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British Black HoneyBee

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Fairly common

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British Black Honeybee

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British black honey bee - Raine,

Super cool bees they look really cool

black queen - Armin,

Hi, We are a breeder community in Bavaria in Germany and we are dealing with closing the Dark Bee and our problem is not enough breeding material for the propagation and the genpool is too small for us and wanted to ask if they could sell us breeding stuff they would help us a lot and please do a favor with nature with us. Greetings from Bavaria Germany Dunkle Biene Bayern zuchtgemeinschaft Vorsitzender. Armin Lochner Burgstall.12 91084 Herzogenaurach TEL:049 09132-8362180 Mobil:049 0175 7606239

Cool Bees - Lexie,

I can not bee-lieve Omlet does noot have a picture of one of these! Brish Black HoneyBees are very cute! at least to me they are. These little bugers are very sweet; I've only been stung a couple times. They could bee hardier but I happen to live in a cold place plus I have very few males wich mens that Queen Elizabeth lays very few eggs. This is the ren I put that she's a poor egg layer. But this fault is covered by the fact that they are super garden-freindly. My flowers have been looking so much better since I've gotten them. By the way, their honey is delicious!

...British Black Honeybee... - An Omleteer,

I have a couple of bee boxes with all sorts of honey bees and this is probably the most friendly and pretty type of bee i own. they are easy to keep so i would definitely recommend British black bee's for first time owners. :)