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- Jane,

Great product, easy to move around and give my 'Girls' new places to wander around. None have attempted to escape and accept the barrier.

Flexible friend - Cave,

Previously owned an electric fence that was tedious to move and re errect, and thought this might be a suitable alternative to deter our new hens from wandering off. Easy to errect and easy to move and re errect. Hens happy inside and can not wiggle through the net. Unlike old fence when power low. Only addition that I have made is a single electric wire threaded through the second row of "holes" to act as a deterrent for visiting rats, squirrels and rabbits that often wish to join the flock.

- Leigh,

excellent product. the girls are quite happy behind their new fence.

Great quality - James,

Like all the Omlet products we've bought, the fencing is ideal. Well made from good quality materials and designed so that our hens can forage through the mesh in safety. The gate is very convenient too and easy to open and close, even when carrying eggs!

Great product - Jean,

So easy to use A few more poles help. One of our dogs is determined to get to wherever she thinks there may be a single grain of anything and has chewed several large holes. She is now caged at night and the fence repaired with garden plastic tie wire. Not as glamorous as when we first got it but working well

Excellent product, - Yvonne,

Very happy with fencing, it was easy to erect and does the job perfectly. My girls are very happy wandering around inside their Omlet fence.

extra pole - Wilsher, Suffolk,

I needed to make my enclosure longer than wider, but this means The side without the gate sags & really needs a pole in the centre for support. Otherwise fencing is very good.

Fantastic product - Kay,

Very easy to errect. looks fatastic can hardly tell there is a fence there. Perhaps there could be a few more pegs to hold it down I bought some tent pegs.

Very happy - Kasey,

Love the fence. Easy to move around as needed, without needing help.

Well made and easy to install but not high enough - Meredith,

I love the concept of the chicken fence and found it very easy to use, but my chooks just fly straight over the top of it. If you could make one about a foot taller I would love to have it!

Omlet Says: Hi Meredith, unfortunately this does occasionally happen with some chickens (the ones that are really good fliers) and you need to clip their wings (it doesn't hurt, it's just like clipping human fingernails) this should stop them being able to fly so high and therefore get over the fence. - Lara @ Omlet

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