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Omlet’s chicken coop for 10 chickens easily accommodates your large flock without taking up your whole yard. Just the right size for a large flock, our large chicken coop will simplify caring for your hens.

More space with chicken coops for 10 chickens

Our chicken coops for 10 chickens are large enough to give them space, but only take up a modest area of your yard. Making use of its elevated design, our large chicken coop offers shade, shelter, and plenty of room to scratch, peck, and play. And, with our ingenious insulating design, chic exterior, and easy to clean removable coop components, it will be an instant favorite for both you and your flock. 

3 reasons to buy a chicken coop for 10 chickens from Omlet

Our chicken coops for 10 chickens can: 

  • House up to 10 small breed hens comfortably  

  • Keep hens from sleeping in the nesting area by sliding a divider closed at night 

  • Be thoroughly cleaned in just minutes a day with a pressure washer or wet rag  

Customize your coop to fit your needs

No two chicken keepers are the same, which is why we offer the ability to customize your experience. Our chicken coop for 10 chickens can be outfitted with a variety of accessories to fit your style and routine. 

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

At Omlet, we relentlessly pursue solutions to the questions we constantly raise. The craftsmanship in our chicken coops is a culmination of our findings, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy chicken keeping the Omlet way: stress-free in any space and with any level of experience. 

Our chicken coops for 10 chickens have been designed to perform and last a lifetime. Give your flock the protection and comfort they need from a large chicken coop or the variety from a chicken tractor while treating yourself to a plastic chicken coop that doesn’t require any routine maintenance.