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Himalayan Guinea Pigs

Himalayan Behaviour

The Himalayan is the Siamese cat of the guinea pig world! It is a pointed pig, which means that it has a white body, with darker highlights (usually black or brown) on the ears, nose and feet. The pads of the feet, and toenails should also be dark. Himalayans are born white and the colour on the extremities develops during the first few weeks of age. In hot weather or in bright sunlight the colour of the points may fade. It is thought that sudden frights or shock, fighting or illness may also cause the points to fade. The eyes of a Himalayan are bold and pink.

Himalayan Status

Fairly common

Himalayan Pictures

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Wanted to buy - Del,

Looking for Himalayan guinea pigs. Able to pay for transport

himalayan guinea pigs - Junior,

Cute little piggies. I have a pair of them and they are good for starters as they are very friendly... when they are caught!!!!!!