic for 2 large chickens. Easy to clean and the wheels make it great to just keep moving around the yard. Chickens are very happy and comfortable. Customer service is also fantastic.

Omlet Says: Happy to help :)

Easier way to move my Eglu - Prior ,

Putting my hens on wheels meant I also had to convert my Go to being an Up, and I also decided to get the run extension for the full benefit. All of this was a major investment. Putting my Eglu Go Up on wheels has made moving my hens much easier once I worked out how to use it all, and has saved straining my back. Even with the run extension it is easily manageable. My one criticism is that the foot pedals would be more useable if they were a few centimetres longer as my feet slip off the end too easily due to the short length. As it is I often have to use my hands rather than my feet when I unhook the pedals (be careful not to trap your fingers!). Also the plastic end caps do slip off gradually which can damage them, be sure to check and push them back on or else they will wear out (are replacements available from Omlet?). Nevertheless I am glad I invested in the wheels. As for using the ladder, the hens worked it out within a day (clever girls).

Couldn't be happier - Sue ,

I first saw the Omlet range of chicken coops years ago in the UK and was so excited when they became available in Australia this year. It's a fabulous product - in the past we'd had a galvanised iron chicken coop that was difficult to clean and not well designed. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the Eglu and it makes keeping chickens a lot easier and more accessible for suburban poultry fans. I have the Eglu Go with the optional Up attachment, and I have the whole lot surrounded by the chicken fence with the gate option. It easily accommodates 5 bantam chickens (Lotus, Luis, Fluffy, Captain & Tenille) and they worked out how to navigate the ladder without much drama (although Lotus needed a bit of a push from Luis to take the first step). It's easy for the kids to open the back and check for eggs, and to top up the feeders. It's a great product and all of the additional options provide you with lots of flexibility to design a chicken run that suits your garden.

Really love it - Carolyn ,

I really love it - I wanted to give it 4.5 stars instead of 4! It seems to keep the chooks insulated and warm in winter and cool in the summer. It is easy to clean, the wheels work well for moving it around. We got it in March with a heavy duty cover and the cover still looks brand new and does a good job of keeping the sun off the girls.

Working Well - Anthony ,

We bought this for my mother in law. It is a good system for small yards, lightweight and easy to move around. It is easy to clean which makes life easy, and my Mother in law doesn't have to bend down to collect the eggs. The only thing I'd say is that it was a bit fiddly to put together, with all the clips, but once it was done the Mother in law and chooks loved it.

Fabulous - Angela ,

We have 3 chickens and there was some suspicion when we got the Eglu that they wouldn't make it up the stairs, but they do fine. It is easy to keep clean and roomy enough for them all. They love it and we love them!

- Gail ,

The girls - Hannah, Hester, Gabrielle and Gammay love their new home. Very cosy for 4 of them Had a little trouble with the ladder but a large block beside it made it easier for the girls to get in and out. I think the idea of a plank is great and will see about putting one in for my girls. The Eglu go up is great. Easy to maneuver and even easier to clean. Would recommend this style of chicken coop to anyone wishing to house their chickens in comfort and safety. Thank you for such a great home - From the Girls Hannah, Hester, Gabrielle and Gammay.

Omlet Says: Thanks girls, great to hear that you are loving your new home :)

Eglu Go up - Reynolds ,

Absolutely thrilled with our purchase. Neighbours recommended it to us and we love it, as do our chickens! Easy to use and clean and looks great in the garden.

First time chicken keeper - Andrew ,

After some research decided to opt for the egglu up. Initially bought 2m run but quickly decided to add an extra metre. I was worried about putting it together but if you take it slowly and take time to read the instructions, it only took myself a couple of hours to build. When the wheels are down very easy to move around the garden and sturdy. Cleaning is easy I have friends with wooden coops and it takes them a lot longer. I pull trays out empty contents in a bin and hose. Down once a week. Omlet were helpful with advice and delivery was quick. Yes it does seem expensive but I feel you pay for what you get. The egglu looks good in the garden and is simple to use. Our three chickens are very happy.

Enjoying using the eglu - Ailsa ,

Have my Eglu Go Up, up and running. I am very pleased with my purchase and my 2 chicken are happy in their new home. It has been cold and windy here in Adelaide, but the chickens are now secure and warm. They didn't take long to learn how to use the ladder either! The whole thing has been a time saver as well and as I'm getting older, need things simpler and easy care.

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