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Omelet chicken fencing - Just great - Jenny,

Just what I was looking for. Great with stakes which hold up really well. Easy to move I do the 42 meters on my own. Chooks stay in no escaping.

Good quality product - Sarah,

I bought this to replace the old style Omlet fencing which had broken over time. It is much higher and the hens can no longer escape underneath it due to the smaller netting at the base. Our new pullets have managed to fly over, but now they are putting weight on they are finding it harder!

Great product! - Anna,

I have three of the 21m fences and one of the 12m and I use them not to keep chickens in, but out! I fence off areas of my garden when I don't want the hens there, like my fruit bushes in the summer, and my vegetable garden, and let then have the run of the rest! The fences are a hassle to put up as no matter how carefully you gather them up they get tangled something crazy, but they do a great job of keeping chickens out.

fence for my chickens - Marie,

It arrived quickly which was great. However, I found it ridiculously difficult to get up. I don't have help, so when it said it was fast and easy to do, I thought it would be! stringing 16 poles through the mesh net, having to start from the bottom and work up the pole, was very hard on the back, and trying to stay in the right row was not easy. Maybe with 2 people it would be more manageable, but for just me, it was horrible. So far I have the gate up...3 hours later. Its now 90 degrees out so perhaps tomorrow I'll be more successful. I'm disappointed for sure. My suggestion: have help.

Solid product - Curtis,

The product is quite good. There have been a couple of times where the chickens have jumped on top of their coop and managed to fly out, but for the most part it keeps them in. I wouldn't go any smaller than 21 metres unless you want to most it around very regularly. My only other complaint is the stake pegs can bend in hard ground.

Even better than my old Omlet chicken fencing. - Cricket,

This fencing was good, which is what I always expect from Omlet. AND my little chicks cannot get through it at the bottom! This fencing keeps my chickens in the 'wild' part of the garden, which is very rough, and on a steep incline. My 'nice' garden is blooming. Hurrah!

Goodbye chicken wire - Hello Freedom! - Lynn,

This is such a fantastically well designed, useful fence for the croft. The hens get a super large run which is moved about regularly and the girls are scratching up the ground ready for us for digging. It is lightweight and strong. Flexible to use, practical and I can move it on my own. Though it is nice when someone helps too:) Much admiredby fellow crofters! The hens like it too and don't try to escape.

My girls aren't happy but momma is - Debra,

My girls are free range and after 3 weeks of rain dug more holes than a pack of dogs, ha-ha. While they were in there glory, I was pulling my hair out. I love this Omlet fencing system, put it together in under one hour and can move it as the damaged areas recover. Just brilliant. I found that 12 metres was way more than I needed, so purchased a second gate and cut the fence in half, two fenced areas for the price of one. Thank you Omlet for the great product and 5 star customer service.

Omlet Says: Fantastic!!

Quality fence/gate! - Harold,

My wife and I use this fencing for out little group of 4 chickens. It's a great product, nice and tight seal at the base. My only suggestion is to include one more post, as we could have used that to get a bit more of the shape we desired.

Does the job pretty well - Robert,

We purchased the fencing in order to temporarily confine the chickens to a rose garden. it was easy to erect with 2 people in order to avoid getting tangled with the roses. From a distance the fence is almost invisible with the shrubs behind it. The only issue was that the ground is dry and loose, so the pegs were inadequate. I stapled the rear of the enclosure to a wooden path edge, and used longer tent pegs to provide additional security elsewhere. One chicken, a leghorn, has escaped twice, but otherwise all secure. Our young Spaniel took an unhealthy interest, got his head stuck a couple of times, and chewed 2 small holes. We have solved this using a low power electric fence at dog height. I will send 2 pictures

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