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2M Run - Susan,

Took some time and patience to assemble. Works great with 3 chickens. Good purchase!

Practical - Hilary,

Having worked out how to construct it this is a super piece of equipment. The fact that it is so easy to move & clean with a hose make it infinitely more practical than any chicken keeping houses or runs we've had in the past ! It is therefore easy to keep it looking attractive & not the standard hen house mess!

Lovely design easy to clean but. .. - Lorraine,

Really delighted with my eglu go up. Lovely design, easy to clean, cosy dry and warm for my chucks but... the cover for the feeder is IMPOSSIBLE to click in place and to remove. Friends have tried too but it's justy nor doable. Other than that. Delighted!

Eglu Go Up coop and run - Andrew,

Great produce with accurate assembly instructions. Staff were friendly and obliging and goods were delivered promptly. Eglu go up coop is well designed and easy to clean. So we have three happy chickens!!

Easy, functional and cute coop! - Lori,

I wanted to wait until I was using it for a while before I rated my Eglu Up. I LOVE this coop! It's a backyard hobbyists dream. Everything about it is easy EXCEPT trying to stand in it. I suppose if I had my druthers, it would be taller. But that truly is my only complaint. Everything else is perfect :)

Omlet Says: Great to hear Lori. Unfortunately the Eglu Go UP is not designed for people to stand in, but you can get a walk in run to attach to it which is over 2m high so very easy to stand in :)

Pretty good. May need a bit more run in time - Alan,

The coop works well. It took a whole for our two pullets to get the idea to climb/fly up to the coop at night. The roosting bars may be a bit wide for their feet as yet but they should grow into them. They may need an extra length of run in time. I plan to give the fowls the run of the backyard in time but will need to watch our for stray cats, etc.

The girls love the eglu go up once they got used to the stairs. - Kim, Nottinghamshire,

The eglu go up is ideal as it is off the ground and allows the grass to grow, it also gives the chickens a shelter from the rain underneath. It is neat and easy to clean and maintain without too much bending. It is also safe and secure with the fox proof skirt around the outside.

Good - Alice,

A must have! But not as strong as I was hoping for! Would be better if there was a hoop with it for strength. Also not as easy to move as I was hoping for. Worried it might bend!

Fabulous! - Alice,

Absolutely brilliant!!! Love it and so do the hens!!

coop wheel set - Zoe,

very handy to move the coop around the garden. I keep the chickens in the coop and move it about once a week.

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