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- Sanjiv ,

We have found the fencing (12m) very useful and easy to set up. We used it in a corner of the garden so did not need to use the gate option. The colour matches well with the garden and does a great job of keeping our chickens out of trouble.

- David ,

Erected one week ago in paddock adjoining as extension of chicken yard. Will install guy lines and hold down spikes later as required. Presently doing the job fine, will see how it works when cattle return to paddock.

Omlete fence review - Juels ,

The concept is great and easy to set up. However I have had to constantly repair the mesh.. Rabbits ate through the mesh when placed near the veggie patch on the first day. And now I find breaks throughout the mesh regularly higher up? A little disappointed.

Omlet Says: If you think that the chickens are pecking at the fence it may be because they are bored, you could try providing other things to peck at in the run. You could try hanging bird feeders with vegetable leaves in or even a whole cabbage, bird toys that you would buy for parrots work too. We can't do much about the rabbits unfortunately.

- Ann ,

The fencing is relatively simple to use with 2 people. I purchased the 42m and it was slightly too long so I didn't use the gate. The colour is perfect as it blends completely. Initially it took a bit of planning.

New Use for Omlet chicken fencing - keeping dogs out - Graham ,

We have a new use for Omlet chicken fencing and that is to keep our 3 Golden Retrievers off certain sections of lawn. The Omlet fencing has proven to be 100% effective at keeping the dogs off those areas. Easy to setup and move, it is great and well worth the investment.

Omlet Says: Fantastic news :)

Saving our garden - Sherenemaree ,

Our chooks were a little too friendly and spent far too much time in our alfresco area and gardens that we did not want them in, this product has given them plenty of their own space and given us our space back too! Great product, easy to set up and maintain.

Omlet Chicken Netting - Jan ,

The 21 metre chicken fencing is a great hit with our family in Perth, they have three chickens and having the netting means the chickens can be rotated around their section and over the vegetable gardens - the hen house gets shifted also and the children's play area is not compromised. Many thanks and there will soon be one going to out nz families too.

Omlet Says: Great to hear :)

Omlet Chicken fencing - 12 metres with gate - Jenni ,

I found it difficult to find such a great product in Australian stores and I'm so impressed with my lightweight versatile fencing. i was tired of heavy lifting and I can now move the fencing around with ease. It's also very durable and weather resistant.

Omlet fencing - Sharon ,

I bought the largest fence and its been great, the girls are kept safe and we can move them around if we need to, would recommend it

Fantastic Fence! - Fiona ,

Not only does this fence look great, it was so simple to set up and use! We wanted a fence to blend in with the backyard and look nice and the Omlet Fencing does exactly that. My 7 year old daughter uses it with no problems and it is tough, it has had many balls, bikes and bats hit it and it just bounces back into place. We love it and after several months of solid use, it still looks like new!

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