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Parrot Toys

There is no shortage of parrot toys in the average pet store. Always opt for ones made from natural materials such as wood or hemp rope, and avoid painted or scented woods.

The purpose of a toy is to stimulate the parrot, allowing it to explore, chew and - yes - destroy! This is why many owners ignore store-bought toys in favor of simple objects such as kitchen-roll tubes and breakfast cereal boxes.

Red macaw with parrot toys
Red Macaws, like all parrots, love their toys

Branches from non-toxic trees are perfect too – they act as both perches and toys. The parrot will chew them to bits in the end, but smaller species this will take a long time, but a determined toy-chewing macaw or larger parrot will sometimes make short work of it in just a few hours - or even a few seconds if it's a kitchen roll holder!

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