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Chicken Feeders & Waterers

Our collection of chicken feeders and waterers are perfect for making hens happy. Shop standalone feeders and drinkers, as well as those compatible with Eglus for an easy way to keep chickens full and hydrated.




Feed Your Chicken with the Perfect Chicken Feeder

Keeping your hens happy is simple with a chicken feeder full of food. Our chicken feeders are designed to attach to our range of Walk in Chicken Runs with ease. For those who are yet to treat their chickens to an Omlet run, you can place your chicken feeder and waterers on our hen feeder stand. All of our feeders for hens feature an overhanging front to ensure that your flock’s chicken food is kept safe from rain and droppings from wild birds. Made from hygienic and easy to clean plastic - you’ll love how simple it is to feed your chickens!

We have two designs of chicken feeder, with a perfect solution for all chicken keepers:

  • Eglu Cube Feeder - This chicken feeder can fit up to 2.7 liters of food, so is perfect for any size of flock! It easily attaches to any Omlet chicken coop run, or to most other chicken run mesh. The hygienic plastic is super easy to clean, and the overhaving front keeps the food fresh and dry.
  • Chicken Feeder for Eglu Go - A standard addition to our Eglu Go coop, this feeder has enough capacity to feed 3 chickens for 2 days. Perfect for if you’re spending the night away.
  • Keep Your Hens Hydrated with Ease

    Just like with feed, chickens need a regular supply of water too to keep hydrated and healthy. Our collection of chicken waterers has a number of designs perfect for ensuring your hens stay well watered.

  • Eglu Cube Chicken Waterer - If you have a larger breed of chicken, this is the ideal chicken water container, as it has a wide opening even the biggest of hens will find comfortable drinking from.
  • Chicken Waterer for Eglu Go - This trough design has a capacity of 3.3 liters and comes as a standard addition to our Eglu Go chicken coops. It is the perfect addition to your chicken run if you have a slightly larger flock.
  • Glug Chicken Waterer - This is a slightly smaller waterer, holding up to 2.2 liters for your chickens. Thanks to the double bowl design, two hens can use this simultaneously. Easy to fill and can be placed in the dishwasher whenever needed.

  • Introducing Omlet Pet Care

    Our collection of chicken products has everything a budding hen keeper needs. From chicken fencing, toys for hens, and even chicken swings, you’ll have the happiest hens on the block.