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Fencing - Alison,

I and my chucks love the fencing. I can move them around the garden to allow the grass to grow back when needed. One occasionally jumps the fence. We don't leave them unattended for long so the fence jumping or predators are not an issue. I would love to have a pack of extra posts to make the fence more sturdy but you guys are out of stock at least in the US.

VERY HAPPY! - David,

Thank you for a very well made product - it looks good, is easy to use and keeps the chooks out of our vegie garden!

- Helen,

Great product love it!

Great Product - Laura,

This fencing is the best purchase I have made for my hens! It requires patience to set up (best with two people), but it's not complicated at all. Once it is set up, it's virtually maintenance free. It's perfect for letting the hens out during the day to roam. It is discrete and blends right into the garden, which is a big plus for the neighbors. Could not be happier with this product!

Very handy product - Bev,

Just installed my Omlet chook enclosure as my chicks have discovered my vegies! Easy to install and move around as needed. My chook house is against a fence so I have modified the netting to fit from one side of the coop to the other, very flexible system.

Perfect for my garden - Robyn,

This fence was easy for me to put up by myself and currently contains my chooks to a a vegie bed and small section of backyard. When they finish working over the bed, I will move the fence to another area and plant vegetables. Putting the hens to work and getting eggs too! Thanks Omlet.

12 metre netting - Max,

Love it. Its working really well. We are going to buy some more to taken when we go away in the caravan. Not for the chooks but to put a barrier up to stop our dogs (small dogs) from wandering away and annoying other people.

Fencing and gate - Andrew,

Good product - maybe a couple of extra double spike poles would support the mesh at a better height

21 meter - Nicole,

Happy with the omelet fence 7/10

unhappy with the product - Judith,

I think that more pegs and poles are needed with the 21mts that I purchased. The chickens are going under the netting into the main garden. I have now given up trying to keep them in.

Omlet Says: Thanks for the feedback, you have probably done this but you need to make sure that all the spikes are fully pushed into the ground and that the fence is tight so that there are no escapees. Depending on the ground your fencing is on sometimes extra poles are needed. You can buy extra poles if you need here

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