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The Caucasian Bee

The Caucasian Bee History

The Caucasian Bee (Apis Mellifera Caucasia) originates from the Caucas Mountains in Georgia and can also be found in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. In their native lands, they produce high yields of honey as the nectar rich flower season is better in mid summer.

The Caucasian Bee Behaviour

The Caucasian is renowned for it's slow spring build up, meaning that the colony isn't at full strength until mid summer. They tend to stick their frames very tightly together and this makes bee management more tricky for the beekeeper. However, they are docile and gentle to handle and form strong colonies. Once agitated, they take a long time to settle down. They can tend to drift and rob from other hives and don't do especially well in colder northern climates.

The Caucasian Bee has the longest tongue of any bee species, which allows it to reach parts of the flower than others can use. It is able to forage for a longer season due to the number of flowers it can use for nectar. They have a low swarm tendency, due to their slow start up, over crowding is rarely a problem.

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