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The German Bee

The German Bee History

The German Bee, (apis Mellifera Mellifera) also known as the European Black Bee, was domesticated in modern times and brought to America in the 1700's by early settlers.

The German Bee Behaviour

It is a very dark bee and many say much more aggressive than other varieties. It is highly defensive of the colony, more likely to sting and this makes keeping them more difficult.

The German Bee is highly adapted and well suited to more northern climates. It flies well in cold weather, is winter hardy and a good forager. They have a high work 'ethic' and seem to have stronger longevity than other species. Their disease resistance is low and this is the most likely cause of it's demise. It was nearly wiped out in the 1900's by tracheal mites and is considered quite rare nowadays. They are no longer considered a viable option for commercial beekeepers, but are still kept by enthusiasts.

The German Bee Varieties

There are 3 distinct types; the Mellifera (brown bee), the Nigra (Black Bee) and the Lehzeni (Heathland Bee).

The German Bee Status


The German Bee Pictures

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