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Brilliant design! - Seth,

Honestly a brilliantly designed chicken coop. Easy to clean and move. Keeps predators out. Plenty of space for happy chickens. Chickens know to go up at night and where to lay eggs in this design I recommend 100%.

Product bought for my 3 year old grandson who wanted to keep chickens. - Sylvia,

The product is excellent and easily managed by my 3 year old grandson who has full care and control of his 2 chickens. He is able to feed, water, clean out and collect the eggs without any adult assistance. My only problem was with the assembly instructions. Some of the diagrams were too complex....the use of exploded diagrams along with step by step actions would have been of more use.....but being a woman I managed to work it out.

Fantastic product - Karen,

This coop is Amazing!! It's super easy to set up. The cleaning is really easy. Our two eldest clean it each week and it takes 5 mins at the most. I was a bit worried if the girls would lay in the little dish but the have just started laying, we get 3 fresh eggs in there every day. Brilliant design.

Excellent product - Ron,

I am very pleased with Eglu Go up Chicken coop. The birds settled in very easily and quickly. They are not confined to the coop and run, as they have the whole garden to roam around in. Furthermore it is so easy to clean.

- Megan,

Our Chickens like it as they can shelter from the sun and keep dry when it's raining! I like it because it makes cleaning the coop easier - no more bending down!

Great products - Vince,

I had an original Eglu when I lived in the UK and ever since moving to Australia had wanted another Eglu. The Eglu Go Up is a great chicken house, with the same great design, and build that I always expect with Omlet products. Eglus are by far the easiest pet housing to keep clean. No worries about mites or invaders. A larger range of colours would have been nice but always prefered the purple anyway. I just need to save and buy myself an Eglu Cube next, as I have always wanted one. I would recommend these products to anyone.

purchased eglu go up, 1m run extension. cat run 3.1m x 2.05 x 4m - Suzanne,

Love all we have purchased, they do the job keeping cats happy and safe outdoors. Chickens have the run of the farm during the day and then safely locked up if we are out or people come with their dogs to visit, etc. We also had constant worry with foxes and were not convinced their old house was fox proof. Their new house and run has us sleeping easy now, no more listening for break in's at night. Now recommend Omlet products to family and friends.

More room - Annette,

As per my earlier review i love this coop. I found it a little cramped if the girls we ere locked in for a while i have to admit to not being an early riser. I purchase this extension and I'm so pleased as it allows that bit more room for my 3 girls. Can really recommend and very easy to add. Also i noticed in a recent review someone was having problems getting the feedbox to the back of the coop. Put it in while the shelves are out for cleaning. Also now with the extended run i bought a small light tarp from Bunnings ($3) that covers coop and first run and provides shelter from the rain so now i have even happier girls who are laying well.

Brilliant design and great service! - William,

We have had our chickens for a month now and could not be happier with the Go Up Coop and Run. It was delivered on time and the guy who assembled it was most helpful with advice on care of our new additions to the family. The coop is so easy to clean and totally fox proof (they visit our garden daily!).

Happy Girls - Annette,

I bought this coop with safety in mind as i lost my previous girls to a fox. I am wrapped how easy it is to clean, they worked the steps out instantly and even worked out to shelter underneath when it rained. Very happy with my purchase. Might try a swing under the lemon tree.

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