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- Jayne,

Excellent mesh fencing for containing my chickens. Purchased some additional double spike poles to keep the mesh taut.

Chicken fence review - Wendy,

Overall I am happy but 2 Of The poles cannot be used without refilling the holes as they do not line up for the screws to be placed.

Omlet Says: Hi Wendy, Sorry to hear that, I will get 2 replacement poles sent to you. Kind Regards, Lara

- Wright,

Look no further. The Omlet chicken fence is the best. I have used other brands of movable fence (purchased electric fence with stakes) for my movable coop and they can't even hold a candle to the Omlet fence. The height and stakes are perfect on the Omlet fence. The gate works wonders. Thank you so much for developing a product that actually works. You have saved my flock. I loved the first one so much that I bought another and connected the two. I only wish I had found this product 3 years ago!!

Works a treat - Sean,

This product is easy to use and very well made Arrived in less than 2 days !. Put it up in less than 20 minutes. The buggers tried to get out but it just wasn't happening, Highly recommend and more than 80 bucks cheaper than the competition,

very impressed love it - Ann,

The omlet fence is the best thing out, and my chickens love it, I was so impressed with the product I'm ordering one for our chickens at school, its just what the chicken need, more room for them to roam in a safe environment.

- Martina,

excellent product and easy to assemble

good - Nick,

Overall good. The fence works well, we've only had an escape once, when our Buff Orpington decided it wanted to chase a squirrel. My one complaint is that the screw holes were not properly finished after being machined, which lead to a hand full of metal splinters when initially unboxing and assembling it. Also, if you are using it not as a complete circle (mine meets up with my garage on either end in a U shape) one pole is supposed to double as the end as well as the pole for the gate to lock too, so I have one section that could use some more support. If you had a full circle, this wouldn't be an issue. If I could go back, I would certainly purchase this again.

Omelet chicken fencing - Harrison,

Bought this product to keep my girls nearer to the house so they would be a little safer from the local

Love my chicken fencing - Adie,

I love my chicken fencing. So easy to set up and install. The only thing I would add is to guide buyers by pictures of what size would suit them best. We buyers can be a bit stupid and I now have 20 mtrs of fencing that I will now put around my vegie patch to keep the dogs out. Maybe number of chickens per metre or something, because well, people are stupid:) Did I say that I love my chicken fence tho. It's fabulous.

Chicken survival - Wendy,

My chickens and I thank you for their new fence. Their life expectancy has improved 100% and my garden has now fully recovered. The fence was delivered within a few days of payment and was so easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend to any frustrated chicken owner wanting eggs and a garden.

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