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Great Coop! Really pleased with purchase. - Elaine,

The coop was fairly easy to build, I was concerned about the ladder as it is quite steep, purchased for ex battery hens and I thought they may not manage it. I have had them 4 days tonight and they have all gone to bed on their own and I have had a couple of eggs laid in the nest. I also have Omlet fencing which I am really pleased with, it gives the girls a large space to roam.

A sturdy , maintenance free Hen House - Joanne,

A really great invention from the traditional Hen House to a more easy maintained product which allows hens , comfort , warmth and pest free. Love the idea of moving the house around to enable fresh "scratting" ground , which my Hen loves. She's been singing so much I know she's very happy ! And for a hen of 7 years old , she knows what she likes !!

Moslly fine - John,

1 Whilst the hens are happy, the roosting arrangement means that they sleep on their own droppings - some sort of perch would be a great improvement. 2. The droppings tray and grid are not easy to clean.

Great product - Rachel,

Easy to use and clean a little more difficult to put together than I imagined. Ladders are no good as chickens are not able to use them still after a month also came welded on a slant.

- Maggie,

Very easy to clean. Only concern is that the nesting area is very shallow compared to the nesting boxes in our previous (more traditional) coop.

Excellent addition - Roy, Dorset,

I purchased this addition to raise my Iglu Go off the floor and prevent rats from nesting under the coup It was very easy to assemble and to my amazement the girls went straight up the ladder in the evening with no encouragement. It also make cleaning and collecting the eggs so much easier - if you haven't got this then I strongly suggest you get one... oh yes, and I've made a dust bath for the girls underneath the now raised coup which they love!

Absolutely fabulous! - Janette, Colorado,

I've been wanting hens for years, however didn't want a stationary, wooden coop requiring extensive fencing reinforcements for my space available to allow "free ranging". I am so happy with the Eglu! The girls are secure inside the run fencing with skirt. The coop clean up is easy and very sanitary. My neighbor is enjoying the poop I scoop from the coop for her vegetable garden! I love the coop construction with the back door access to slide out the trays, easy open front​ door, and "Dutch door" to the run. I have a large fenced backyard and would love to let the girls wander about, but our many mountain predators are known to stalk and kill. Because the entire Eglu set up is on wheels and portable, I can move everything every few days to a new, fresh and exciting location knowing my girls are protected. This product is truly the answer to all my concerns about having hens.

Good Investment. - Harriet, Powys ,

I've had the Eglu Go up for a couple of months now, housing 3 white Sussex and a Dutch Bantam. Plenty of room in the coop, adequate in the run. I started letting them free range after 2 weeks and they are much happier wandering around at will. The coop had to be moved every 4 days as they damaged the lawn so quickly during their initial confinement. Assembly was a bit of a trial. Luckily I had help from family who had already bought 2 Eglus. I would never have managed otherwise. The instructions were somewhat of a puzzle, as we were reading from 2 different booklets! (That were supplied in the boxes). The run is fiddly to put together, requires real concentration and the clip placements drove me to a glass of wine! Love that the Eglu looks good iin the garden, green colour blends in and does not offend the neighbours. Easy to clean, no bending down. Feel comforted that the hens are less likely to contract disease and mites than if they were housed in wood. Sturdy and solid, waterproof, predator proof. Very pleased with my purchase. (Did not buy the wheels - could not afford another £50!) Fairly easy to drag to a new spot, even with the run attached.

Excellent Chicken House - Sally,

The Eglu go Up is brilliant, it does exactly what it says on the label :) . I thoroughly recommend this product. I have three hens in the coup and they have plenty of room.

Nearly perfect but... - Melinda,

I love my omlet coop and run, my chickens are very happy in it but there are a couple of things that would make it perfect that haven't been mentioned in other reviews. The first is the drinking trough, which my hens used as a perch, so needed to be cleaned several times a day. I gave up and bought a covered drinker. The second is the nest area which gets used as a short-cut and general indoor scratching area. All the bedding gets scratched out of the nest and down between the roosting bars, so eggs are being laid on bare plastic. If the edges to the nest were more defined and higher than the bars this wouldn't happen as much. Having said that, if you're considering getting one of these, it's definitely worthwhile. Easy to clean out and my 3 girls are happy in it with the occasional chance to free-range and stretch their wings. The raised coop gives them a sheltered area and enough height to add a perch or toys. I opted to go without wheels and it's still easy to move anout with a second person.

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