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A good, well thought out product, which is easy to move and gain access to - Denys,

One improvement which could be incorporated is a triangular piece of plastic moulding easily attached to the coop floor to contain the shavings/straw within the egg laying area. Also it might contain a superficial bubble which could be used initially to stop the hens sitting on the nest box overnight. Then removed once they have learnt to roost on the roosting area. Denys Ryder

Happy chickens, happy family - Tracey,

We love our Go Up. I am soooo impressed with the ease of cleaning - I hardly even consider it a chore! We have a very small backyard and this fits in perfectly and the girls have loved it from day one. The one part I'm not so keen on is the feeding container - it's hard to take the lid off and it's depth means it can hold ALOT of pellets but it's a struggle for the girls to get to it once it's below half way.

Omlet Says: Great to hear that you are impressed with the Go UP :) Re the feeder you can just pour the pellets in without removing the lid if that is easier. Re the girls not reaching them, that is unusual, are they fully grown, as I know that chicks have issues as their legs/necks etc are not tall/long enough until they are fully grown.

Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop with 2M Run on wheels is loved by chickens and owners. - Anne,

I'm a first time chook owner that purchased the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop with 2M Run on wheels. It took a while to set up but was easy to do as the instructions are very clear. I have 3 Bantam Leghorns and they love their safe cosy home. Run is very easy to move and our grass is thick and spongy. The Eglu is so easy to access and clean. I also purchased the Chicken swing and the 21m fencing. The Omlet products are some of the best, well thought out designs I have seen in ages. Thanks so much Omlet!

Beautiful little chicken run - Tricia,

We have put our Eglu Go Up chicken run together. It is so cute. We don't have the chickens yet but we are preparing for this. Everyone is very impressed with the Eglu Go Up and several are interested in getting one for themselves. I'm sure our chickens will be very happy when we get them. We are looking forward to fresh eggs.

- Graham,

chooks are happy , easy to move , they are secure at night, alls well. fun to put together all well in the end.

Nice Improvements - David,

I purchased an Eglu "classic" 6 years ago and have been very happy with it. I purchased the Go Up Coop with the wheel set for the portability feature. It is very easy to move around. I also like that corners for the skirts on the chicken run are more sturdy. It is also much easier to collect eggs and clean the coop.

Coop Frame and Ladder - Susan,

Frame and ladder are both sturdy. Allow some time in putting the frame together....I was super glad my husband assembled!

2M Run - Susan,

Took some time and patience to assemble. Works great with 3 chickens. Good purchase!

Practical - Hilary,

Having worked out how to construct it this is a super piece of equipment. The fact that it is so easy to move & clean with a hose make it infinitely more practical than any chicken keeping houses or runs we've had in the past ! It is therefore easy to keep it looking attractive & not the standard hen house mess!

Lovely design easy to clean but. .. - Lorraine,

Really delighted with my eglu go up. Lovely design, easy to clean, cosy dry and warm for my chucks but... the cover for the feeder is IMPOSSIBLE to click in place and to remove. Friends have tried too but it's justy nor doable. Other than that. Delighted!

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