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Nearly perfect but... - Melinda,

I love my omlet coop and run, my chickens are very happy in it but there are a couple of things that would make it perfect that haven't been mentioned in other reviews. The first is the drinking trough, which my hens used as a perch, so needed to be cleaned several times a day. I gave up and bought a covered drinker. The second is the nest area which gets used as a short-cut and general indoor scratching area. All the bedding gets scratched out of the nest and down between the roosting bars, so eggs are being laid on bare plastic. If the edges to the nest were more defined and higher than the bars this wouldn't happen as much. Having said that, if you're considering getting one of these, it's definitely worthwhile. Easy to clean out and my 3 girls are happy in it with the occasional chance to free-range and stretch their wings. The raised coop gives them a sheltered area and enough height to add a perch or toys. I opted to go without wheels and it's still easy to move anout with a second person.

Loving the eglu although a couple of minor things I'd change... - Pollyanna,

This is my second eglu and I'm a big fan of how easy they are to clean, safe from foxes, hygienic and quirky. I love the colour of this one and I love that I can open it up and clean it without scrabbling around on the ground. On the downside the 2 metre run that it comes with really isn't enough for more than 2 hens, the feeders are only any good for two hens - so I'm in need of spending more money already on a second feed station and another metre of run.... The ladder is quite upright and whilst I'm sure they'll get used to it eventually my hens have fallen off a few times and I've fixed some wood to the underneath of it to give more grip! Generally speaking I'm happy with it but not so happy that I will have to spend more - this hen house is more suited to two hens unless you buy the extras.

Eglu Go Up Review - Nick, New South Wales,

Just as a note - I live in Sydney (Australia) which is temperate and I have waited about 8 months to write a review as I don't believe in rapid judgments. I am happy with the way it works. I had a wooden hutch before and it started to deteriorate quite rapidly. I move it around the grass area I have every 2-3 weeks to stop the chickens (I have 4) totally scratching out the area around the feeder bin. Cleaning is much easier but refilling the internal feeder bin is a bit of a pain to get it out and then fit it back in. That includes the water bin as well. I would suggest to open up the size of the squares in the mesh just to make it a bit easier. I moved the feeder and water bins to the outside of the coop to make it easier and reduce the amount of scratching for the spillage. They can't scratch through the outer skirt ;-). Apart from that a good decision. As I side comment I also bought the fencing and it works really well, however I would like to be able to buy just the mesh without the posts as it does degrade and tear. It will also give me more flexibility in moving lines of demarcation as I mow the lawn and limit their depredations. Cheers

Go up frame - Daniel,

Easy to put together converted my go to a more manageable height for cleaning out and collecting eggs

2m run for eglu go up - Mary,

The instructions are easy to follow, so long as they are studied well first. It took us a lot longer to put up than the instruction suggested as our garden is not totally flat as the advert gardens are. I did find the clips fiddly to close at times though. But we love it. Makes putting the hens to bed, and getting the eggs so much easier than our other set up. We had a Go Up in a 6'x10' run ,so it was a tight fit. The set up we have now is great and I would recommend this but with the additional pet run

Good but not like the Eglu classic - Emma,

For many years I used the Eglu classic. This time around, I chose to try the Eglu up go as the idea of the hen house been higher off the ground appealed very much. After finally getting around to building this weekend, I have to say, that the quality of the classic does not appear to be there. It's seems very bitty in comparison. However I do love the purple colour and the fact that the hen house is in the air. If only the Eglu classic was in the air, now that would be fantastic. Good product could just feel a bit more expensive for the cost. Currently feels very cheap considering the actual cost.

Good product! - Mike,

Only drawback we've come across is that the girls sometimes sleep in the nest - this can lead to early-morning eggs getting dirty. The little side door is a great addition|!

Well worth the effort - Maureen,

Arrived promptly albeit missing the ladder! which was very quickly sent when I phoned Omlet (Very helpful lady at customer services) Found some difficulty inserting clips around the skirt due to the proximity to the ground, but once overcome it was quickly finished and a very pleasing outcome both practically and visually. Two very happy hens have taken residence and LOVE their new home.

Very happy - Angela,

We bought our Go Up recently to replace our wooden A-frame coop. We are so happy with it. My father assembled it and the run, and it took him a few hours - glad it wasn't me! It looks fabulous, and our three chickens are happy in it. It is weatherproof, predator-proof, and so easy to clean. In our tropical Brisbane weather, we no longer have to worry about the wooden coop swelling and warping (we used to have to cover our wooden coop with plastic to cope with the torrential downpours), or about mites and lice hiding in cracks in wood. The coop is easy to move too.

Happy chickens - Julie,

I purchased the Eglu GoUp for my first ever chickens. I must admit I struggled at first putting it together but eventually got the hang of it. It fits perfectly into my garden. The chickens seem very happy and contented. Just waiting for my first eggs .

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