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           Just what we needed

- Jacqui, 24 April 2015

I wondered whether the fencing and poles would be too flimsy from some of the reviews - but not the case. Sit very well around the chicken run and look good too. The chickens do stick their heads though to nibble the grass on the other side but manage to get back in and they have not escaped (which is a miracle for one of them!). Very pleased. Look forward to seeing how it stands up to the winter.

           Good and bad points, mainly good.

- Mary, 17 April 2015

The fencing arrived promptly and was fairly easy for two people to erect on a somewhat bumpy piece of ground. I trimmed the birds' wings. They managed to fly over and tunnel under a few times, but were promptly returned to the pen and any escape areas were closed with extra pins. A month on they seem to have accepted that they should stay within the fencing - I bought 60m so they have plenty of room. Unfortunately, as I live in the country, there are always some rats about, and they have managed to chew through the bottom strand of the netting in three places already. Perhaps the bottom strand should be manufactured with a strand of wire for strength and security. Also, the plastic gate latches will eventually degrade and snap. Will I be able to obtain replacements? I am happy that the netting will be easy to move when it is time for hedge cutting, and the green colour blends easily into the landscape. So, I would give this product at least four stars.

           Really pleased with this product

- Bev, 17 April 2015

This fencing does a fantastic job of containing our chickens. I was a little worried that the prongs on the posts wouldn't go into the ground easily as we have incredibly stony soil but they went in like a knife through butter. The only thing that didn't work great for us was the gate because, as far as I could fathom, this only works if you erect the fencing like a circular walk, with the start and finish in the same place. To maximise the area we gave our chickens we used an existing fence post as the start and a wall as the end so the gate option didn't work as intended. But we found a fix that makes it easy enough to get in and out.

           Excellent product

- Sally, 13 April 2015

Really pleased with this fencing, very easy to put up and blends in really well, can hardly see it from a distance. So far has been great for keeping the chickens in, one of my hens does put her head through the smaller holes at bottom to peck at the grass but she can't escape! I would definitely recommend this to others.


- Anne, 11 April 2015

Delivery well within time stated , easy to assemble , impressed with quality.One of my girls , Lady Cluck,is well known escape artist and she is unable to get out ; thank you , she is safer now. . Yours, Anne 8421

           Great product

- Christian, 04 April 2015

Happy chickens

           Instant fix to my problem

- Karen, 02 April 2015

I needed a larger run for my chickens and limit their free ranging as they were digging up my garden beds. Had one Omelet fence already, ordered a 2nd larger one and extended my chicken run. As soon as the box arrived I set the fence up and voila, done! My only problem is one of the yellow clips on the gate rod was broken in the box. Can you send a replacement part? Other than that this product is fabulous and easy to set up!

           Good quality and easy assembly

- Andy, 26 March 2015

Product and service excellent and very easy to erect.

           Excellent product

- Danny, 26 March 2015

Excellent product easy to set up just right size for our garden very pleased with it


- Kelly, 20 March 2015

Easy to put up- I actually did it myself, although it would have been easier with two people. It's also secure. It's nice to know I can move it at any time. It also blends really well into the yard- doesn't stand out.

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