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Guinea Pig Leads

If you have a tame guinea pig who likes spending time with you and is pretty outward-going, a guinea pig lead can be a lot of fun for both of you. Although in general guinea pigs don’t like being out in the open for too long (especially in hot or cold weather) getting a guinea pig lead and doing a few laps of your garden can be a real treat for adventurous guinea pigs. They’ll get a chance to explore and munch on some tasty grass, and you’ll enjoy watching your pet gambol around.

It should be underlined, though, that un untamed and/or nervous guinea pig will NOT enjoy being dragged round the garden on a lead!

guinea pig going walkabout
A pet goes exploring

If this sounds like fun, there are a couple of things to watch out for before you put your guinea pig into it’s harness. Make sure that the weather is warm and dry, and that there’s nothing they could hurt themselves on. We can’t recommend taking your guinea pig outside of your garden and into a field or street – there will be lots of things that could scare or harm your pet, like traffic or poisonous plants.

We suggest being a little wary of the vegetation in your own garden too – there are quite a few plants that are dangerous to guinea pigs (even if your pets don’t know it) so it’s best to keep them out of reach. If you’re not sure what your pets can and can’t eat, have a look at our Guinea Pig Food section for more information.

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