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All Parrots Great and Small

Parrots come in four basic sizes - small, medium, large, and REALLY big.

 Scarlet macaws
Scarlet macaws - big birds, big personalities

Even though the lists on the following pages are long, they are certainly not exhaustive. All the birds in the lists are kept as pets in North America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere. Note, however, that some species - the two varieties of the African Grey, notably - are actually endangered in the wild, in spite of thousands of them living in zoos, aviaries, and homes around the world. You will need a license to keep them. (See Parrots on the CITES List, in the Choosing a Parrot section of this guide).

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Kathie, 2 December 2023

I'm hoping that down the road your engineers and Developers will take the balcony catio and make it into a macaw aviary. They are in so much demand. I used to have Rising Moon aviaries and I had over 60 parrots. But I gave it up years ago because people don't have the patience to keep parrots and they are expensive. So now people are rescuing and we need places to put them. At one time I had 15 rescues I was able to find homes for most of them. But if you could develop a well-made outdoor aviary with good coverage and making the chicken Eglu into a multi-sized roosting box with some kind of heat for parrots, you'd make a million more. I hope you consider it. Thank you for what you do with all the animals Kathie

Zain, 7 May 2020

That is what we called, beauty Info Parrots

Davina, 30 July 2018

Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about it pretty recently.