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Albino: A white guinea pig with pink eyes

Barbering: A condition in which loss of coat is caused by fur-chewing

Bloat: A build up of gas in the intestines, causing swelling and pain

Boar: A male guinea pig

 Guinea pig glossary
A Guinea Pig Dictionary...

Castration: A surgical procedure in boars where the testicles are removed. A family planning procedure which allows them to live with a group of sows.

Enteritis: An infection in the intestinal tract. The most consistent symptom is diarrhoea.

Gestation period: The length of the pregnancy (65-70 days)

Lifespan: The average age of a guinea pig is 5 years (between 4-7 years). However, in the Guinness Book of Records there is a 15 year old guinea pig recorded

Litter: The collective name for the young from one pregnancy

Malocclusion: A dental disease where the teeth overgrow, and prevent the guinea pig from eating.

Mange: A skin condition caused by a burrowing mite, which causes severe itching.

Pododermatitis: Also known as bumble foot, this is an infection in the footpad which leads to swelling and pain.

Pruritis: The medical term for an itch.

Pups: Another name for the babies (they are not known as Guinea Piglets!)

Roan: This is the name for the colour where body is one color (say black or red) with white hairs evenly mixed throughout the coat. Dalmations are also roans. Two roan guinea pigs should not be mated together as their offspring are often born with teeth and eye problems.

Ruttling: The rattly noise that some guinea pigs make when they breathe. It may be due to infection, but some flat faced breeds have noisy breathing anyway (the bulldogs of the guinea pig world!)

Sow: A female guinea pig

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