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I hate this bee - Arthur-Thomas,

I like this bee because of it's orange stinger.I have never seen a bee with a orange stinger.

absolutely un-bee-lieveably vicious!!!! - Patty/Patricia,

I own a bumblebee hive, consisting of over 3000 bumblebees. Unfortunately, these bees have suffered the loss of their queen bee recently, which has led to extreme aggression. And they just wont beehive themselves. They have become attached to me, like i am the queen bee, and they follow me everywhere. They do not let me bee alone, as i am constantly shrouded by over 3000 bees! DO NOT RECOMMEND BUMBLEBEES IN YOUR BACKYARD UNLESS YOU STRIVE TO BE A QUEEN BEE JUST LIKE ME! But, on the other hand they are wonderfully looking, and produce delicious honey that i sell for much profit. So, if you are ok with many bees following you but much money, please buy these bees off me.

Un bee leavable - Jonathan,

Absolutely buzzing with them

Not a fan - Keaton,

Really not a fan of bees in general, especially these ones. Was stung yesterday and reacted badly to it. Keep away from these.

vary cute - Anna,

i love watching bumblebees, they always make me happy, they are soooo cute looking, too. they are my favorite kind of bee