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           Omlet Chicken Fencing

- Jennie, 17 February 2015

This is great and you can coral the chickens in one place if needed.


- Vicki, 10 February 2015

The fence is perfect and the chickens love the extra freedom it gives them. If I they see me at the opposite end from where they are, they fly over to me. They are only a foot off the ground, but it is great to see them stretching their wings.

           A very good solution

- Ilina, 09 February 2015

The OMLET chicken fencing is wonderful,especially if you have a naughty puppy trying to get to your chickens!

           Hen pen

- Josephine, 06 February 2015

I haven't used this product yet but I have no doubt it will be of excellent quality and I know iris ideal for my hens.

           Great product.

- Bill, 03 February 2015

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Has tidied up the chickens are and extended it giving them more to scratch and scrape at. Blends well with the garden. With the Eglu classic, extended cover and a thermal Eglu jacket, they are happy girls indeed.


- Nigel, 19 January 2015

Does what is says on the tin - easy to erect and keeps the chickens in the desired area.

           Excellent product & service

- Nick, 11 January 2015

I needed this in a hurry to calm a naffed off neighbour and Omlet were kind enough to expire delivery. Sturdy, well made and does the job beautifully!

           Great adaptable product

- Robert, 29 December 2014

Having taken the advice of another reviewer to buy the longest fence you can afford, we are glad that we did as it is really adaptable to alter the shape and position of the run. this is especially so in the winter when the grass is not growing, and the wet surface soon gets scratched by the chickens. It is very easy to alter the run.

           Excellent for the purpose

- Stephen, 26 December 2014

We bought the fencing to contain 3 Rhode Island Reds when we don't want them free ranging around the garden. A simply perfect solution. Easy to assemble and to move around, as required. Thanks


- Angela, 22 December 2014

Fantastic solution for our chickens to have some more space that is flexible and easy to move around. A great product. Our cocker spaniel has been chewing at it and still can't get through the netting. A testament to its strength!

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