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Freestanding Chicken Perch - Perching Pleasure Kit

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The incredible Freestanding Chicken Perch allows you to create an amazingly fun, and conveniently portable, chicken entertainment system in your backyard! Add up to 6 perches and position at any height and orientation you like to suit your flock.

Treat your hens to an adventurous playground with the Perching Pleasure Kit. Four strong eucalyptus perches to be arranged in any way you and your flock likes, a weathervane to go at the top for an fun and exciting feeling of farm flare, as well as a handy treat dish that wraps around the pole at any height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pole: Coated mild steel tubing, pressed/welded steel, aluminium tubing
Perches: Aluminium bracket, plastic shims, steel and plastic fixings, eucalyptus wood perch
Treat dish: ABS Plastic
Weathervane: GR-Nylon, stainless steel, eucalyptus
Pole: Height: 900mm, Base diameter: 370mm
Perches: 51cm x 10cm x 4.5cm, 3.5cm diameter
Treat dish: 15cm x 15cm x 2.5cm
Weathervane: 51mm x 90mm x 370mm

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Norma and nancy
Norma loves it!
Chickens try to get to the sunflower seeds
First attempts

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Freestanding Chicken Perch - Perching Pleasure Kit

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