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Cool Bees -

I can not bee-lieve Omlet does noot have a picture of one of these! Brish Black HoneyBees are very cute! at least to me they are. These little bugers are very sweet; I've only been stung a couple times. They could bee hardier but I happen to live in a cold place plus I have very few males wich mens that Queen Elizabeth lays very few eggs. This is the ren I put that she's a poor egg layer. But this fault is covered by the fact that they are super garden-freindly. My flowers have been looking so much better since I've gotten them. By the way, their honey is delicious!

...British Black Honeybee... - An Omleteer,

I have a couple of bee boxes with all sorts of honey bees and this is probably the most friendly and pretty type of bee i own. they are easy to keep so i would definitely recommend British black bee's for first time owners. :)

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