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Cat Care

Cats are low-maintenance pets. But that doesn’t mean you can just install one in your home and let it fend for itself. The hints and tips in this section will show you how to make your new cat feel welcome, and how you can ensure her health and happiness over the many years of your life together.

Welcoming a cat into your home is  wonderful thing
Welcoming a cat into your home is wonderful thing

What Do I Need For A New Cat?

Setting up home for your adult cat is simplicity itself. Just make sure you supply the following, and you’ll get off to the best possible start:

  • A quiet space where she can hide and recover her confidence after the journey home, if needs be, away from noise and other pets.
  • Food and water.
  • A litter tray in a quiet corner, away from the food.
  • A comfy bed in a basket or box.
  • A high perching spot, on a wardrobe, cupboard or shelf.
  • A hiding place, somewhere he’ll feel safe if she loses her nerve during the settling-in process.
  • A scratching post and some other cat toys.
  • A door left ajar, for when she plucks up the courage to explore further afield - keeping it open will also let her retreat back to safety if her courage fails! Keep other pets away during these early days - introducing them comes later (see the Introducing Two Cats and Cats and Dogs sections of this guide).
  • Give your cat plenty of time to settle in. Sit in the room with her and speak softly. Offer some treats, or lure her towards you with a cat toy. Eventually she’ll come and say hello. Some reach this stage quicker than others!
  • Kittens need more of your time than adult cats, and should not be left alone on their first day with you. Play with them, speak softly, and tap on the important objects in their new environment - the litter tray, the food and the bed. The tapping will make them curious, and they’ll come to investigate.

One more thing - make sure doors and windows are closed, to prevent escapes!

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