Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop

The latest Eglu to join the collection, the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop makes keeping chickens easy and fun. This plastic chicken house comes with optional wheels, making it easy to move, and the fox-proof chicken run is extendable to give hens even more room. Easy to clean and insulated, the Eglu Go UP is a superb hen house for up to four birds.

See below for the fantastic features of the Eglu Go UP.

A door at the end of the Eglu Go UP run lets you free range your hens
A door at the end of the Eglu Go UP run lets you free range your hens
Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop with 2m run and chickens - collecting eggs from the nesting box
Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop with 2m run and chickens - collecting eggs from the nesting box
Chickens in the Eglu Go UP chicken run
Chickens in the Eglu Go UP chicken run
Choose optional wheels for easy movement of the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop
Choose optional wheels for easy movement of the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop
Opening the back door of the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop
Opening the back door of the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop
Putting chickens into the Eglu Go UP run
Putting chickens into the Eglu Go UP run
Purple Eglu Go plastic chicken coop and Leaf Green Eglu Go UP in the garden
Purple Eglu Go plastic chicken coop and Leaf Green Eglu Go UP in the garden
3x3x2 Walk in Chicken Run attached to Eglu Go Up - woman carrying chicken feed through stable door
3x3x2 Walk in Chicken Run attached to Eglu Go Up - woman carrying chicken feed through stable door


Collecting eggs from the Eglu Go UP chicken house.

New to keeping chickens? Don't get your feathers in a twist. The Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop comes complete with everything you need to start your new hobby. Perfect for the first-time henkeeper, this brand new Eglu chicken coop not only looks fabulous, but it is easy to clean, straightforward to use, and suitable for up to four chickens. Hens will love the plastic roosting bars and integrated nesting box. Simply fill with bedding and look forward to collecting your first eggs by opening the door at the back.

Removing dropping tray from Eglu Go UP chicken house.

Cleaning your Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes each week to keep it looking spic and span. The plastic roosting bars and nesting area sit on top of a slide-out tray, so all droppings will fall through the slats, onto the tray, which can be removed and emptied straight into the compost bin. (Chicken droppings make brilliant fertilizer for your plants).

For a more thorough clean, the smooth, plastic surfaces of the Eglu chicken coop can be washed quickly with a hose or pressure washer, and the roosting bars can also be removed and washed down. It's so easy, in fact, that you could get the kids to do it.

Showing how the wheels can be used to move the Eglu Go UP chicken house.

The Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop is available with optional wheels. This is highly recommended for anyone wanting to move their Eglu regularly, particularly if you are living on your own. Simply press down both levers with your foot to lift the run, and use the wheels to move the Eglu chicken coop. The wheels can be used with your Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop whether you have a chicken run or not. You just need to have the frame to attach them to.

Moving the Eglu Go UP chicken house and run using the wheels.

Choosing to add the optional wheels will make your Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop really easy to move. Although you can choose to keep your Eglu chicken coop in one place, you may want to move it around the garden regularly, to allow your grass to recover, and give hens a new patch of lawn to nibble at. Using the easy foot operated wheel mechanism, one person will be able to simply push or pull the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop around on their own.

Chicken using the ladder to enter the Eglu Go UP chicken house.

The Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop has all the great benefits of the Eglu Go, on legs. Your hens will love to roost up off the ground, sleeping in a warm and cosy hideaway, and having a private area to escape to to lay their eggs. They will quickly learn how to use the ladder to climb up to their home, and the house will act as a sheltered spot for hens to play under too. It's not just the chickens that will love the Go UP Chicken Coop though – you will too! You'll find that the convenient height makes chicken keeping a delight! There's no need to bend down to clean the Eglu chicken coop or collect the eggs.

The interior of an Eglu Go chicken house.

The Eglu chicken coop is specially designed to keep your chickens warm in winter. The Eglu has a unique twin-wall insulation system which works in a similar way to double glazing trapping a pocket of air which provides a very effective means of insulating the house.

In summer your chickens will be kept cool by the Eglu's draught-free ventilation system, carefully designed to avoid air blowing directly over the roosting area whilst allowing fresh air to circulate.

Operating an Eglu Go front door.

Letting your chickens out in the morning or securing the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop at night couldn’t be simpler. Using the handle on the side of the Eglu chicken coop you open and close the door, locking and unlocking is done in one intuitive movement. No fiddly catches or bolts that don't line up. The Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop also comes with its own ladder so your chickens won’t have to ruffle their feathers whilst walking down to breakfast or climbing into bed.

Opening the top door of the Eglu Go UP chicken run.

Unlike the other Eglu Chicken Runs, the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop has a stable-style door at one end. The top and bottom open independently from one another, and both have run pins to secure them into a closed or open position. Open both doors to allow your chickens out, or to get full access to the run, or keep the bottom door closed so that you can refill the feeder and drinker or throw in some corn without your hens escaping.

Chickens safely inside the Eglu Go UP chicken run.

The optional (yet recommended) standard 2m chicken run is made from strong steel weld mesh, virtually impossible for predators to break. This means that when you are out and about, you can be sure that your chickens are safe. A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in, and the dark green coating will blend into your garden beautifully. A 1m extension is also available to add to the chicken run to give your chickens more room.

Eglu Go UP chicken house and run set up in garden with chickens roaming.

Your hens will love living in the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop. They'll be able to pop up and down the ladder as they please, keeping nice and snug when it's time to sleep, and having privacy when they want to lay an egg. If you choose the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop with chicken run, your hens will be able to roam around during the day, safe from foxes, and you can let them have a wander around the whole garden when you're there to watch. With a house like this, all the other chickens in town will be filled with henvy!

The Eglu Go UP with run in garden.

Ideally your garden should have a fence all the way round. This will prevent your chickens from wandering into the neighbour's garden and, more importantly, ensure that all the eggs are laid on your side of the fence! The fence should be about 1.5m (5ft) high.

If you do not have grass, it is possible to keep a couple of chickens but you must provide them with a layer of wood chippings to rummage about in as this will give them the right type of surface underfoot.

Feeder, Drinker, All Weather Shade, Omlet egg boxes, Omlet guide on chicken keeping, 30 day money back guarantee.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start keeping chickens, which is why you'll get lots of free extras with every Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop. Whichever type of Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop you buy, you'll get an innovative feeder and drinker. These fit neatly to the run, maximising floor area, the covered design protects food from rain, and both are dishwasher proof, for ultra easy cleaning. You'll receive 10 Omlet Egg Boxes, suitable for giving away four eggs at a time to family and friends, and a handy guide to give you lots of advice on keeping chickens. If you choose an Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop with a chicken run, we'll throw in an all-weather shade, to attach to the run and protect hens from wind and rain. It's very hendy in the summer too, to keep your girls protected from the midday sun.

The biggest reward of an Eglu chicken coop, of course, is the free eggs you'll be treated to every morning. Nothing beats that! Not only that, we’re so confident you’ll love everything about the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop and your new chickens, we offer a 30-day, no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Diagram showing dimensions of Eglu Go UP Chicken house with run. Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Dimensions

The Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop is suitable for up to 4 medium sized chickens or 2-3 larger breeds such as Buff Orpingtons or Cochins. When setting up your Eglu chicken coop, you should allow 60cm of space behind the house to enable the dropping tray to slide out easily.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Plastic
Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh

Packaging Dimensions:

House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg)
Frame & Ladder: 82cm x 11cm x 61.5cm (9.64kg)
Wheel Set: 90cm x 12cm x 39cm (4.42kg)
Run: 93cm x 10.5cm x 65cm (14.83kg)

The Omlet van delivering some chickens. Our friendly chicken chauffeur delivering an Eglu and Chickens

We can deliver a fully assembled Eglu complete with chickens within two hours of Oxford. You can choose from two breeds of chickens - Miss Pepperpot and the Gingernut Ranger. All of our chickens are good layers, friendly and fully vaccinated. Our driver will also teach you how to hold a chicken, clip its wings (completely painlessly) and answer any questions you have.

When you order an Eglu, we'll automatically check to see if you're within our chicken delivery area. If you're outside our delivery area, we'll dispatch your Eglu via our courier and recommend a local chicken breeder to you.

The parts needed to convert an Eglu Go to an Eglu Go UP. It is easy to convert your exisiting Eglu Go Chicken Coop to an Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop!

Do you already have an Eglu Go chicken house? Converting it in an Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop is simple, with our range of easy add-on accessories. Choose the Frame and Ladder to raise your existing Eglu Go off the ground, add the Wheel Set to the frame to make your house manoeuvrable, and choose the 2m Run to give your hens a secure area to roam in. For the ultimate hen palace why not add the 1m Extension too, to give your girls loads of eggstra space!? These parts are simple to add to your Eglu Go, and all come with the instructions and fixings that you will need.
(Please note, they are not compatible with the Eglu Go standard 2m chicken run).

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What a piece of Kit! - Jane, 3 August 2015

The Eglu Go Up is just marvellous!! I am glad that I went for the option of having it delivered and errected by the expert though :) - it looked quite fiddly even for the professional. the 'girls' setled in quickly and within 1 day they were coming towards us for their afternnon treat of grapes or tomatoes. I am absolutely thrilled with both the eglu design and the hens who gave us eggs on the very first morning and every morning after that. We have quickly taken to 'chicken watching' and the neighbours think we are mad I am sure!! :)

Fab product, eggcellent design - should've bought one years ago! - Catherine, 3 August 2015

I always felt the Omlet products were overpriced and probably only for urban chicken keepers who needed an easy solution for their small garden flock however - I was wrong! I should have bought one years ago! I bought an Eglu Up Go recently in desperation as my small flock were being repeatedly infested with red mite in the traditional wooden coop that we had for several years. The Eglu is perfect for our needs (mine and my chooks). I didn't need a run as we have a section of the back garden fenced off for their exclusive use (doesn't stop them repeatedly trying to break into the bit with flowers and rampage through the bedding plants!) I have 5 girls and wondered if the Eglu would be big enough but it absolutely does the job - the girls love it and started laying there regularly and politely take it in turns to lay their daily egg in the one egg compartment - that's after having a choice of 4 nesting boxes previously. They are still a but wary of the ladder but getting used to it. What I love is that it is SO easy to clean - it takes me no more than 5 or 10 minutes and I can even hose it down if I want to. It is sturdy, vermin proof and I can move it to different positions in the run whenever I want to so in the winter I can move it neArer the house to avoid tramping through mud to let them out in the morning. The girls look healthier than they have for months are laying well and I took great delight in burning the old mite ridden coop. Even my hard to please husband was impressed by the design - it really is perfect. The slatted floor means that chicken poop just falls through to the tray underneath than can be emptied daily if necessary with minimal effort. My only criticism is that unless you buy a run with the eglu, there is no where to fix the feeders and they just topple over. Will have to make a feeder stand on the fence unless anyone has any ideas? Also a great new accessory would be a solar door opener for when we are away if any of your amazing eglu designers have any ideas? Thrilled with the purchase - worth every penny.

Great Bit Of Kit - Muckychooks, 2 August 2015

Bought the frame and feeder/drinker stand as my Eglu Go is coming back from the allotment to provide digs for some ex batts. Thought it would be nice to give it a lift off the ground to give the chooks more room and so they can shelter under it. As always with Omlet this is a robust piece of kit which gives full value for money. It's not too fiddly to put together and I LOVE that Omlet have taken on board a previous customer suggestion to provide grippy strips for the ladder. Happy as a chicken in a dust bath and v. much looking forward to getting more girls.

Great product - Anthony, 22 July 2015

A well designed piece of kit. Easy to clean. Cosy for chickens. May extend run by 2m soon.

wimdy, rainy summer in Pensylvania, USA - Juan, 15 July 2015

nice piece of equipment

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