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I won this coop - Christine,

I won this coop from coop dreams. It's a beautiful coop with great design. Many of My girls love laying their eggs inside the coop. I love the egg cartons it comes with. Thank you again coop dreams and thank you omlet for this great product.

Go Up 1m Run Extension - Chris,

When we got our basic Go Up we realised that the area of run would only be about 2 sq.m. and a run extension would give the hens 50% more space. The extension kit was an obvious choice, despite the fact that we could have made something cheaply from chicken wire. The Go Up Run Extension is not cheap, but it is a good quality item and fits perfectly to the basic Go Up run. We had no trouble fitting it, and I would absolutely recommend it without reservation. We found that the sides could flex a little more than we wanted, so we cut a length of wood to fit, cut notches at each end, and fitted it as a perch in the mid point of the run. This really braces the whole thing, and the girls spend a lot of time up on the perch, watching the world go by. We have no criticism about the extension, and it is well worth the investment. Our only difficulty is getting inside to clean the run, but we will train our children to do this chore....... !

Perfect - Koula,

I decided to purchase a Eglu go up to try and combat the red mite problem. I’ve had the coop for my 4 chickens now about a week and I love it. It’s so easy to clean and makes my life so much easier. No more major clean out days. It takes minutes. I wish I’d got one years ago instead of the wooden coops that I’ve had to replace a few times. My one concern was that the chickens wouldn’t take to it as they’ve all been used to wooden coops but I needn’t have worried. After dark I took them out of the old coop and transferred them to the Eglu. They’ve been using it ever since. Would definitely recommend it. Well worth the money.

Happy chickens - Tamsin,

We just got a new batch of 4 chickens and we needed a new coop, so decided to go for an Eglu. It is well made and the chickens seem very happy. Cleaning is easy as the plastic washes very well. After 48 hours of being unsure about the ladder up, they seem to have mastered it and it is good to have them raised as we do get the inevitable rats and I feel happier with the coop raised off the floor. As they are already in a run we did not need the attached run. The feeders have been great - they fit plenty of feed in them and again, once the hens worked them out, they've been fine. We expect his to last us a good few years.

Happy girls in their new home - Maddy,

We already have an Eglu go up for our other chickens and brought this one for our old girls (we had a cube which is now too big as we are down to 2 girls), it took myself and my partner 1.5 hours to put it together and make it ready for the oldies, they are very happy and snuggle down together every night...We won't go back to buying anything else as it was easy to out together and it's easy to keep clean. Not cheap but worth it. Only thing left to get it the all weather thermal jacket.

Great coop with only - Laura,

I recently purchased this coop with the run extension for my two Belgian D'uccle hens, after buying the Eglu Cube for my ISA Brown hens. This coop is perfect in NEARLY every way, whereas the Cube absolutely perfect. It's the perfect size for bantam chickens, giving them enough space to forage, nest and perch while protecting them from predators and weather conditions. It's a breeze to clean, move, and doesn't require any maintenance (unlike our old wooden coops). However, the only faults I can find with the Go Up is that it was a bit more difficult to assemble, in particular when you attach the run to the coop. It also was missing some pieces required for assembly (which Omlet did quickly send out). Finally, the ladder to access the coop did not reach the ground, and was generally too difficult for my bantams to negotiate. Overall, the Go Up is a great buy, but I prefer the Cube as it didn't have few faults that I mentioned.

Chickens love it and I love it - Adeline,

I did find it reasonably difficult to put the coop together. Not everything lined up, but after some sweat, perseverance and a few blue words it was done. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, watertight etc. I rescued 3 battery hens and they are happily laying. I had an issue with a cracked feeder lid which Omlet replaced free of charge with no squabble. Highly recommended x

The coop! Love it! - Amy,

I do love it! It works out great in our heated garage. Fits nicely in the corner with half the run taken off. I worry how well the material will hold up against our weather up here in Michigan. We shall see. We like it so far.

- Sally,

This is my second Eglu so that I can give four more ex-battery hens a happy retirement ! It's an excellent house for them - easy to assemble and clean and keeps them dry and warm.

Chickens safe and happy - Christa,

We got the Eglu "Go up" with the run about a year ago. The "predator resistant" feature was a particular attraction for me and has lived up to the advertising. The cage has been great and we haven't lost any to foxes, cats or chicken hawks since they started using the new run. The chooks are now conveniently located near the vegetable garden to take care of grubs as I find them. I also like the nice clean egg collecting tray.

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