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Off the ground is great - Hilary,

The design is great but I think a little more depth to the tray and the perching rails would help the area stay cleaner. I bought one. of the very first eglu and the plastic seemed sturdier especially the glug and grub....I really miss them and I think the hens do! How about bringing them back?

Omlet Says: Hi Hilary! Thank you for your review and your feedback: it is always greatly appreciated and our team works hard to take feedback into consideration. We still sell our Glugs and Grugs in purple and in green. Please contact customer service if you need more information. Yours, The Omlet team

Very good - Duncan, Somerset,

A bit disappointing the delivery was delayed due to shipping but that's not omlet's fault. Some seriously good engineering here and looks excellent. I would seriously recommend buying the wheels as it is heavy to move. Went together well except one bolt hit a faulty thread in the house. Quite fiddly to assemble and I suggest putting aside the best part of a day with 2 people. We bought the wheels separately which unfortunately arrived without wing nuts! However omlet responded very promptly and say they have posted for delivery tomorrow. An excellent product but I still believe is very pricey. The instruction books could have had more thought put into it especially when instructing re the run. Also, the instructions for the door could have been clearer in that the plastic clasps act as hinges and the bars are just for securing shut.

Perfect purple! - Jennifer,

We love the purple coop and so do the chickens - much easier to clean and no where for insects to breed.

Amazing Design! Perfect for first time chicken keepers!!! - Ffion,

I ordered this coop and it came within three working days. I spoke to the staff on the phone and they couldn't do enough for me! When my coop eventually came it was flat packed and very easy to put up. However, I would recommend a second person just to hold up some of the metal beams but so simple and easy to read. I would defiantly recommend this coop and our little ladies are very happy hens!!!

Great coop - Edward,

Great product, expensive but worth it as it saves a lot of hassle with cleaning and the mites we used to get in our old wooden coop

Brilliant - Alison,

We bought this for our garden and are really pleased with it. Super easy to clean and the 3 chickens are more than happy. They began to wreck the grass after 4 days in one place but picking up the coop and run and moving it to a new spot is a simple two person job. A great product for a busy family.

Eglu Go Up with 3 metre extension. - Emma,

Hi, My friends, family and myself absolutely love the Go UP chicken coop. We have a 3 metre extension for 5 chickens who we let out daily to freerange. Putting it together almost lead to a divorce but we got it sorted after 2 hours haha. The chickens adjusted to the stairs really well after we put the grip stickers on it. It really was a worthwhile purchase :) In the past I have ordered 12 metres of the Temporary Chicken Fence which looks nice around the patio. The only critique I have is most chickens can still jump over it even with their wings clipped. Is it possible to make it a little bit higher? Warm regards, Happy customers. Thankyou

Happy hens & so am I! - Denise,

I've kept a few garden hens for years and have always shied away from a (Ahem!) plastic hen house (not in my back garden!) However, we had a severe infestation of red mites, despite my best efforts to clean the house and sadly I suspect they did for one of my lovely Welsummers. Well, after long deliberations I finally bit the bullet and bought one of your Eglu Go Up coops, wheels and all. So glad I did! Arrived promptly, went together easily (though the fly nuts on the stand were a bit tricky but that might have been to do with the fact we put it together on a baking hot day). Chickens soon got used to the steps and seem happy. It is so easy to clean compared with a wooden hen house too! And I have to say that it looks good too and has been admired by many. I veritable palace! Thank you!

Great Coop! Really pleased with purchase. - Elaine,

The coop was fairly easy to build, I was concerned about the ladder as it is quite steep, purchased for ex battery hens and I thought they may not manage it. I have had them 4 days tonight and they have all gone to bed on their own and I have had a couple of eggs laid in the nest. I also have Omlet fencing which I am really pleased with, it gives the girls a large space to roam.

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