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The best breed and the custest - An Omleteer,

My rex guinea pig named nuzzle is the sweetest guinea pig ever i also have a smoothed haired named scratch and they are best buddies they always sleep together in the same tunnel. Nuzzle always greets me with a hello squeak

Wonderful, friendly, cuddly, the best. - An Omleteer,

We just lost our little piggie, he was the most laid back piggie you could ever meet, when he arrived he just had a question mark over his head, vaguely wondering what was going on, the other one was terrified at the change in surroundings, but our little rex settled right in and started eating. In fact eating was his favourite activity until the end, he would hear footsteps in the morning and be waiting for us at the barrier in the dining room, he would come to the edge of the run to greet whoever was coming up the garden in the hope of dandelions. He was completely trusting, and would go to sleep on my lap, having consumed his fill of maize leaves. He was everything to us, like a living, breathing teddy bear. The house doesn't seem the same without him.

Friendly and Gorgeous! - An Omleteer,

we had a little rex called chip who sadly died on easter day three years ago at the age of 4. She was the best guinea pig we have ever had and was always so friendly. Whenever we held her she would purr and snuggle into our coats with such love it melted our hearts. Such funny little piggies, they are confident and curious. In my opinion the best breed of guinea pig you can get! :) xx

big`n`chunky laid back piggies - Www,

lovely piggies, get very large and `solid` ( almost square ) when fully grown, but are extreemly good-natured and laid back pigs. they make lovely pets and i wouldnt be without mine

lovely piggies - Countrysidecavies@hotmail,

I've had quite a few rexes and they always seem placid and happy to be handled. They don't need much care with their coats. A brilliant first piggie.

Very loud, but overall nice - An Omleteer,

I have two of these guinea pigs myself, and they always squeak. However they are friendly and rewarding.

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