The Grub Chicken Feeder Reduces Spillage Of Chicken Feed
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           Have added to my original one with the eglu

- Pam, 06 February 2015

I had drinks and feeders when I originally bought my three eglus but having extras is ideal if you are away for a couple of nights and it also enables you to put the dirty ones through the dishwasher once a week.

           Great Product As always

- Annie, 23 September 2014

This is the third one we have bought, as our numbers have increased, we also have two eglus (a cube & a classic) and cannot recommend the service and products highly enough.


- Barbara, 09 March 2014

My ladies have increased to five so now appreciate not having to queue for their pellets.

           Great product

- Tanya, 05 December 2013

I bought a 2nd one of these so I could have a spare for when one needed cleaning. The only small niggle with them is the slot on the inside of the feeder which collects bits of food. We have filled it with a food safe sealant to prevent it happening. Otherwise it is a bit tricky to get all the bits out !

           Couldn't be any better

- Nicki, 11 November 2013

I have tried lots of different feeders and these are the best for keeping the feed dry and stopping naughty chooks stepping/ pooing in their food! We made a wooden stand for ours which works treat. They also cause less wastage than traditional feeders.


- Tracey, 21 September 2013

I love this feeder I've tried a lot of different ones this is the only one I have found works for me. Brilliant product I would highly recommend these feeders.

           Excellent product

- Sharon, 16 September 2013

Excellent product - always stays in one place and food always stays dry.


- Shupe, 31 August 2013

Needed containers for feed and water that the chickens couldn't tip or stand inside to dirty the contents. I got 3 Grubs - one Grub for feed and two Grubs for water. The Glug was too open for my chickens to dirty up and the Grubs are the perfect solution. Only reason I can't rate a full 5 Stars is that the hooks on the feeder backs don't quite fit our USA kennel wires and we have to use some homemade engineering plus the outside Grub finishes were scratched and rough. Otherwise, a nice solution for our particular needs.


- SKS, 16 August 2013

Got a chicken who likes to put her dirty feed in standard chicken water containers or bowls. This Eglu Grub solves the problem of her not being able to pollute the drinking water or being able to stand on top of the Grub dome to drop debris into the food or water. Got 3 Grubs - 2 for water and 1 for chicken feed for 6 chickens. I wasn't impressed with the scratches and imperfections of the plastic Grub feeders but the chickens don't mind so I don't either. A sturdy product for my feeding-watering problem. Have to use some ingenuity to hang the Grubs on the American kennel bars because American spacing is 2 inches wide and not easy to hang the Grubs, while the Eglu kennel wire is wider to allow easier hanging of Grubs. There were many outside imperfections but the insides of the Grubs are smooth and easy to reach inside to clean.


- Sylvester017, 08 August 2013

Have been looking for an easy-clean covered feeder like this that could hang on 1" chicken wire but the wire is not good support. However, this year we added a large dog kennel to the chicken house and these Eglu Grubs will hold firm on the kennel's black-iron cross-bars. If the Grub hooks don't fit between the bars, we will set up a heavy rubber-coated wire hanger to hold it up no problem. It still will lift easily for cleaning. Ordered 3 Grubs and will use 2 for water and 1 for lay pellets. The reason we'll use the Grubs for water is because a couple hens love to soak their dirty feet and contaminate the water. It will be difficult for them to maneuver a secure foothold on the Grub's rounded dome tops or on the small access rim of the opening plus the domes will help keep feces out of the Grub contents should a hen still manage to mount the Grub. We will position 2 Grubs with water on different walls of the kennel. Eliminates hen-pecking to have multiple containers to access. We need more easy-clean Grubs to hook to the shaded outside kennel walls so the hens have clean water during free-ranging too.

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