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grub - Peggy, Louisiana,

I've had this feeder for at least 2 years and it is great. Never gets wet, and the chickens take to it immediately. I am ordering another as my flock has increased.

Grub Green - Wray, Essex,

Love these and they keep food nice and dry.

Grub and glue food and water containers - Penny,

I love all eglu products, the food and water containers are easy to clean and the chickens waste a lot less food.

So much better than a traditional chicken feeder - Hart,

This is SO much better than a traditional chicken feeder ... it cannot get filled with grass & dirt and is easier to fill. BRILLIANT product.

very practical - Jackie,

I bought additional grub feed holders to go with the one that came with my Eglu Cube so I could offer a variety of feed and also so my chickens could each access breakfast in the morning rush when first let out!! The grub is an excellent design keeping food dry and preventing spills (if not filled to the brim) . It is easy to attach on or detach from the Omlet run.

Perfect - keeps food dry and holds plenty for the 3 ducks! - Lena,

Really pleased with our purchases - Eglu cube, Eglu duck house and extra runs. The grub keeps food dry and holds plenty and the glug is easy to refill, clean and, again, holds plenty. Really pleased with all Omlet products - great quality. Thank you.

Have added to my original one with the eglu - Pam,

I had drinks and feeders when I originally bought my three eglus but having extras is ideal if you are away for a couple of nights and it also enables you to put the dirty ones through the dishwasher once a week.

Great Product As always - Annie,

This is the third one we have bought, as our numbers have increased, we also have two eglus (a cube & a classic) and cannot recommend the service and products highly enough.

Excellent - Barbara,

My ladies have increased to five so now appreciate not having to queue for their pellets.

Great product - Tanya,

I bought a 2nd one of these so I could have a spare for when one needed cleaning. The only small niggle with them is the slot on the inside of the feeder which collects bits of food. We have filled it with a food safe sealant to prevent it happening. Otherwise it is a bit tricky to get all the bits out !

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