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Should I Neuter My Cat?

Neutering a cat is not a legal requirement. However, if you want to avoid your cat becoming pregnant - or fathering unwanted kittens - neutering is essential. It will also prevent hoards of other unneutered cats turning up on your doorstep when your female cat is in season.

Mother cat feeding her kittens
They're cute - but do you want six more in your household?

Unneutered Male Cats

An uncastrated male cat can be a real troublemaker. He becomes the neighborhood Lothario, pestering female cats and really bugging their owners! He will spray frequently to mark his territory, will wander far in search of a female in heat, and will regularly fight with other cats. Regular fighting will lead to expensive vet bills as it greatly increases the risk of your cat picking up a disease or getting a nasty infection. And, once again, those neighbors are not going to enjoy the yowling and caterwauling in the small hours!

Unneutered Female Cats

An intact female cat will attract tom cats to your home. She will cave in to her instincts and will be desperate to get out and mate. She will also wail and yowl when she is in heat. You are also potentially causing unnecessary stress to your cat (and did we mention those neighbors?), as the mating process can be quite violent.

An unneutered cat might stray further than you think
An unneutered cat might stray further than you think

Advantages Of Neutering Your Cat

Other advantages of neutering cats are that it significantly decreases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and some cancers. Cancers that are less likely to affect a neutered cat include mammary, ovarian and uterine (in females), and testicular or prostate (in males).

Neutered cats are often friendlier, calmer and easier to live with. The procedure shouldn't cost you too much if you use one of the clinics on the ASPCA's database. At a standard vet's, it can cost up to $200, so check out the ASPCA online, or give them a call.

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