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So happy I found Omlet fencing! - Sally,

Omlet fencing is exactly what I needed! So happy that I happened on the Omlet website. The product overall has worked beautifully for my needs. Had to modify the gate hook up because I'm not using it in a circuit. It was very easy to assemble and looks great, almost see through. The only problem I had was one spot where the ground was super hard. Use a mallet to pound in the spikes and it caused the spikes to bend. Ended up tying the pole to a fence. I will definitely recommend Omlet fencing to anyone needing to corral their chickens, it's a perfect solution.

Great product, easy to use - Matt,

so much easier to work with than chicken wire. The gate is really easy to open and close. Quick delivery. Very happy

Great idea but not perfect in the delivery - Marian,

I love my Omlet chicken fence. It was easy to install and keeps the chickens off the veggies. Also easy to move around when required. My only problem was the holes on the poles didn't line up when joining the base to the top which meant I had to get my drill out and re-drill the holes.

Omlet Says: Hi Marian, Thanks for the review, glad that you love the fence. Sorry to hear that you had issues with the poles, I could send you replacements if you like. Just let us know. Thanks, Lara @Omlet

Great product! - David,

This is an amazing fence. I did not need anything electric, just a fence to keep my girls contained. This fence is great. I put it up to a semi permanent fence and it works well. I can also move it around and restrict my chickens to the garden for fall cleanup. Its great!

Great Fencing - Sam,

Although my chickens have a large run I like them to go into the garden, this was easy to put up and is ideal to section off part of your garden it also looks good and you can extend and reduce the fencing size with ease, great product

great flexibility for the inquisitive chooks - Gavin,

have already purchased 2 x 43m so I am running an 84m boundary and it could still do with another 42m !!

Omlet Says: WOW Gavin sounds like you have very lucky chooks!

Excellent product - Lewis,

This fencing is really useful. Easy to put up and enables simple change of free ranging areas. If you plan to use the gate you do need to make a complete circle. Good video on how to put it up - very helpful. Highly recommended.

Perfect - John,

The chicken fence is perfect for my requirements

- Jayne,

Excellent mesh fencing for containing my chickens. Purchased some additional double spike poles to keep the mesh taut.

Chicken fence review - Wendy,

Overall I am happy but 2 Of The poles cannot be used without refilling the holes as they do not line up for the screws to be placed.

Omlet Says: Hi Wendy, Sorry to hear that, I will get 2 replacement poles sent to you. Kind Regards, Lara

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