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- Elaine, 3 August 2015

We are very happy with our omlet chicken fencing. Very smooth transaction and extremely prompt delivery. The chooks are very happy and safe. Highly recommend the omlet chicken fencing. Cheers

Great fencing but not rabbit (we think) proof - Deborah, 24 July 2015

The fencing was just what I was looking for to fence part of the garden for the chickens. It's easy to put up and generally keeps them in. However, holes regularly appear in the bottom of the fence (we think it's rabbits) and so we are continually having to fix them - cable ties made into link fencing works well - although almost the whole of the bottom part is now made up of this!

All that I had hoped for - Maria, 17 July 2015

This product is very well designed and constructed. I have been looking for a non-electric moveable chicken fencing for several years. The omlet fence is exactly what I had in mind and it works great. Thank you omlet.

Chicken Fencing - 39Ft - Inc. Gate And Double Spike Poles - Linda, 13 July 2015

The fencing assembled fairly easily. The poles that came with the original shipment were not very strong . . . thank you for sending me five additional EXTRA STRONG poles. I would suggest including these extra strong poles in all original shipments. My original order did not come with the bottom stakes--which I just received in a separate shipment. For the fencing to work, it must be taut. Include more poles!! I live in the USA. The shipment did take about 10 days, but now I really like it!! Thank you so much for sending me the additional poles and the stakes.!!

Great! - Jason, 10 July 2015

We purchased the 39 foot chicken fencing. It was very easy to setup and even take down to move about our yard. And having the entry point (door) was awesome!

Omlet Fencing - Alita, 2 July 2015

I really like this fencing a lot! It is easy to put up and to move. It means that my birds can get fresh grass every few days and, because they are on clean ground, have less parasites. So far, we have not had any birds fly over the fencing, so I think that it is an ideal height. Not so high as to be unwieldy to move but high enough that the chickens are not tempted to escape. On top of that, because the customer service at Omlet is so good, I can order things and know that I can get answers to any queries rapidly and to a successful conclusion for me. I have already recommended this fencing, and Omlet, to quite a few people.

Great fence - Andy, 29 June 2015

Considerable improvement on my home made version. Much tidier, easier to erect and smarter, highly recommended.

excellent product! - John, 27 June 2015

It is very easy to put up and effectively keeps the chickens where they should be.

Awesome - Aaron, 14 June 2015

This is a great product! Moved from a fully fenced suburban block to a rural property and it has allowed us to set up a large and secure run for our girls. They are only allowed out when i am there to supervise but it keeps them in the area you want them and it is so easy to set up and move. I love it so much i have four lots of this fencing.

Great product - Graham, 11 June 2015

Can be used for other purpses than chicken fencing. We are using it to keep dogs off certain sections of grass. So far, so good.

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