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How To Choose The Right Cat

There is no single template for the pet cat. There are various sizes and colours, and fine feline faces ranging from slender Orientals to pug-nosed Persians. Cat coats range from the weird and wonderful looking Sphynx and Peterbald with their hairless coats to the impressively furry Maine Coon, Siberian and Turkish Angora.

A Maine Coon Cat with a great big bushy tail
A Maine Coon cat - the original "bright eyed and bushy tailed" pet!

Choose A Cat That Suits Your Lifestyle

The characteristics that you want in your new cat completely depend on your current living situation, and what you hope to get from your cat. Cat’s temperaments range from self-sufficient and almost wild, to attention seeking coach potatoes with a gentle nature.

You can also make your choice taking into account other factors such as size, allergies, friendliness and intelligence. The rest of this section looks at these various factors, and lists the best cats in each category.

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Elise, 23 January 2019

Hi, I was wondering how the Selkirk Rex compared to the Russian Blue in terms of how hypoallegernic they are and also in terms of behaviour and personality? Thank you!