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Great product - Anthony, 22 July 2015

A well designed piece of kit. Easy to clean. Cosy for chickens. May extend run by 2m soon.

wimdy, rainy summer in Pensylvania, USA - Juan, 15 July 2015

nice piece of equipment

house and run - Ursula, 2 July 2015

this item is fine for the purpose we bought it for a nightmare to put together we needed a child with a degree in lego and macarno but we got there in the end the birds like it and its easy to move and to clean.

Good for bantams - Caroline, 30 June 2015

Takes up a lot less space than the normal Go. Would be very small for large fowl unless free-ranging. Lovely to have the covered area. 3 hours to erect.

Upgrade for Eglu - Martin, 28 June 2015

This set changed my Eglu from a chicken house into a super chicken house. My wife can get the eggs (she has problems bending) the chickens love the extra space. it took them a good 5 mins to learn what the ladder was for. Very good piece of kit, would recommend it to any one with the Eglu.

Extra space - Martin, 28 June 2015

My baby's love the extra space.

Does exactly what it says on the tin - Simon, 15 June 2015

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Once assembled allow the Eglu to Go Up.

Good but very fiddly to assemble - Simon, 15 June 2015

Good but very fiddly to assemble. There are so many difficult clips required to assemble this that by the time my children and I had finished we were fed-up with the whole process,

Eglu Go Up run extension - Jackie, 9 June 2015

We are very pleased with this as it gives considerably more room for our hens. Normally they have free range of the garden during the day but we were recently on holiday so they needed to stay in and with this extension we were confident that they would not mind staying in too much. Also the grass that they are on doesn't get so messy with the extra room.

Expensive but worth it! - Sian, 9 June 2015

Really pleased with the eglu and chickens have taken to it well. Closing mechanisms are sound. Easy to pull out rack to clean.

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