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Thanks - Christine,

Very pleased with product , unfortunately no chickens yet due to bird flu but we are hoping to purchase at the end of February ,warrens and novo browns . I will send photos when available . Thank you

Go up frame and ladder - Sally,

Easy to make and bantams were straight up ladder at dusk! Only problem I had was tightening up wing nuts. I still need to tighten them properly.

Love my purchase - Betty,

We found it so hard to put the run together the clips were so hard to use. We used plastic ties they were easy to just pull together. I find it so easy to clean, no mites yet but it's winter the test will be in the summer.

Now very happy with it - Sharon,

I received all the boxes and on opening it all I found a feeding bowl lid broken, so I phoned and let the customer service people know. After sending a photo the lovely lady sent me a knew one. I then realised I hadn't been sent the egg boxes, so again let them know and customer service sent me some straight away. We are now all set up and our chickens are so happy. So easy to clean out which is why I chose this product in the first place. It was great to see customer service still exists.

Great!! - Jane,

I love the Omlet hen house and so do my two hens!! We managed to put it together reasonably easily - found the wheel assembly the most tricky bit. Love that it is easy to clean. Because we need to keep food out of view of marauding jackdaws and didn't go for the covered version it would be good to have a feeder that could be fixed inside.

over all very satisfied with product. - James,

easy to assemble, Product looks good.

Not convinced yet - Hazel, Nottinghamshire,

When I unpacked the house of my Eglu the feeder was broken and I had the wrong number of screws. I called and these were re-sent promptly. I unpacked the wheels and frame on the weekend and there was a small plastic stopper for the wheels missing. Three things wrong in my order was disappointing, considering the price of the product I expected everything to be present. I was surprised how long it took to put together, the run especially seemed a bit of an unnecessarily lengthy process to clip it all together, surely there is a simpler way to make it? I bought it because my wooden one is falling apart. So far the chicks seem happy enough but I'm yet to be convinced that it's worth the extra money compared to my old wooden one. If it's still working well in 5 years I'll write a more positive review! On the plus side think it will be easy to clean, and to move with the wheels.

- Angela,

Not that easy to move about.

Omlet Says: Thank you for the four star review! I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties moving your Eglu Go Up easily. It might help to lift it up on the wheels and walk around to grab the run and pull it, instead of pushing the Coop itself. It certainly is a little bit more difficult to move on uneven or muddy ground. Please contact us, should you need any further advice or help.

Well worth the expense - Sarah,

I initially thought £50 for a pair of wheels was too expensive when purchasing my Eglu Go Up. I have 4 teenage boys to help me move the coop so I thought I would save the money. However the skirt on the run makes the coop quite tricky to move, and it's all rather heavy even with all 4 boys helping, so after a few months I purchased the wheels. BEST DECISION EVER! Moving the coop is a doddle now, and I love being able to give my girls a fresh patch of grass every few weeks without having to round up any helpers - the wheels really do make moving the coop easy for one person to manage alone. Well worth the cost!

Very pleased happy chickens - James,

I bought this eglu go up with the run extension as a birthday present for my wife. The quality is very good and the chickens took to it straight away. I wish I had bought one in the first place as we have spent a lot over the years on wooden ones that always leak and need maintenance. It took a lot longer to put together than I thought it would. I recommend people not very good at diy to spend a bit extra to get it delivered from Omlet and built by them, but it's very warm and dry and draught proof.

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