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I love this fence but I'm not sure its design works for use in my circumstance! - Patricia, Iowa,

I really do love this fence and if I had no wild rabbits or neighboring dogs I would think it is darn near perfect! Unfortunately, the rabbits nibble at the lower fence area and my neighbor's dog has destroyed at least 4 sections of the fence. (They reimbursed me for the cost of the fence.) This is not the fault of the fence, it does it's job at containing the chickens quite well although I have had a couple of escapees. They were so surprised and dismayed to find themselves on the outside looking in that it was not difficult to herd them back inside with their flock. Considering these issues I was unhappy to see that Omlet had allowed themselves to run out of repair kits for the fence; pretty sure my experience with the fence is not unique. I have tried to repair the places I could with a soldering iron (it works but doesn't look great). If my property was enclosed with fencing (not practical for 11 acres) in order to keep everything else out then I think this fence would be perfect - but then, what would be the need for the Omlet fence? I would love some suggestions for these issues if anyone has some.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that we have been out of stock of our repair kits when you needed one. Please note that we now have them in stock, here: My apologies again for the inconvenience. Yours, The Omlet team

Omlet Chicken Fencing - Brett,

This fencing is as advertised: simple to put up and move. The gate works well. The quality appears to be good and I am so far very happy with my purchase.

perfect - Alex,

it's just ideal for the job, we simply couldn't find an easier or more effective way to keep our chickens where we want them.

Love this fence! - Emily,

We love this fence! Not only is this fence easy to put up, but it actually keeps my chickens in and looks great! I had an issue with my chickens jumping our metal fence we had put up previously, but this one is high enough that mine don't even attempt to jump over it. My flower bed and garden are much more happy now! This fence gives my chickens lots of extra room to roam around and doesn't cause a huge eye sore when up. This entire fence took me about 20 minutes to put up and if I ever have to move it, it will be super easy to take down, move, and put back up. I highly recommend this chicken fence to anyone looking for a nice and easy fence that will contain their chickens but give them lots of extra room to roam around.

Definitely not rabbit proof! - Penelope, Gloucestershire,

Putting this fence up was pretty straight forward and we were delighted to be able to give our flock of ten a lovely big area of paddock to run free in. However ... we did not realise we were putting the fence across long-established rabbit runs and the sharp-toothed creatures made short work of the netting chewing right through in no time at all. Whilst I know that the netting is not designed for rabbits, having watched a rabbit be able to bite through in a split second, I wish I had worked out a different solution for my chicks. Need to look for a tougher twine to mend holes now!

great fencing the clasps on the gate too fiddly can't imagine shutting in the dark! - Elizabeth,

overall great netting but do not like the clasps for shutting gate do not think they will last, too fiddly,please invent something easier and stronger thanks Elizabeth

love this fencing!!! - Paula,

I love my coop but every bird needs that feeling of roaming free but where I live way too many things waiting to take my ladies away. So I invested in the small 39 feet portable fencing. I love it!!! It was a little and when I say little difficult setting it up the first time. That may have been operator error also....never was good with direction. We like to move it around the yard so the birds don't peck all my grass away. We just undo all the stakes and move it to its next spot. Typically do this when we mow. It is just the right size to make the ladies think they are doing something special. Love the gate feature which is easy to drop down to bring them in. If your thinking of buying it then go for it. You won't regret it!!!!

works great for keeping chickens OUT of veggies - Elizabeth,

I have a large vegetable garden that is unfortunately situated right next to the henhouse, where my chickens free range. I bought the fencing to keep the chickens OUT rather than IN, and it has worked great. So far the fence even seem to be keeping other critters out, including deer and pesky groundhogs who otherwise eat my cabbage. The design is excellent and the materials are very high quality - it required half a day to set it up by myself but so far has been worth it.

- Peter,

Easy to set up, keeps the chickens in.

So helpful! - Rene, North Carolina,

My husband I bought 2 chicken fences and 2 of the poles weren't quite right so I called and they are going to replace them for us! I was so happy with how easy it was to contact the company and how nice the representative was to deal with. She was understanding with our issue and very prompt in calling me back after she talked to her supervisor about the issue. I love the fence and our chickens hopefully will too once we get the new poles and the fence up. Very happy!

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