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- Jacqui,

This product is great. I use it for moving chickens around the yard from about 7/8 weeks old to fully grown - i.e Large Light Sussex and Silver Laced Wyandottes. Lightweight and easy to erect.

Amazing product! - Elissa,

I bought both the 68ft fence and the second largest one... I was worried about how the fence might hold up to our WI winters... so far so good! So simple to assemble, I could do by myself or with the aid of my 9 year old son. Now that I have 2 fences, I can set one up while they are still enclosed in the other. I will definitely keep buying this product as long as I am keeping chickens! (and I love my chickens:)

Eggcellent fencing - Jane,

I love my Omlet netting, I got a second next size up as I was so impressed with the ease and versility of the product. Friends have asked to borrow it and want to know where I got it from, that's how awesome the fence is. I like it because it lets me allow my show birds out of their pens while I can supervise. My only issue is that if keeping it up at night as we have wild rabbits which chewed through, so I just raise it up slightly each night to stop them ruining my beautiful fence! Definitely recommend this product and I have been in the poultry game for years, love my chooks to bits, I love to see them run around free on the grass safety, so that must say everything!

Omlet chicken fencing - Emma,

So very happy with our new chicken fencing. Glad we got the next size up which gives us lots of options for setting up and the mesh camouflages really well so that our yard doesn't look sectioned off. Easy to set up and move around when mowing. Wish we had of got it sooner and kept the hen poo off our back doorstep! :)

Good Product- Would be a Great Product if it came with Spare Parts - Cate,

We've had our fence for nearly 3 months and overall it works really well. We knew we couldn't free range our chickens, so moveable fencing was the next best thing and still is. They have a free range experience while still being confined to a 'safe' part of the yard, near the house where they can be watched, or at least heard. Pros: - Allows for "pasture rotation" in our yard - It only takes 30-45 minutes to pick it all up, move it and then set it back up (21 metre fence) - It stopped a runaway Rhodesian Ridgeback long enough for the owner to come grab it (and that dog was running into the fence HARD) Cons: - A chicken jumps the fence about every week and they're not light birds. Another 6 inches of height would be divine. - Easily tears/gets holes. Bugs especially love to live/walk on the netting, so naturally the chickens peck at them and end up getting the fence. Our three hens are averaging a hole or two a week in the fence. This wouldn't be too big an issue if it CAME with a repair kit. - Needs more tent pegs as they bend easily - Could use another 2-3 fence poles to really provide a structured fence. - The assembly video didn't say that the fence poles now come in two pieces that must have a screw put through them. Adds to initial setup time. Overall, I'd buy it again and probably get the size up so I didn't have to move it as much. I just wish that Omlet would throw some extra parts in there to ensure it stays a great product.

Omlet Says: Hi Cate, Thanks for the feedback. You can buy extra poles for the fence if you need them, obviously it depends on the shape you are making with the fence as to whether they are needed. For fence jumpers, you can clip one wing, we find that this helps, obviously not all chickens will jump/fly over, but it can happen as in your case. Re the repair kit, I will get one sent to you, not a problem.

Moveable chicken fencing. - Alison,

We needed something moveable so that we could stake off areas of the chickens area to re-seed. The fencing arrived quickly and was as easy to erect as we were led to believe from the web site. So far it has kept the girls off the newly seeded area (2 months) and the grass is growing well. We will be easily able to move this around as we re seed and keep the chickens off the new seed. First class would recommend.

Great product...complements our backyard...very happy with this fence - Danuta,

Great product

Excellent product - Lynne,

The fencing looks so much better than the old chicken wire. It was easy to install even though we have gravel instead of lawn. As a bonus the cat can't get in to use the veggie beds as a toilet! Thanks for a terrific product and great service.

- Jane,

Great product, easy to move around and give my 'Girls' new places to wander around. None have attempted to escape and accept the barrier.

Flexible friend - Cave,

Previously owned an electric fence that was tedious to move and re errect, and thought this might be a suitable alternative to deter our new hens from wandering off. Easy to errect and easy to move and re errect. Hens happy inside and can not wiggle through the net. Unlike old fence when power low. Only addition that I have made is a single electric wire threaded through the second row of "holes" to act as a deterrent for visiting rats, squirrels and rabbits that often wish to join the flock.

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