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- Yvette,

I found the fence really easy to install and instead of building a free standing enclosure I used it to section off different parts of my garden that I didn't want the chookie girls to get into.. I also bought an egg scrambler and a few beware of the chickens signs which made great gifts. Also the service at Omlet is excellent... Thank you

Good fence, bad chickens. - Loren,

No complaints about the fence, just about the chickens. The young ones, 4 month americaunas, a small bird to begin with, are light enough to fly over the fence. However, they only do so if they are scared. Which must only make sense to a small chicken brain, because they are jumping to the side of the fence where the perceived danger is. As long as it's only me here, no jumpers. If anyone else comes near, they jump. Lawn mower in a distant place, many jumpers. They want to get back in again, but can't figure out that they need to likewise jump to get back in. If a real danger visits, this scenario can be disastrous. But it's not the fence, it's the chickens.

Good for chicken exercise - Jacki,

Found the Fencing a bit fiddly to erect but once in place it gave our girls some extra space to roam around. However our svelte like girls can get through the larger holes in the Netting. Holes need to be smaller as in the Bottom section. Great product though.

- Betty,

The fence ordered arrived quickly and when the service was friendly and helpful. I did have some difficulty at first to set up the fence I needed to purchase 5 extra posts to hold up the fence in a more secure fashion. My 3 hens have stayed inside the fence surprisingly but we have had one escape to greener places but have not worked out if she is flying over or found another way out. I will recommend Omlet brand to other people. I am so happy with this fence keeping my hens in an area and helping the lawn and garden to regrow.

Great Product - Peter,

Just one question. If I want to put the gate in the middle of my fence, I need to cut the fence. My question is....will it unravel if I cut it down the middle. Thankyou

Omlet Says: Hi Peter, No it won't unravel if you cut it. It may fray until the next knot, but otherwise will be fine. Lara

Wonderful product!!! - Olivia,

It took me a long time for me to finally buy the Omlet fencing after researching my options.... And I wish I hadn't delayed so much!! I love it. It is easy to move and works well in the area we use it. Our backyard is sloped and rocky so flexibility was necessary.... With the stakes to secure the net in between the posts at the ground, there is no worry about gaps that the chickens can escape from. We haven't had any of our girls escape with this fence and that's s big piece of mind. I love the gate, but the way our fixed coop is, I do not use the net in a continuous circle. I secure the top of the gate post with a screw to the coop and it works perfectly. The only issue I've had with the net was when our new dog chewed through some spots!!!! So frustrating.... But definitely not a product flaw! Thank you Omlet for a great product!

My chickens love the fence. It gives them freedom to run and forage in the yard away from my dog. - Becky,

I love the product. It was easy to install and the directions were great!

Love the Omlet Fence but watch your dogs - Jana, NY,

I absolutely love the Omlet fence. It was easy peasy to set up. The only negative is my dog who runs free managed to get his head and paws caught in the wider squares on the netting. For this reason I wish it was all made out of the smaller squares like the ones on the bottom. I would have given it a 5 but it was hard to untangle my dog.

Just The Ticket - Gary,

The fencing was easy to install, and has worked like a charm to keep our hungry backyard chickens out of our two gardens. The fencing is a good product at a fair price.

Good and simple product - Andrew,

Easy to assemble and also take down. Can put up on your own in 5 minutes. Should last for a lot of years without any maintenance.

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