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Introducing Guinea Pigs To Their New Home

Guinea pigs can be a bit nervous when first introduced to a strange place - including their new hutch and enclosure. They need a mixture of things - personal space, communal space, and a sense of safety. In the beginning they'll need plenty of peace and quiet to help them settle in.

If weather permits, it's a good idea to put the hutch outside, somewhere away from cats, dogs, excited young children and other disturbances. This will help them grow accustomed to their new surroundings without getting stressed out by all the new sounds created by you and your household.

 How to handle a Guinea pig
Guinea pigs need plenty of time to settle into their new home

If you’re introducing a new guinea pig to an established GP troupe, it's a good idea to keep them all separated to begin with (for a quarantine period), and then let them spend time together for a few minutes, building up the time over a week or so until everyone's used to everyone else. You'll need to watch closely and use your judgement to weigh up how well they’re getting on. There are a few tips in the introducing guinea pigs section of this Guide.

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