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Omlet Chicken Fencing - Moira, Cheshire,

The Omlet fencing is just what we needed to keep our chickens in the garden area where they are free to roam and off the patio and raised flower beds that they found so tasty. Well worth the money and so easy to put up.

Fantastic Fence - Noeleen,

I bought Omlet fencing (21metres) to partition off my yard so the chickens couldn't come onto our patio area. It's been really fantastic. We have 4 leghorns and it's kept them contained to their area, and now I'm not constantly cleaning chicken poop up off my patio and outdoor furniture, yay ! We've had some very stormy weather over the past couple of days and the fence stayed up even with out the guy ropes. It's easy to use and easy to move when needed. Obviously the fence isn't predator proof , but we don't need it for that and our chickens are closed up in their pen and coop at night. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend it for similar use.

Happy Chooks - Karen,

Thank you for sending the fence and stamp so quickly. We have set up the fence and I love it. My chooks can have a bit of free-range but I can still garden without them digging out what I have just planted. happy chooks and happy gardener.

21 m chicken fencing - Sam,

The fencing is very useful and I am able to move it easily. However, my naughty little Pekin Bantams are able to jump up and pop out through the larger holes in the fence. They can't get through the lower small holes so I would have been better if the smaller holes went higher up fence and not only at the bottom.

Great fencing - Karen,

I love the 12 mtr fence. It's really easy to move and set up. It blends perfectly into the back ground. I find the gate a little stiff. Clever product, Thanks Omlet

Exactly what we needed - Holly,

We were skeptical that this fence would hold up and be tight enough to stop the escape artists from pulling it down. But we are very happy with this product. The spikes make it so easy to move and adjust and no the fence has stayed put even in the high winds we've had this spring.

Quality product, easily assembled, more poles needed - James,

I was swithering whether to go for the more expensive omlet fencing or cheaper barrier type fencing. I am glad I decided on the Omlet fencing. Good Points 1. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. 2. I erected it on my own without too much difficulty. 3. It is quality material which does not snag or tear. 4. It is high enough to prevent the hens flying over. This has been proven on several occassions. 5. The mesh has smaller holes at the bottom. They are a perfect size. The hens cannot push their way through but at the same time the holes are big enough so they do not get their heads and combs stuck. 6. It blends in well in the garden being dark green. 7. Most Important - Hens have never got out. Possible Improvements 1. For a big open space it would be fine to enclose a circular area but for a typical small garden with lots of corners, hen coops, trees etc. to negotiate there are not enough poles supplied.

Effective fencing - Kevin,

The fence was easy to put together and erected over quite uneven ground. It's been very effective at containing hens and kept the dogs out. So much easier than using wire and easily moved around.

Omlet fencing is PERFECT!!!!! - Dana,

We have two 106 linear foot Omlet fences and we purchased the 39 footer to divide our large chicken yard in half. THESE FENCES ARE SIMPLY PERFECT!!!! So easy to install, move, modify, etc., etc., etc., what more could you want? PLUS, as photos show, it blends into the background - NO CHAIN LINK FENCE NEEDED!!!! So keep the beauty of your land and keep your chickens contained - both can be done with Omlet!

- Margaret,

Excellent product, keeps my hens from roaming around.

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