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A first class product - John,

A well thought out and produced product, very versatile, especially during this A. I. Outbreak.

Much better sized glug - Hellen,

Bought to replace the current glug, as my 3 new laying birds are much hungrier/ thirstiest, and I didn't want them to accidentally be without water. Unfortunately due to the sloping sides on the eglu classic run, I can't fill it tomthe capacity that I can get on the cube run, which it's really designed for...I may have been better with two standard glugs, particularly as I now find I could do with another grub too...

Super Glug - Sean,

An excellent product which has a good capacity and is easy to clean and reattach to the run.

super glug-green - Marion,

Very good product holds 10 ltrs so plenty of water for chickens, you don't have to worry if they have enough when you are out also not so much dirt gets in the water as with the regular eglu go drinker. on the down side it's a bit heavy and akward to lift out if there is still water left in it, but overall a very good product it's the best drinker so far and i have tried a few.

glug glug - Joey,

I love the glug. It makes keeping the water for the hens simple and easy.

Best of the best - Lee, Nottinghamshire,

The best drinker on the market...... Durable, strong, hold lots of water, clips on to the cage / drinker station really well. Can't fault this at all.

Excellent Product - Sharon,

Excellent product - stays in one palce, doesn't get knocked over and holds a lot of water which is great as chickens go through an surprising amount of water every day.

Super dooper glug - Pau,

Great product, much better than the more conventional drinkers, recommended :-)

very good - Eastwick,

So impressed with my first one in red I bought a second one.

Good item - Trudi,

Very good item, nice and sturdy. I don't know how far down inside the hens could get their heads if it wasn't kept topped up. Install and then fill with hose, don't try to fill and then install, like I did!

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