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So easy! - Lisa,

Great way to expand chicken run. Quick and easy to install.

Fencing - Wendy,

Great product, easy to put up if you're not a muppet like me. Keeps the girls safe and contained

Saved My Garden - Sue,

I am very pleased with the Chicken Fencing I purchased, 21 metres with gate and poles. Now I can limit the areas in which the chickens can scratch, I am happy so are the chickens. Easy to move around although sometimes gets tangled in the poles if you don't remove the poles before relocating the fence (just being lazy!!). A little patience and it is all good.

Purchased Omlet chicken fence 21 m with gate - Helen,

I am very happy with the Omlet chicken fence. So easy to put up and to make any shape border! I live on a small suburban property with 2 large dogs and 4 chickens. The fence is perfect for separating the pets into their respective areas, while it also gives the feeling of openess as you can see the whole yard. I haven't had any problems with the fence. It has been through all the weather conditions including storms that we experience in Melbourne, Australia. It is tall enough for the chickens to stay on their side of the yard, and the dogs have not damaged it or knocked it down, though they are generally very well behaved. Unless they see a cat!! I only wish the fence had have come with a few more poles as I feel that given the many obstacles I have to put the fence around that the shape requires many more poles. Excellent product and I am very happy with it. I would recommend it to everyone even if they dont have chickens. Very handy and useful, and so easy to put up and move around.

No more poo on the patio! - Heather,

Great fencing, straightforward if a little time consuming to construct, but very easy to use and my chickens stay put in their roomy enclosure. It's transformed our garden for the summer, no more dust baths in the veg beds and unwanted visitors in the kitchen!

Awesome product and very easy to use - Cisco,

Received an omlet for my birthday and I absolutely love it, as do my girls. The design is brilliant. Quick to set up, you can easily plot out a space for your chooks and know that they'll be contained (perfect for those that like to keep gardens intact) and safe. Best of all as the fence is very easy to move, you can rotate your girls around your yard keeping them interested, and your grass alive. This is a must for any chook owner with a small to medium size block.

Great chicken fence - Chris,

Works really well. Has kept the chickens within the fenced area. Very easy to set up and install and use the gate.

Love This Fence! - Michelle, Pennsylvania,

I bought the 68 foot, and use it for both mature hens, and 5 week pullets. I have one flighty hen who is able to get over it, but my yard is sloped, so she has a bit of an advantage taking off from the top of the hill. I don't have any problem moving it around myself. It's sturdy, easy to set up and use, and allows me to keep the hens on pasture. I move it about every 3 days, sometimes more often, it only takes me about 10 minutes.

Finicky but safe - Catherine, Pennsylvania,

We have been using the Omlet chicken fencing for the past month and have so far been pleased with it. The chickens have remained contained, and my flower and veggie garden are safe from them. It took a little longer than expected to put up. The netting got tangled and flipped so we had to reset our poles a few times. Getting into the netting area is simple for an adult although I wish the door pole had a stake to stick into the ground so it would not fall over every time I went in. My son let the door pole drop when going in once which led to an escapee. It’s also tricky for him to release the clasp. Moving it around the yard may take a few people together. While a little finicky, it definitely gives me the peace of mind to let them out of the run.

Sorry, it is still in the box. - Anne,

We are building a new hen house and due to the bad weather recently, progress has been very slow, hence the run is still in the box.

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